s? Clubs

I Gavin Pearson and Adrian Coll at Media. 1 lpiti 3am. £thc. Weekl). The two l).l.s who adorn the top of this listing. iii association with (‘1)th I. at this nets ly res'aiiiped venue. l’umpin' tunes and all drinks for £2. .\'ot had.

I Global Groove at the Tunnel.

1 lpni Jain. £7 (£5). \\’eekl)'. Big name and local house) action. guests the.

I Goodtoot at the Risersiite Social. Midnight - 3am. £5. 6 Jun. .\loiithl_\. (ilasgow‘s sell-proclaimed original and best northern sotil cluh \sith l)Js Barr}. Scot and l-‘raser. Tr} this as an alternatise to the plethora ol‘ house and techno cluhs iii (ilasgow.

I Kerrang Club at the (’arling Academy. Times the. £5 (£4). (i Jun onl}. Metal goes into a club

ens ironment here. \sith this night} hard rock night \tith lise music from Seraliti, l)J Ace l'rom Skunk Ananste and .-\shle_\ Bird. (iet read) to rank in no uncertain

I Kinky Afro at the Suh (‘luh Nest

date the.

I Heads Up at Suh ('luh. l lpiti 3am.

£thc. 6 Jun. Monthly. Another chance to see this hugely influential production and DJ team from (ierinan). The} changed the lace ol‘ hroken heat. so check them otit at this class night from l-‘enetik's Paul (“an Ie).

I Hustle and Bustle at Baha/a. hptn 3am tl)Js limit I Ipmi. l-‘ree het'orc

Kym Marsh joins Skool Disco, Sat 7 Jun

I 1pm; £5 alter. \Veekl}. l’aul 'l‘ra) nor. Bill) Jones. Ross McMillan and ('amin} ('raig rip it tip \tith some high!) charged Rikli and hip hop mixed with lllttls} and l'unkier tracks.

I LiveVEvil at (ilasgtm School ol .-\rt. llpiii 3am. £lt) t£ts't. 6 Jun. l-tn‘tnrghtly ()ne ol. the true pioneers ol‘ drum & hass. ()ptical. pl;t}s at this brilliant cluh. alongside Fierce B3B ol' Vtt'tts. The residents are also on hand to ensure that things are is armed tip iitcel}.

I Latin Fever at llasaiia. Upiii 3am. Free. Weekly [)1 Keith I) spins up some ('olumhian. ('uhati. Nest York and .-\lricaii salsa. adding a t\\ tst ol l.illlll chart. Rik” and glohal heats to the rhythmical stess. last).

I Life at the (‘orinthian lllpni 3am. £6. Weekly Kenn .\lcl-‘arlaiie tlieat Itlhi p|a_\s the linest in soul. l'unls. Rik”. house and old-school classics.

I Medicine Wheel at the Suh (‘luh NC“ date thc.

Your pass to great club rugits in Glasgow 8 Edinburgh

See page 79 for details

I .tl Illc' ( li.2\‘,'\“s\ \\ 35w: .vf \it \e\t date the I Moda at \loda "pit. 1am I \\ccl\ls l).:l!t'll l);lftl‘i eases fits my. thiough the night \sith the tiizes'. 1:: house. gaiage and RAH

Monox at the \ouiidhatis llpiii *ain t lH 1M 3" hit: \loiizfifix lit; night at the \lonos paits this iitoii'r: as the} haiil in l)\l\ l\lt'\\ to plat alongside the usual \loiiosiaii iesideiiis. l)aii. .lce\e. \itiaitie, l’e\ ie .iiid \l.iltl I National Pop League .‘.l the \\ootlslile \Hclal \e\l tlale UK I Nocturnal at \it I ll‘ \t-si dale its I The N00 Groove at the t ltl\t‘l\.tl. Hath l aite llpiii :am 1* .‘H Inn .\lonth|§ lhe \oo ( iioo\e continue then llt'\\ slot on the thiid | it ot the iiioiith Nick l’eacock aiid lliiaii \\ illiaiiisoii pl.:\ |a//. soul. I atiii aiid house at this line cluh I Nurture at (‘luh ft‘) \e\t date ll‘s I Offset at ('uhe lll illiiiii iain 'A t£5i \\eel\l} ()llset \selcoine .t lasciiiatiiig iiess resident. iioite othet than the delightlul Rehekkah Ieasdale. lint/n: columnist. .\mi \lilleiiiiiuiii (illl attd loiinei l’lashos centietold \uppoitinjn the lo\el} lad} ate Simon l o_\. (i.ii_\ ('tiile}. .lllll Ila liest and ls’iehatd l.e\tiisoii I Off the Record at .\d I ll\ Ilpiii ~laiii. £5 (i Jun \loiitlih Ion .\l.titiii. Ronaii \allell_\ atid ('iaii' .\lc(‘une on decks \s ttli ll\c' _L‘ and hass lioiti (iiegoi \lcl’hie tls’olla productionsi and \laitiii on peteussioii I The Outcome at the \iihes llpiii iaiti. £thc. (i .lun lit lllttllllll} \o details as ol _\et lot this iie\s ht inoiithl} night at the classic \eiiue I Pressure at the .\lcllt‘\ \e\t date 27 .lllll. I Public Spirit at lludda llpin iain £' t£5t “cckls .loit l)a hilsa is one ol those l).ls \tlio still. lot the test ol his da_\s. liiid the \\Hltl\ 'the legeiidais' tacked on to the stait ol his iiaitie He and the .'\tlt)l'[\\ ate ha\ in: then \secld} part} at this tittghts \eiiue. so he there. I Radar itl llit' (ilasgtm St'lltttil (ll \tl NC“ tlillL' ll‘c'. I Red and Gold Room at .\tl.t lllpiii .iatii. l-ree hctoie llpiii. L" attei \Veckls. D] Michael ()Shea pops up to spin ttlll} the linest salsa and l..lllll tunes In it \t'l'_\ \\ L'll heeled .'\ll.t cttmtl I Relentless .it the Rut-mile ('Iith Nc\l date thc. I Rockit at llaiiihoo. Spin iaiit t'" t£5i \Veekl). .\'e\\ cluh and hai \eiitute that hi‘iitgs soine ol the most \toith} residents iii (ilasgots togetliei to: Itnik} house atid Rik” sessions. (icoll .\loiitlord takes care ol the loiiiiei. \shile l’atil l“o\ deals mm the lattei. giltltlilllllllll. I Salsa Seduction at (‘eniial llotel Nest date the I Seismic at .'\d llpiii -laiit Ui ll) Jun. Monthl}. Seismic hiiiig the qualtt} underground electionie dance music ranging thiougli eleetto. techno. house. hoot}. hieaks and more Receiith named as | ol top 5 electionica cltihs iii [K in .\ln\l radio .\laga/iiie. and tlt'sL‘HL‘tll} sti. 0 Senor Coconut at the .r\tches ‘Ipiii latii. £ll). liluii onl} llie illicit lo\e c‘lllltl til Kt'.tll\\ t'lls. the lit'acll lit») s. 'l’ito l’uente and Pete 'long. Nov. that‘s an org} ll met I heard one. (heck otit the results at this night \sith 'ltsiteh also plgt'Hng. lot 1/!“ Juli oIi/\ l l.[\/It ii'Ii/ Ito/i/i'rx eel hit/t [wit t'IlII\ (ll/ ins/it I The Social at the Social ‘lpin ialll \VCL’hl}. (it‘l \L'l lttl lltc' ll'lallttllal helia\ioui ol Kris Keegaii t'\t'l_\ lit. a respected and popttlai DJ who call capitalise on a mud} ciossd to iiia\iiiiuin ellect. a Southern Soul at l p and Don. ii ‘lpin 2am. U. h .Iuii .\loiithl} llte iiien heliind Stipeitls hring sou this night ot rare grouse. tuiils and sisties and se\eiities music at this deep \tllllllsltlc' \enue. (iotaiihill is iead) to tttcls

Tronicsole and Tracktion Sessions. ' ' r'

The Beat Delivery '

Senor Coconut