ABNORMALS ANONYMOUS Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow. Fri 13 Jun

It's been a while, but thankfully the antithesis of the gay clubbing scene is back. Abnormals Anonymous are armed and ready to give the more discerning homosexual a little something different. Kick out Kylie, stick

Kick out Kylie and stuff Steps

two fingers up to Steps and prepare to be educated.

Rather than the usual hands -in-the-air disco option, this night will be an eclectic mix of art installations, video and performance. If you‘re not happy with your look for the evening, you can also try a make-over from the talented resident film special-effects artists. 'We want it to be more like an old style club, to create a friendly place where people can hang out,‘ says Alan Millar. AA promoter and organiser. ‘There‘s a loyal crowd who come, from the first event at CCA to Glasgay and now to the art school’.

There will be a live appearance from multimedia performer and remix artist Osymyso as well as resident DJs, the excellent Hushpuppy and Mooncat playing their eclectic homo-disceau from the last four decades. “There are lots of queer-orientated artists in London and Manchester such as Electric and Duckie and I want to bring them north of the border,‘ notes Millar. 'There‘s still nothing like this happening. If it all sounds just a bit too mainstream for you, there will also be the additional bitter-queer political posturing and hi-brow sloganeering that we've come to expect from an AA meeting.‘ (Jane Hamilton)

Events are listed by city, date, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to glasgowfilist.co.uk, by post or by tax on 0141 353 2803. Listings are compiled by Jane Hamilton.

Glasgow Thursdays


DogGod ()har. the Corinthian. I‘ll lngrarn Street. 552 Hill. lt),.it)piii 3am. £2. Weekly. Next ga)/rni\ed night promising eser)thing l'r'om K}lie to house lt) eleell’o-t‘oek.


Giggles Mer'etir). H2 Bath |.ane. 2-lN I777. 'l‘hu I2 Jun. ‘lprn .iarn (shim starts at 9.30pm). £4 (£2). The di\ ine 'l‘ina (‘ pro\ ides some other trademark laughs.


Candle Bar 20 ('andlerrggs. 504 I285. ‘lpin. l‘r'ee. l.i\e|} har.

Court Bar (it) llnteheson Street. 552 2403. Mt) ltlpin. l‘ree. Poptrlar traditional bar.

Delmonica’s ()8 Virginia Street. 552 4803. 9pm. l-‘ree. l)Js. tltii/ and karaoke. LGBT Centre ll l)i\on Street. 22] 72t).i. l larii midnight. l‘ree. ('ale/har. Mercury H2 Bath latte. 2-18 I777. liar open troni 5pm. Free.

Polo Lounge 84 \Vilsott Street. 553 l22l. ltlpin lain. l‘ree. lintertainrnent t‘rorn .\ton Tilt) and a Iisels bar at

\\ eekentls.

Revolver rm .lohit Street. 553 3450. 3.30pm. Free. \Veekl). Popular har'. Sadie FI‘DStS 3 Hi \Vesl (ieorge Street. 332 S005. .\'oori midnight. l'r‘ee. l)Js. karaoke and trail/es.

Waterloo Waterloo Street. 22‘) 53‘”. Noon midnight. \Vell knotsn ga_\ har.


Bennets 9t) (ilassl‘ord Street. 5.52 5761. llprn 3.30am. £3 £6 t£2 £5). liseellent danee aetion Wed Sun and a

Glasgow Fridays


Spacehopper Mei-cur}. It: Hath Lane. 2-18 I777. l'r'i l3 Jun.

lt)_3tlpni 3am. £-l tU). .\lorith|). Ne“ night “till (ir'eg .'\tllllll\t)ll arid guests pla) rng retro house anthems rinsed u ill) the odd hnrst ot ('hieago lunk.

Girls on Top Bennets. wt) (iluSSltll'tl Street. 552 5701. Hi () Jun.

llprn 3.30am. £3 £(i t£2 £5). Monthl). (iir'ls onl} night.

Abnormals Anonymous (ttasgtm Sehool ol:\t‘l. tnx Renl'r'eu Street. 5.52 (Wll. Hi 13 Jun. llprn .5itlll. £8 (£7). See [)ttltel.

Glasgow Saturdays

Clubs Burly Light .\ler'etrr}. l-l2 Hath

student night or) 'l‘liu.

Cube .H Queen Street. 220 .S’tltltl. |l_.i(lprn 3am. £3 i£2 urth ther). ('hees) ehart ga} nights on Mon tl’assionalit) ) and llle tlil'..\'. ).


Clone Zone 45 Virginia Street. 553 John. .\lon Sat llarn ‘lpin'. Stir)

.\'oon ‘lpni. ('Iothing. \ideos. rnaga/ines tttttl lo_\s.

Joys-4-Us l.(ili'l ('entre ll l)i\on Street. 221 72H}, Noon Spin. .\'e\s lesbian run shop stocking \ ideos. l)\'l)s. rnaga/ines. hooks. eards. iiieense. eandles. no\ elties and to_\s.


LGBT Centre ll l)i\on Street. 221 72tl3. .\lain ga} eentre hosting Be}ond Barriers tehallerigirig homophobia). Ste\ e Retson ga) men's se\ual health ad\ iee t'l'hti 5.30 8.3tlprrr). llolistie llealing (iroup t.\lon 7.3” lllpni). Pei'l'oi'manee (iroup t.\lon ".Ftlptn). ()l.(i.-\ social group tor older lesbians tlllttllllll} ). leehreakers for those lie“ to the scene (monthl). also at Sadie Frost's). Bt—(ilasgtm tlltolllhl) ). (‘rosslsns (it‘ottp liltonthl} ). (hit on

lane. 2~3.\ I777 Sat H .ltlll

lllprn 3am £i \lonthl} lhe light \er'sron ol this ertirses eluh takes in er the lt)\\ L‘l l‘al

Glasgow Wednesdays


Allure l‘lie lunnel. .S-l \lrtelrell Street. 2t).1 lililll ll illprn £i \\eekl} .\'e\s ga} eltil) lrorri the people lielrrntl (‘nhe‘s l’assiorialrt} and l l'.\' promising happ}. ehees} pop Fourplay l'.tl\). 2t) (‘arnhr'rdge Street. 332 3-1‘7 llpni ‘sarrr £-l t£2 \srth tl_\er l. \Veekl} \eu ga} elrih


lhe Sittlttl. 5‘5 \Vtitttlltttltls Rtmtl. (LS-7“ ()llll (i055. \\t'tl l»1.lllll ‘lprn. £(i t£5). .\lonthl_\ 'l‘he Stand's rnonthl} dose ol earnp eorrietl} \\llll (‘r‘arg lllll introdtreing Kantlr Kane and Mattheu ()shourne \\lllle .lill l’eaeoek o\ ersees the (‘aiiipest link eornpetrtion.

Edinburgh Fridays Clubs

Woman’s Own ('luh .la\a. (‘orninei'eial Street. |.eith. 5.55 5(i22. Hi (i Jun. ltlprn 2am. £5 heloie midnight; £7 alter. Monthly \Vonren onl} elul) urtlr resident DJ Ro/. .'\s an added lionus ta\r lat‘es ol tip to £5 ean he elarnied haek h) groups ol li\ e “llell pa) rng into the elul) and shim mg a \alitl t’eeeipt.

Edinburgh Saturdays


Eye Candy .\lassa. 3!) W Market Street. 220 -l22-l. llprii 3am. £ltl lfS). \Veekl). Resltlellls (iraetne Popstai'. .\'eiat Barton and .\'eil (‘rookston host their intamotis. glarii house part}.

Men Only ('lai'etnont. I.” H5 liast ('lar‘ernont Street. 55f) 5(i()2. Sat 7 .lllll. 8pm. l‘ree. l'tit'lttlgllll}. MS(‘ arid the Bears organise the riieri onl} rtiglit \\ itli a dress eode as \s iltl as _\ou like.

Mingin’ Studio 2.1 tupstair's). ('alton Road. 553 3753. Sat lsl .ltin.

ltHllprn 3am. £5 hel'ore midnight; £(i alter. l‘tH'llllgltll}. (ia) l'rientll} eluhhing \sith residents Brian l)etiipster and Alan Jo).

Joy ligo. Pieai'd} l’laee. 47X 7-134. Sat 7 Jun. llprii 3am. £ltl t£.S’). .\lotithl_\. Residents Maggie and Alan “hoop it up in the main hall \shrle 'l‘rend} Weird) and Sall} l5 do their thing in the (‘oeteau Lounge.

Sunda} inlor'nial group tor all l.(ili'l"s tinonthl} ). l.l(‘ lesbian soeral group llllttltllll} ). Speakeas} poet and \xriter's group irrionthl} ) and the I.eshian Mother's (it'ottp tnionthl}. eontaet Shona at the (ilasgoxt Women‘s Librar} lot‘ more details).



Blue Moon Café t Baron} Street. 557 (Ni l. Mon l‘ri llarri ll..5llpllll Sat Stir) 9pm l2..itlam. l'ree. lidinhurgh‘s longest running ga} eal'e. CC Blooms 2.5 2-1 (ir'eenside Plaee. 556 935 I. It)..‘()piit 3am thar tr'om (ipni). l-‘r'ee. llosts leehreakers. rnonthl}. lot“ those tie“ to the scene. See (‘lttlts listings l'or more intorniation. Habana (ireenside Plaee. 553 1270. Soon lain. l‘ree. |)Js e\er_\ Hi and Sat and qui/oke on Thu.

Flashback 9 Hope Street. 220 (Will. 4pm lain. (trees) diseo and pop

Mon Sun.

Frenchies Rose Street. 33.5 7().5l. lprn lam. l’ree. Popular.

The Laughing Duck 24 ttmt e

Street. 220 2576. Mon 'lihtt

listrrrgs Gay


Shirley Bassey "‘e that: drta See r‘t.r'u.s"r‘

Death Disco T"e “root ot trans: l uro excess: root: tower: with Me'trm Pet and l'axx, See (2/4)!) list/rigs

Nederlands Dans Theater 2 the sext young tla'ree troupe. retri'r‘r Wit?) a sassy new repertorre See Hreatre a Dance.

Trembling Before G-d l)()(2Lt.’YiUlll£i.’\' Sl‘.()Wlllt] the struggles of gay Hasrdre and Orthodox Jews; as; the try to reeoottrie their faith with their sexuality. See I r/rrr list/rigs.

Show me Love two teenage. girls (itseover tlrerr love for one another rrr tlrrs sweet renting of age rrroVre. See / rlrrr list/rigs

Rope two gen, rrrerr (:omrrrrt murder as an rrrtelleetual exercise. rrr this experrrrrental trlrrr from llllClltIOCk. See / r/rrr /rstrrrgs

Edinburgh Sundays


Taste the l.lt|llltl Room. ‘le Vietoria Street. 225 250-1. llprii iarn. £5 hetoie |l.3llprn; £3 t£(i inenihers) alter; £ Ill non nienilters on guest l).l nights Weekl}. last} lire“ ot house and garage with Jon Pleased tullilling his t|llill'lL‘ll_\ guest duties on Stir) ts' .ltlll. Bootylushous (‘oeteatr lounge. lago. l’ieai‘tl) l’laee. ~l7.\' 7-l H.

Ilpnr 3am. £2. \Veekl}. Nets ga}/rni\ed rirglit tr'orn the l)t)}s behind lush \sitli (‘r'aig and |)ale spinning a tnaslet'ltil lilend ol Rtkli. soul and ttink.

Edinburgh Tuesdays


Vibe l'.go. l’ieattl} Place. 473 7-1 H, llpri) .iarn. £2. \Veekl}. Jariies l.t)ng\\ot'th prox ides the sounds.


CDT on Tuesday lhe Stain). (i York Place. 553 7272, 'ltre lll lllll. 7.10pm. U) (£5). .\lonlhl_\. See (ilasgtm \Vetl.

Hair) I lpin; l‘l'l it Sat llarn lain; Sun |l..i(larii llprri. St}|isli. eonrl} but New Town Bar Dublin Street. 5 W 7775. Mon 'lhu Noon lain; l'l'l Sat Noon 2am; Sun 12.30pm Iain. (ia) ertnse bar and underground eluh. Planet Out (it'eensrde Plaee. .524 (MM. .\lon l'r‘r -lpiri lain; Sat Sun 2pm lain. l'r'ee. Regular ltrri e\eiits. pie elul). l)Js ineltrdrng 'l’r'end} Weird} t.\lon). trur/Ies and bingo.

Sala (ill liroughton Street. 478 700‘), Tue Strri I lain llpni. tree. the Hill ('entt'e's eate is neul) reopened tor tresli lootl all tla}.


AD ('ontael 556 404‘). I'or lesbians in er 4”. Meets mottlhl} it) plat) soetal exents. ('all tor more details.

LGB Centre (ill Bt'tittghttm Street. 478 706‘). llttptirlttnt gtt} eentre hosting the Women's (iroup l)rop-ln t'l’hu). (ia) l)ads Seotland tnronthl} l as \\ ell as Bi- ladinhur'gh the soeral/support group for bisesuals and those questioning their sexualit) tiriorithl} ).

Scottish TV/TS Group the Phoenix ('ellar Bar. 46 Broughton Street. 557 0234. Monthly

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