GHOST WRITING Re: Seen and not Hird (issue 468) Hola! Father Ted Crilly here. reporting from the afterlife. Don't know why I was so desperate to get to Las Vegas up here's much better. No. seriously, what dear old Thora said in the last issue got me thinking. My life was too short. that's for sure. but what the hell, I had more of a life in my 45-and—a bit years than most folk who live to twrce that age do. so who's complaining? That may change soon. cos the way dear old Charlie Haughey (hiya CJ. remember me?) looks these days, he might be getting ready to iorn me. Ha ha. only joking. Incidentally, while I'm here. Ardal (O'Hanlon), I love you and think you have many talents and gifts. but well, er. My Hero isn't one of them. Better go. I can hear someone growling at the door. Looks like I was right about my pal CJ. Cheers folks. Father Ted aka Dermot Morgan via email (possibly blueyonder)

BABY BLUES lnconsiderate booking Please could Grandaddy. Eels. and Yo La Tengo kindly move their gigs to Friday or Saturday nights as it's much easier for me to get a babysitter? Thanks in advance.

Ewan Kean

via email

GETTING REAL Inconsiderate reviewing Last year I wrote a letter to you begging that you did some coverage on a TV show called Model Turned Actor. and more impOrtantly an intervrew with the Gestalt therapist who terrified all these vain young things into going deep insrde themselves.

Well. y0u ignored me. I'm happy to say the lady is back with a new show called Reality Check on Channel 4 soon. where she confronts more Witless and abandoned

4 THE LIST 5—19 Jun 2003


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emotional leeches wrth a few home truths. I can't wait. Still don't know this wonderful lady's name though. Never mind.




Re: Save your Kisses

(issue 468)

The quite ridiculous Opinion piece on the EurOViSion Song Contest was one of the most pathetic things I have ever read in The List. 80. Eurovrsron rs kitsch and silly? Yes. yawn. that is the pornt. And Just because hosts Latvia have suffered at the hands of both sOCialists and fascists. we have to be nice? And if we are nice to them we Will have a stronger Europe? For pity's sake. is this happy hour at the EC debating chamber? God preserve us. Jill Davidson



Girls talk

I feel I must write about Girls Aloud and the insistence in their new single that “they don't give a damn' about ‘already being wasted'. I reckon one of your excellent music writers should track the ‘group' down and ask them to justify these remarks. Perhaps over a double-page colour spread. Ron



Re: Six Feet Under

(issue 468)

I would like to know if yOur TV writers are also employees of Home 80x Office. the US channel that produces overrated. overwritten pieces of guff like The Sopranos and Six Feet Undef? It often seems that if a minor HBO executive passes Wind yOu'Il eulogrse at great length on the genius of it all.

Meanwhile. yOu appear to have no time at all for the rich. entrancing work British television is throwing up at the

moment but that's another story for another letter. For now. may I suggest that if you like US TV so much, why doesn't The List relocate to New Jersey?

Thomas Dehaney Edinburgh

Terrific timing, Thomas. Please turn to our live-star review of The Sopranos in the TV section


Re: No Pain, No Gain (issue 468)

How can you possibly think that a ‘humorous' piece about IIIJIIIIGS sustained by famous people is fit for publication in a serious magazrne? Being stabbed in the neck is not funny. believe me.

Andrew Chisholm

Via email

Terrific timing, Andrew. Please



Re: Seen and not Hird (issue 468)

A while ago. you ran a letter from a gentleman complaining about the excessrve amount of bad language used in your magazrne. While I found his letter a little bombastic I did agree with the central pomt and am disappointed to find that you do not appear to have taken heed of it.

Far more offenSive. however, is your tendency to run letters such as the one in last issue purporting to be from Thora Hird. While yOur yOLinger audience might find it amusing to snigger at such people. you should also remember that you have an audience of older readers. to whom people like Ms llird are to be looked up to as people worthy of respect. not to be disparaged in such an insulting way.

Madeleine A Smith vra email

.(IIIi/UT». ‘1 K \‘uim't' \\’ AMI} :li‘~ '\ '

up! Him“) :;I\(\L{.‘Iw.- SL1!” ,. ,


Re: Cartoon (issue 468) N<>llllitII\. I lent the arter at the I)£l(‘,I\ ‘.‘.’liIl its quaint. fitlI‘iIi‘ humour. but feel that John TarrIeII onersterirwi ltii- "‘tllr. ‘.'VliI) his llIIJIlfkiIili‘fi i’I'i' if~ll‘

I lungstori iii hit; last i-tl if im» most soulless rim'. to.'." experiments, I I‘.‘ has it. probleriis. But a ‘i'or‘vieti- shit hole‘ is going too far


Via en rail


We take great trouble to be as accurate as possible but he». we're all human and Just occasmrially we might get something wrong or ii~iss sortiething out. If so. please tell us. Ernarl editor (1.Ilf;i.(2().III\

We at The List are always str/vrng to cater for our more sensitive readers and WOu/d never speak ill of the dead, It '5; the unfee/ing readers who occasionally write to this page that you need to worry about, Madeleine. In the meantime. get some mates round and drown those sorrows With a case of Sol.




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