l'ashrorl Design course at (’aidonald ('ollege show their end of year collections

Saturday 28


Medical Humanities Summer Seminar (ilasgow ('aledoman l'nryersity. (‘owcaddens Road. 332 oosl

‘) 30am 1pm. £6 t£3i Janice (ialloway will be reading from her book ('lum and presenting collalmratrye work w ith lidinburgh-based ()r'kney artist Ann lleyan.

Other events

Farmers Market Mansfield Park. Hyndland Street. 2S7 2000. ltlairra3prn. l‘ree. See Thu 26.

Book events

Revenge: The Edwin Morgan Poetry Prize RSAMl). 100 Renf'rew Street. 332 5057. 7pm. £10. The Academy launches an award to celebrate the next generation of Scots poets.

Monday 30 Talks Film Quiz (ilasgow liilm Theatre. 12 Rose Street. 332 S128. S.45prii. £1.50. Test your film know ledge at this popular

a E 7:

Film and Reception (ilasgow Film Theatre. 12 Rose Street. 332 8128. 6pm. £2.50. The Glasgow branch of the Scotland (‘hina Association haye secured tickets for the screening of" the l-‘rench/(‘hinese production Bit/me and the Little ('Iiinese .S‘eanrslress. A reception is also been held afterwards in the first floor bar.

Greenpeace Mono. 12 Kings Court. King Street. 553 2400. 7.30pm. Free. Monthly (irecnpeace meeting.

Wednesday 2


Friends of the Earth Friends of the liarth Scotland. 30 Hillhead Street. 334 1050. 7.30pm. Free. Monthly meeting. Cate Flicker (ilasgow Media Access Centre. 3rd Floor. 34 Albion Street. 553 2620. 7.30pm. £1. Submit your finished film to the (}MA(‘ and they will show it at this liyely eyening of film. discussion. advice and debate.

Other events

Jackie Kay Spiegeltent. (ieorge Square. 564 3400. 2pm. £3.50. Poet and novelist Kay. whose first novel. Trimmer. won the Guardian Fiction Prize. reads from her latest collection of poetry.

Thursday 3

Book events

George Montbiot and Hilary Wainwright \\';rter.storie‘s. 153—157 Satrchiehall Street. 332 9105. 7pm. Free from the branch. The two authors discuss the concepts of their latest books. The Age of ('onxenf.‘ The .llunifesto off/re New World ()I‘ilel‘ and Reclaim the Slate." Iitperr'merrts ll: Popular I)emoerucy.


By George! George Melly and George Wyllie in Conversation Spiegeltent. George Square. 564 3400. 2pm. £3.50. Two great Georges of Scotland one w it. jazz singer and art buff. the other sculptor and big thinker meet for conversation. Parr oft/re (iluxgrm' Juz: Hat-rout

David Sherry in Conversation with John Calcutt C(‘A. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. 7pm. Free. Beck's Futures 2003 nominee David Sherry discusses his work with critic and curator John Calcutt.


Football and premier ships

I Art Gallery & Museum, Kelvingrove This fine example of late Victorian architecture houses a permanent collection of work by such names as Rembrandt. Botticelli. Whistler and Cadell. plus numerous historical artefacts and animal displays. See Art listings for full exhibition listings. Argyle Street. 287 2699. Mon— Thu 8 Sat 70am—5pm; Fri 8 Sun

7 1am—5pm. Free.

I Glasgow Science Centre Situated on the site of the 1988 Garden Festival. Glasgow's £75m visitor attraction is a mine of information on science and technology. Fun interactive exhibits are spread over four floors. while the awesome ltvaX cinema shows selected films on an 80ft by 60ft screen. See film listings for full lMAX details. 50 Pacific Quay, 4.20 5000. Daily 70am—6pm. £6.50 ($4.50).

I Scottish Football Museum The home of Scottish football now houses the history of the beautiful game in Scotland. On display is the oldest national trophy in the world the Scottish Cup Archie MacPherson's sheepskin coat. Kenny Dalglish's 100th cap plus reconstructions of the original home dressing rooms and famous Hampden press box. Look out for current exhibition Fitba’, Fr'tba'. Fitba'. Hampden Park, Letherby Drive. 676 6700. Mon—Sat 70am—5pm; Sun 77am—5pm. £5 (£2.50).

I The Tall Ship at Glasgow Harbour Find Out about Glasgow's maritime heritage on- board the SV G/en/ee. the only Clyde-built sailing ship still afloat in the UK. Explore the boat or talk to the crew. and the kids can take part in the range of activities on offer. Onshore. learn more about The Glen/ee Story at the new interactive exhibition. or take a river bus trip on the Frances Mary. 700 Sfobcross Road. 339 0637. Dar/y 77am—4pm. £4.50

(£2. 50—23. 25); accompanied children free.

Edinburgh life ;

Events are listed by date then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to edinburgh@list.co.uk, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Anna Millar.

Thursday 19


Edinburgh One World Festival \‘ai‘iotis \Clltles \\orkshops. film. art. club nights. music and talks celebrating the dryersit) ot the "one world‘ culture and heightening awareness of human rights issues worldwide. See pi'e\ rcw

w w w oneworldlesttyal org ilk


After Hours National (ialler‘y of Scotland. the Mound. 624 (iltll).

5.30 “pm. l‘ree. The gallery 's doors stay open first that little bit later for a programme of talks. music. readings and. of course. art

Whatever Works ('abar'ct Voltaire. 36 3S lilarr Street. 220 6126. 6pm. l-ree Talk from w riter/dircctor l)a\ rd (Kurtis and producer Nigel Srnrth whose first film together. (‘r\ for Ito/m. was a Royal Teley ision Society and .liiii l’oole Award winner. as well as a liAl’lA nominee Further than Debt: Trade Justice and Development German Speaking (‘liur'ch llall. ('halnrers (‘r'escenL Marclnnont. 667 2407. 7.30pm. l’ree. Talk by the co- editor of the New Internationalin and author of Air-nonsense (inn/e In l'irir Tim/e. I’ul'r (If [he Iii/Inliure/i ()iie liill'lfl I’eylrt‘ul.

Other events

National Bike Week \ariotrs \enues. lidinbur'gh. ('ontact Nick Haryey 01263 543 SSS. This year's bike lest plans to feature more than 1000 locally organised eyents. rides and promotions aimed at getting more people cycling more often. See w w w.bikew eek‘.org.uk for more details.

The Royal Highland Show Royal Highland ('entre. Ingliston. 335 6200. Sam Spin. £15 l£101; accompanied children free. Annual agricultural jamboree that has established itself as the highlight of Scotland's country side calendar. In addition to the traditional displays of cattle. liycstock. horse competitions and showjurnping. there

w ill be a food fair. a flow er show. craft stalls. liye music and much more. Scottish Traditional Beer Festival 2003 Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street. 220 434‘). 4 1 lprn. £3 l£2r. Organised by the ('arnpaign for Real Ale (CAMRAl. a three-day real ale festiyal featuring oy er 75 Scottish beers.


Military Connection to Gainsborough’s Beautiful Mrs Graham National Gallery of Scotland. the Mound. 624 6200. 12.45pm. l’r'ee. Allan ('arsw ell from the National War Mtrseuni of Scotland giycs a talk.


Storytelling Website Surgery Netherbow Arts (‘entre. 43 45 High Street. 556 957‘). 1.30 4pm. £6 £9

l£4 £6). Web design esperts Net Resources l.ltl lead this \sorlsshop which looks at how to deyelop your own storyteller website.

Other events

National Bike Week \‘arious \enues. lidinburgh. ('ontact Nick Haryey 0126.3 54.3 838. See Thu l‘).

The Royal Highland Show Royal Highland ('entre. Ingliston. 335 6200. Sam Spin. £15 r£101; accompanied children free. See Thu 1‘).

. ed_lnbum§9'l5$¢b.iik.

Scottish Traditional Beer Festival 2003 .\sserribly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 2.311454"

Noon midnight £31121 See Thu 1"


Artist's Talks l'ltllllllatlsel (iallery. 45 Market Street. 225 2 3S; 2pm l'ree Rosalind Nashasliibr talks about her

new work created for the \ isions for the future programme

Alternative Local Currency \'\\'(‘.\ Roundabout ('entre. 4b (iaytield Place. 2 4pm. l'r'ee Talk about how to use Reekres. the alter’natiy e currency deseloped by the l:drnburgh l.l'.'l'S llocal l'Xt‘lldllg’t' l‘r'adingr Scheme. l~ollow ed by a Reekres trading fair

Book events

Kokumo Rocks - Performance Poet l’eace arid Jtistice Resource (‘entr'e. St John's ('hur'cli. Princes Street. 467’ 0744. 30pm. l'ree l’oetr'y performance and black history workshop l’trrl of Illi' (hie lloilil l'i‘slirrrl.

Other events

National Bike Week Various \enues. lzdinburgh (‘ontact Nick llaryey 01263 543 SSS. See Thu 1‘). The Royal Highland Show Royal Highland ('entre. lnglrstori. 335 6200. 7.45am Spin. £15 l£1f)l; accompanied children free. See Thu 1‘).

Scottish Traditional Beer Festival 2003 Assembly Rooms. 54 (Eeorge Street. 221143-19.

Noon midnight. £3 l£2l. See Thu 1‘)

Other events

Edinburgh BikeFest The Meadows. Argy 11 Place. 524 6150. Noon 5pm. l-‘ree. The fifth lidinburgh cy cling festiyal features parades. fun races. food stalls and more.

National Bike Week \‘arrous \enues. lidinburgh. ('ontact Nick llar‘yey 01263 543 SSS. See Thu 1‘). Early Birds lidinbur'gh '/.oo. ('oi'stor'phine Road. 334 ‘)171. 7am. £10. linjoy a special two-hour guided totir of the Ioo before it opens to the public. and finish with a Scottish breakfast in the Menibcrs' House at ‘).l5am. Booking essential.

The Royal Highland Show Royal Highland ('entre. ltiglrstori. 335 6200. Sam 7pm. £15 l£l()l; accompanied children free. See Thu 1‘).

Peace Walk The Meadow s. Argyll Place. 2pm. l‘ree. Silent meditation walk led by spiritual leader Thrch Nhat Hanh. Bring a packed lunch btit no banners. Part of the One World l’esliy‘al. Multicultural Gathering for Refugee Week St (ieorge‘s west (‘htirch. 5S Shaiidwick Place. 2201677. 6.30pm. liree. A celebratory eyenrng for Refugee Week with stories. performances and reflections from different faith groups. l’urr of [he ()rie liirl‘lrl l'r‘xllttll.

Other events

Monday Lizard - Young Guns Tray erse Theatre. (‘arnbridge Street. 22S 1404. Spin. The hand presents exciting new pieces from the Tray ‘s Young Writers (iroup.

Tuesday 24

Book events

Niall Griffiths \s'aterstone's. 12S Princes Street. 226 2666. 7pm. Free. Talented new Scottish author of bestselling noy els .S'lieepihueger and (mo reads frorn his latest book. Slump.

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