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Meadowbank Stadium. Edinburgh, Sun 15 Jun

On the run

Edinburgh seems perfect for a marathon, with a mix of enlightenment and medieval architecture that can hardly fail to lift the feet and raise the spirits, and some of the finest vistas you‘ll see in any city. And therein lies the rub - you don’t get views without high ground. ‘You can flatten the course somewhat,’ says marathon director Antony Charles. ‘But the only flat course in Edinburgh would be round the city bypass. We wanted to go through the centre of town, past Arthur’s Seat and if you do that and you want to get all the cracking views you cannot make

it flat.‘

The organisers aren’t expecting too many world records to fall. The course is too hilly and, while there are a host of club runners and a number of overseas entrants. no one is being paid to run. If you want the world’s best, you have to pay them.

The 4000 runners taking part represent some 140 charities and should raise around £1.5m between them. Entrants include Lloyd Scott, who walked the London and New York marathons in full diving suit and is aiming to do the same thing in Edinburgh, starting on Monday 9 June

and finishing on marathon day.

Everyone else will be at the start line at 8.45am at Meadowbank stadium, and recommended spots for spectators include Holyrood Palace (just before 10am), Ocean Terminal (around 11am) or Meadowbank (between noon and 4pm) for the finish. And if you miss all that, the next one is already booked for Sunday 13 June 2004. Time to

get training. (James Smart)

I Wit/ivedi/iburgh-/ii.’ir.'it/ion.eouk or ea/i’ {) 7680 8904-14.

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Outside the cities

Golf: The Amateur Championship Varioux \entie\. .-\}i\liii't-. (H 302 017240, (iolf' amateurx eompete at Rinal limit] and In the Bogside goll L‘tttll‘\t’\.

OuISide the cities

Football: Scotland 021 v Germany U21 Rtigh) l’ark. Rugh} Road. Kiliiiarnoek. (HSM SIMS-l. 8pm, [5 till. 'l'he l'llx laee \til'l i‘l‘l‘oxition in the \httpe 0f the (iet‘llttttix.

Golf: The Amateur Championship \Xtt'lotlx \entie\.

.-\_\ rxhire. (H 202 M7240. See lllll 5,


Cricket: Scottish Saltires v Pakistan llamilton (‘rexeenL l’eel Street. 33‘) 0688. l lam. £15 it‘oi. ‘l‘he Saltirex faee their lirxt international

oppoxitioii llll\ \t’thtlll. ll'x heeii a \Clhttll of up\ and tlti\\ll\ \0 far for the Saltirex. hut a hra\ e \ltt)\\ ing here \\ttllltl do eonfidenee a pit“ er of good.

Festival 0‘ Sport (ilaxgim Seienee ('etiti'e. 50 l’aeifieQuay-1205000. l0am (ipni, £6.50 (£4.5(ll, .-\ family oriented \port lt‘\ll\tll “till ttL‘ll\lllL‘\ ranging from atliletiex. aerohiex and elimhmg to .-\iiieriean f'oothall. \oeeer and golf.

Football: Scotland v Germany ilaiiipdeii Park. l.ethei'h} l)ri\ e. (do 0000. 3pm. £30 £30 (UL SeotlandK loothall llL‘l‘ttt‘\ take on the might of (ieriiiam in llll\ liiiro 2004 tiiialif'yng mateh. The poor l'L‘\tlll against Ne“ /e.ilaiid i.\'e\\ Xealand'i \toii't ha\ e done Berti Vogt'x ner\e\ an} good. This I\ Seotland‘x first all or nothing mateh of the eampaign. Without a good \lio\\ iiig. Berti ean altttoxl eertaiiil} hid aiil

\\ iederxelien to ltix adopted nation.


American football: Edinburgh Wolves v Glasgow Tigers Jaelt Kane Sportx (‘entre. 2th .\'iddrie .\lain\ Road. 47‘ 0001. 2.30pm. liree. 'l‘he \\‘ol\e\ laee lllC llgeh for tile lllll‘tl lllttL‘ in the BS]. eompetition.

Outside the cities Golf: The Amateur Championship \arioiix \L‘llllL'\.

,-\_\i\liiie.0l:".‘fil"l~1tl See lliii i

Sunday 8


Festival of Sport (ilaxgtm \ticiitt- (‘eiitita *0 l’dxlllt' ()tld). .130 Soho

lflam hpiii {h 50 i U Slli See Sat " American football: Scottish Claymores v Amsterdam Admirals llaiiipdeii l’.iil\. l etlieih} l)ii\e. 0500 “‘55 ‘pin ti tlll< llie (‘l.i_\tiioie~ aim to end their \k‘.l\tlll in .i hla/e ol gloi}. taking on |)iiteli prt\\tllttll \\ )ou iiiiglit e\pett \\ itli the big ~peiiding \iiietieaii footie giaiilx. tlieie'x plent} of pie iiiateh eiitei'taiiiiiieiit. plu\ the \'llk‘L'llt'.ltlt'l\. lllx and a half time headliiiei. “hieh ll.t\ \llll to he eoiilii‘iiied

OutSide the Cities Motor-racing: KDMC Bikes Knoeltliill Raeing (‘iietiit. Knoekliill. l)tinlei‘iiilme. 0| ‘.\'3 ‘3 i i i“. lligli oelalte t'aeiltg .ietion,

Sailing: Dragon Boat Racing Sti‘atliehde ('oiiiili') Park. ;(in Hamilton Road.0lh‘lh INN.“ l0aiii 5pm \Vateh dragon hottl\ i‘aee tip .llltl do\\ii the loeli Ill llll\ e\ent oi‘gaiiixed h} the ROM”) (‘ltih of Both“ ell and l'ddiiigxtoii

Wednesday 1 1

Outside the cities

Horse-racing: Saints and Sinners Charity Meeting llamiltoii l’aik Raeeeourxe. Botlm ell Road. Hamilton. fllhllh 233800. (ififlpiii. £10 £15 liiiitlei‘ on item The ltllllttth Saintx aiid Siiiiierx eliai‘it} meeting l'.\peel the loeal glittei‘ali to he ottt in force. \o reiiieiiiher to die“ to llllpl‘L‘\\. lolltx

Outside the cities

Horse-racing: BEN Day llainilioii l’ark Raeeeotii‘xe. liotlm ell Road. llttlllllltttt. (HOUH 383300 Jillpni

L l“ {l5 ltllitlt‘t l(i\ lt‘eel. l'.\|‘L'el .tll L'}e\ to he hack on the ti‘aek follouing the light relief of )extei‘da} \ glit/ and glamour

Saturday 14


Festival of Sport (ilaxgim Sen-net- ('enli‘e. 50 Paula ()iia}. «130 S000.

lflam (rpm. {0.50 tL-lfitli. See Sat ". American football: World Bowl XI llatiipdeii l’;tl'l\. |.etherh} l)l'l\ e. (Will 3555. 5pm. [l0 £25 lt‘Sl, See photo eaplion.

Outside the cities

Rowing: Scottish Schools Rowing Championships Strathehde ('otmtr) l’arlt. Rho Hamilton Road. .\lot|ier\\ ell. 01008 30055.

9am (ipm, liree to \peetate. Annual national rotting regatta featuring \t‘lltml\ from around the (000”).


Festival of Sport (il;l\:_'t)\\ Sui-net- (‘entre. 50 l’aeilie ()ua). 420 5000. 10am (rpm. {(fSlliL—lfilli. See Sat 7


Athletics: The Edinburgh Marathon Meadotthank Sptit‘h ('enti'e. l3” London Road. 08-0 Elli-15, 8.45am. Free to \peetate. 'l'liotnanih ol runnerx take to the \treetx of the eapital for Seotlaiid's lll‘\l eit) marathon. See prex lC\\.

OUlSlde the Cities Motor-racing: F1 Stock Cars Knoekhill Raeing ('ireuit. Kiioekhill. l)unleriiiline. 0| 353 "3333". the lt‘llttL‘lch \toek ear~ rex ll tip for the LTD“ tl\.

Rowing: Scottish Schools Rowing Championships

st ".is Sport


The Furopeah Ni t has some wax to go before it can itoiiipete ‘.'.’llll the million dollar fil)(?ll(ll'lt_l ()l()‘.'.’(?§i.‘; of the Sll()(?ll)()‘.‘ll, ‘.'.i’ii(:h this; year attracted l)|lll().".f} l."- gainertising and performances; from starlets including Santana. Beyonee Knowles. Eve and No Doubt. Nevertheless. this year's; World Bowl is; staking its; r:iaivii as one of the highest profile sporting events; Scotland has ever seen If the fly past from the Red Ar'r‘ot'xs; as; the match kicks off does: "I seem iiiipresswe. then perfoiiiianeet; by Misfeeg. CUSHHC Rough Hidert; and Tippi before the game have the way for Frankie Miller and over illi'l pipers in a powerful i(?"(llll()ll of ‘Caledonia'. the game tifstrll kicks off at 53pm and will be broadcast to 1:30 countries \‘roi'ldvride. And here's the biggie ~— Sugababez; are set to headline the half time show. Indeed. the game is in danger of liVing up to its billing as; 'the greatest show on tiirt'.

I-lampden Park. (I/.'i:;gov.r, 0:300

begins; 1.30pm. Ht) l2?) 0‘51.

Stiatlielyle ('oiiiili} l’.iil.. Wit» Hamilton Road. (llh‘m .‘(ihli< ‘).iiii (ipiii l'iee to \Pt'L'lillt' St't‘ Sal l-l

Monday 1 6

Outside the cities Horse-racing: Musselburgh Races \ltimt'lhiiifgh Raeetoittxe. l.iiiklit'|il Road. \liixxelhiiigli. lll il 00‘ 285‘) 2pm. Llfl Ll; iti. iiiidei lhx freei. l'lat i'aeiiig

Wednesday 18

Outside the cities Horse-racing: Annual Chamber of Commerce Day ll.tllllllttll link lCieeeouixe. llotlmell Road. Hamilton. 01093 Zhixlih. 3.30pm Llfl Ll.R itiiidei If“ lieel l'.lt|tt) Rina] ;\\eot oii the giant when a\ u ell ax \l\ iaeex |i\e from Hamilton l’ark

Thursday 19

Outside the cities Horse-racing: Ayr Races .\'\i Raeeeottrxe. I \Vliitletlx Road. .\_\t. 013‘): 304]“). " U illpiii LN LI‘. National llunt i'aeiiig