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Events are listed by date, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by fax on 0141 353 2803. Listings are compiled by Jane Hamilton.

Thursday 19

Book events

Orange Prize for Fiction lllllllt'dtl lihrar). B}te\ Road. 33‘) 5223

2 3” ~llilll l‘lt‘t' .\ tll\tll\\lilll Ul llll\ _\c.n\ clllllpt'lllilh lot the ()range l’n/c tor l'ittion \xith llrllhead Book (iroup Poetry of Peace (ilaxgou Botanic (ialtlt'llx. 5‘ 3“ (il't'al “extent Rudd. 33-1 2322 (i 3” Hpnr. lrce (ien) lome |Ulll\ l’atlick l.ll\} l’octt) (nonp to tll\t'll\\ the Kaki tree. the Ulll} \lll\l\tll ol the \agaxakl hlaxt. a \aplrng ol uhnli “ax htought to Scotland to he planted lll the Botanic (iatdenx

Book events

Openlnk Event (irltnotclnll(il2. U

l lll\t'l\ll} .‘\\cnnc. 33‘) 5522 "pm. L5 It; 3.5lll. lhc nexx Independent [)lll‘lhllt‘l ol axpn‘ing talent lltl\l\ a pic publication c\ent tcaltnlng readingx horn Suha)l Saadi and \leaghan l)elahnnt

Other events

Asylum Seekers and the Media: Pressures and Responsibility lhc Ithtar). (Ballet) ol \lodetn .\rl. Queen Street. 22‘) l‘Nn I2 3‘) l.3llpni l'iee. lunchtime tll\t’ll\\l\\ll led h) .‘\nn .\lcl\'eclnn .\II’ and .v\madn Khan. I’tu/ HI Rt'lllg't't' llt't'k.

Art in the Galleries (iallt-r) ol Modern .'\ll. Queen Street. 22‘) l‘Nh llam lpni. l'ree, ()pen \\tll'l~\lltip\ \xherc memth ot the puhlic can \\ol'k \\llll tll'll\l\ In actn lllt‘\ rexpondtng to the theme\ iahcd III the current e\|nhition. ’rll'l HI lt’t'lllg't’t' “('t k.

Samba in the Square (lent-gt- Square. 248 ‘V‘N \oon 2pm. l-rce. l’ree lllll\lL‘ and lood to celebrate International Relugee l)a_\ \xrth hoxt l’lnl l\'a_\. I’url or Rt'lll‘c't't’ lli't'k.


The Hidden Gardens Opening WCCKCI’Id llk‘ llldtlcli (ial'dt‘lh. 'l'ranma}. 25 :\lhert l)n\c. (l.\'~l5 33ll35lll. .\'oon tree. See prenen.

Bill Douglas Trilogy Discussion (illinorelnll(i|2. ‘) l'nneixn} .v\\enue. 330 5522. 3 5pm, {h 19.5). .-\ panel tll\cll\\l0ll \\llll .\'eil (ita). .lohn ('aughte and .~\|a\dan' (ira) alter the \hon mg ot .\I\ ('lir/tllnmtl. \I\ .\m loll. and .\I\ lltn l/r'HIt'.

glasgowelistconk .

Other events

Activities Day lhe l.1l\}.(i.tllt-r} ot \lotletn \rt. Queen \ttccl. 22‘) l‘Nh llalll 5pm ltec \ \allcl} ot .lclHlllL" looking at t\\uc\ lacrng .t\}ltllll ~cekerx .llltl lL'lllg‘t't'\ Iii/f 1" Re 'Hg'tr Ht 4 Artist’s Workshop in the Studio (iallt'l) Ul \llttlt'lll \l’l. ()nccti SllL'L'l. 2:” l‘Nh I 3H 4 3llpm l'tee \rt \xorkshop re~pondrng to themes ldl‘L‘tl til the current L’\llll‘lllHll I’ll/‘1 H7 /\)( Ill§'(( llt t A Guided Tours of Sanctuary - Contemporary Art and Human Rights (iallL‘l) ol \lodern .\rt. Queen Street. 22‘) l‘Nh \anoux \cnuex. call tor detth l'tec 'louix gnen h} l‘nendx ol (ilaxgtm \llht‘llllh l’urr or In Inert ll; :1


The Hidden Gardens Opening Weekend 'l he llidde'i (iardcnx. 'ltamua}. 25 .‘\ll‘t'll l)n\c. ilk-15 3 3ll35lll \ooll l'rcc Sce Sat 2| and pte\le\\

Other events

Glasgow Cyclefest Kt-lx Ingimc l’atk. ()tago Street. 28" ‘)3"J l lam 4pm. l'tce. .\ onc~d.n ttxo-“hcclcd c\tta\agan/a. See Sport.

Guided Tours of Sanctuary- Contemporary Art and Human (iallL‘l') til \ltltlt‘l‘tl :\l'l. ()tlL'L‘ll Street. 22‘) |‘)‘)(» Varioth. call lot detail» l'I‘L‘c. See Sal 2l.


AL Kennedy (iilniorclnll(il2. ‘) l'nnerxit) .-\\chc. 330 5522. "pm. t5 «[3 5th The screenle \xnter ol XI: l/u Dom Irrt Ax hoxtx a t|llt"llUll and anxuct \c\\ton tollouing a \t'l'ct‘llllig' ol the lilm.

Other events

Scottish Graduate Recruitment Fair \loatliotixe llotel. Sli('('. l'llllllt‘\ltlll (‘)ua_\. ‘)‘).\'.\' | lain hprn. l‘tcc. .\ chance to \peak \\ lllt a Mll'lt‘l} ol companiex under one tool.

Tuesday 24

Book events

A Tenement Childhood \Vllllclltch |.ihrar_\. l4 Victoria Park l)rI\ e South. 95‘) I37». 23“ 4pm. l‘ree. l'.dllll l.itt|e read\ e\tract~ lrom het nork.

Meet the Author llillhead l.Ihrat'). B)rc\ Road. 33‘) "223. 7.3” ‘).3”Ptn. l‘ree. .\lagg1e(irah.nn. author ot Sim/re .vlnronexr Iln' lull/mu read~ and tll\L‘ll\\C\ her work \\ith the llillhead Book (‘Iuh

Other events Scottish Graduate Recruitment Fair .\loathou\e llUlL‘l. Sl‘.(‘('. l'illllllcxlolt

HIDDEN GARDENS Tramway. 25 Albert Drive. 0845 330 3501. Opens Sat 21 Jun.

With over a year of consultations and planning. nva arts organisation is finally unveiling the greatly anticipated Hidden Gardens. A 5000m“ space situated to the rear of Tramway. it will be one of the first

permanent public gardens developed through a large scale artistic


On the opening Saturday (21 Jun). a Ceremony of Light is to be held between 9.30pm and 1am where visitors will be given lanterns to place within the gardens to the sound of Scottish harpist Savourna Stevenson and the Tibetan Singing Bowl Orchestra. The Tramway cafe will be serving food and the bar

stays open into the wee small hours.

With input from the local communities. the vision of Angus Farquhar and landscape architects Rolf Roscher and Chris Rankin of City Design Co- operative, nva has put together a contemporary and structured garden. After consultation with the many religious groups in the Pollokshields area. it will be a space filled with many different religious influences.

Designed to create reflection and peace. and incorporate many people's idea of paradise, the gardens are made up of a formal open space with formalised flower beds and the original 30m chimney as the centre piece. Joined by tree lined pathways. the space can be used purely for wandering and wondering or taking part in the planned events and workshops.

The area was originally a seed and tree nursery and finally an industrial site before lying derelict for many years. With this new garden, and the art environment of Tramway, it is sure to be a welcome addition to Glasgow. and especially the Southside. Apart from offering an open space in a built up area. it will also allow the many different local communities and groups to come

together and enjoy a hidden slice of paradise. (Jane Hamilton)

I H. ,. 4. ,,.,,..), ,.,. u. .1“. h (H). ~

()na}. 3H0 ‘)‘).\'X. l lain 4pm. l'tce. See Mon 23.

Wednesday 25

Book events

Cafes Litteraires Alliance l‘rancaixc l)c (ilaxgou. 7 Bountonl (iardenx. 33‘) 42%|. (rpm. l-ree. ILNI‘th/tlm .ltmlrm h} Michel ()tnnt l\



From Cooper to Cruise llillhead librar}. B}re\ Road. 33‘) 7223.

2.30 4pm. l-ree. A talk on the 7‘) _\ear\ ol‘ the American male mm ie \tar h} l.e\ l looper.

Culloden Talk (illtnorehill(il2. ‘) l'nnerxit) .'\\enue. 330 5522. '7pm. 9.5 (923.50». ;\ reading and tll\t‘ll\\ltill tolltm mg a \creening ol' (‘nllm/t'n. chaired h} James Kelinan.

Thursday 26

Book events

Margaret MacDonald \\.llt'l\lilllt"\. l5“ l5~ Satlclllt'llall Sllt't'l. H.2 ‘llll5 "pin l'ice. \Vlnxtlei e\pctt Margaret .\lacl)onald tll\L'll\\k'\ llcl hook. \\ lll\llct ix Mother All American Icon


Film Discussion Group (il.l\:_jti\\ l'lllll 'lhcatrc. l2 Rme Sticct. 332 M25 hl5plll. l'lL'L‘ .-\dl\cu\\1onlolloulngllic \homng ol the tilrn lulu (m. /)ul'.ll

Other events

Farmers’ Market .\lan\lield l’alk. ll}ndland Street. 23” llillll lllam 3pm l'tce .'\ chance to hu} lre\h produce dnctl lroin the tanner»

Graduate Fashion Show 'l ht- ('ornithian. Ingram Street, ll".\l.\ H551th "pin & 9pm. L2 5” Studan ol the


How to Sound Amazing in a Foreign Tongue llillhead Librar}. Btrex Road. 33‘) 7223. l.ll5pin. Free. Local linguixt and phonetician Derek Rogerx helpx )ou get _\our tongue round tllllt‘ll‘lll \oundx.

John Muir Trust - Conservation of Scotland’s Wild Places llrllheatl l.ihrar_\. B)re\ Road. 33‘) 7223. 2.30 4pm. Free. Talk and \lidc\lto\\ l‘} l’etet' \Villimott.

Saturday 21

Paintings on Railings (il4l\:_'tt\\ Botanic (itll‘dt‘lh Railingx Queen Margaret l)ri\ e. 35',~ 3"3‘). lllam opin. liree. .-\ \election ot‘ panningx on \lltl“ and for \ale.

Market Fair St l.uke\ (ireek ()rthodo\ ('athedral. 27 Dundonald Road. l)o\\anlu|l. 33‘) 73M. lll.3(larn lpm. l-‘ree. limo) mine traditional (ireek tanre. Lansdowne Crescent Garden Festival l.alt\do\\ ne ('l‘LWCClll. Kehinhndge. l (rpm. 2.! l5tlpi. Join the l'L‘\ltlL‘lll\ ot’\do\\ ne ('re\cent tor an alternoon ol tun. tood and textnit}.

Sunday 22

Paintings on Railings (llihgtiu Botanic (iardenx Railingx. Queen Margaret l)ri\ e. 355 373‘). Want opnt. Free. See Sal 2l.

Matsuri 2003 Kthhle l’alace. (ilasgon Botanic (iardenx. '73” (ireat Western Road. 33-l 2422. Noon 3pm. l-‘rce. ()rganixed h} the Japanew Illahlll'l tor (ilaxgtm thix t'un da_\ celehratex all lltlng\ Japanese “lllt calligraph}. origann. colouring and Japanese m eetx.

Midsummer Carnival and Street

Party “Hex Road. 3-H 034-1. Free. The most colourlul da} ot the West lind liextixal. l’our music \tagex keep B)res Road dancing “line the carnhal procession leaxex the Botanic (iardenx at 3pm and \\llltl\ llx txa) tl(l\\ll B}re\ Road and onto Kelx ingrm e Park.

The Historic Burgh of Hillhead llillhead Librar). Byrex Road. 33‘) 7223. 7- ltlpin. Free. The author of. sl/(IIIL' ()mn lli'srt'm Road prexentx this illtistrated talk. Monday Rhymes Brel. 39—43 :\\hlt)l‘l Lane. 3-12 4966. 8pm. Free. \'i\ (iee and her \trange millC\ return for \UlliC more cabaret tun. Part of the lli's! [ind l't'xrn'ul.

Wednesday 25

A World Tour of the West End Various \enues. West lind. 33‘) 0488. 7pm. £6.50. Architectural itinorian l)a\ id

Martin takes )ou round htnldingx in the next end which retlecl the \t}|e ol huildtngx around the \Hll'ltl.

How to Sound Amazing in a Foreign Tongue llrllhcatl l.lltl’;tl"\. By‘ex Road. 33‘) 7223. 1.05pm. l'ree. Sec Fri 20.

Saturday 28

Paintings on Railings (ilaxgtm Botanic (iardenx Railingx. Queen Margaret l)ri\e. 357 373‘). lllant 6pm. l-ree. See Sal 2l.

Sunday 29

Paintings on Railings (ilthgtm Botanic Garden» Rillllllgx Queen Margaret Drive. 357 373‘). Illam 6pm. Free. See Sat 2l.

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