Edinburgh life


Various venues. Edinburgh, Thu 19-Tue 24 June

’Tis the season of festivals, and there are hundreds of them in Scotland over the next few months. And here's another to add to the diary. No groans please, it’s not just another festival of candy floss and cheap rides. The Edinburgh One World Festival (originally the Edinburgh Peace Festival), now in its 17th year, is a mix of serious issues, good music, art and fun and the bonus is, most of it's free.

The festival aims to foster a mutual understanding between cultures through the arts using film, music, artwork and discussion to challenge perceptions, heighten public awareness of human rights and promote global responsibility. The collection of artists involved conveys human rights in innovative and creative ways, at once celebrating the strength and diversity of the One World Culture and commiserating its antithesis. For the first time the EOWF is working in association with the Filmhouse, which is showing no fewer than 17 related films from across the globe.

Although the festival is already under way, there’s still loads to get stuck into, with performance workshops, a photography exhibition celebrating the many faiths in Scotland, meditation sessions and an international competition of films, talks and poetry. Particular highlights to look out for are a talk by David Ransom, author of No-nonsense Guide To Fair Trade, and the One World Peace and Justice Concert on Saturday night.

I Canton/grmg goes 01‘ throughout the year. See .2 r. urns.:g:f.'ir‘t:.o'g;..m or

call we (SJ-10 .‘o/ more details.


TSI Annual Conference and Exhibition lil('('. I50 Morrion Strcct. 300 3000. ‘\\‘orl.ing togcthcr cllcctiwlv ix tltc thcmc of this thrcc-da) consumer affairs and trading standards cxcnt.


Pro-show Talk Ncilicrhoxt .-\rt\ (critic. 43 45 High Sti‘cct. 550 057‘). b.45pm. lat-c. Donald Smith glu‘x [his talk on l.\ minim and the (ircck 'l‘hcatrc in comicclion \\ ith that cwning‘x iwrt'oi'mancc ot' lhc pla} h) ('ommon l’orcc ('ommunit} 'l‘hcatrc. Scc 'l‘hcatrc lor prm icxx.

Anniversary Readings 'l‘rawrxc 'l‘hcatrc. ('amhridgc Strcct. 22S I404. 7.30pm. £5 (£3.50i. The Inn crxc 'l'hcatrc (’ompan} prcxcntx ('hrix llaiman'x ItllfiI/It'lll (ion/on Quinn. Looking Deeply into the Present .\lcli\\ an Hall. Brixto Squarc. 650 43M. 7pm. £0 t£~li. 'l'alk h} \piritual lcadcr 'l‘hich Nhat llanh. opcncd \\ ith chanting h} morth and nth from thc ('ommunit) ot' lntcrhcing in I‘r'ancc.

Wednesday 25


TSI Annual Conference and EXhibtttOl’I lil(‘(‘. l50 .\lot‘t‘i\0n Strcct. 300 5000. Set ’l‘llt' 24.


The Visit of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to Hawthornden, 14 Sep 1842 National Portrait Calla}. l Quccn Strcct. 02-1 0200. I2.-l5pm. l-‘rcc. Susanna Kcrr puts Sir William .-\llau\ painting undcr thc spotlight.

Library Collections and their Donors 'l‘alhot Ricc (iallcr). l'niwrxit} ot' lidinhurgh. South Bridgc. o50 2210. le. l'il‘L‘L'. l’L‘lL‘t' l:l'L‘\lI\\illCl' tli\c'tl\\c\ manuscripts and rarc hooks.

Nuts and Bolts Talbot Ricc (iallcr). l'nixcrxit} ot‘ lidinhurgh. South Bridgc. (x50 22 l0. opm. lircc. 'l‘hc mhihition dt‘signcr of Object Lessons. lidnard Longhottom giwx a bchind-tltc«ccncs insight into the making of the mhihition.

100 THE LIST '9 ‘3 as

Thursday 26


TSI Annual Conference and EXhibitiOfl lil(‘(‘. l50 .\lt)l‘l'i\oll Strcct. 300 3000. Scc Inc 24.


After Hours National Portrait (iallcr'). | ()uccn Strch (‘14 o200. 5.50 7pm. l'il't‘L'. SL'C llilttt l‘). Whatever Works (‘aharct Voltatrc. 30 KS Blair Sti‘cct. 220 MM, (rpm. l-"rcc. Richard Bakcr llIlL‘l'\IC\\\ Ho“ (iil't’ord ax hc \pcakx about lII\ ground- breaking attimatcd lratlcr for Life or /’r. Pre-show Talk Nt-ilicrho“ Arts ('cntrc. ~13 ~15 High Sti‘cct. 556 957‘). (v.45pm. lii'cc. l‘cmi l'olorounxo gixcx this talk on ‘political thcatrc toda}' in comtcction \\ ith thc cxcning pcrtormancc til I.\ \l\!l'tllil h} ('ommon l‘orcc ('ommunit} 'l'hcatrc. Scc 'l‘hcatrc l'oi' pi'm icw

Other events

Spirit of the Horse Rt)_\tll Highland ('cntrc. lliglixlon. 335 6200. 5pm & 8pm. The touring Slit)“ from liqucxtrian 'I'hcatrc tcaturcs 30 magniliccnt horwx darcdc\ il Rll\\l;lll ridcrx. cqtiL‘xtrian hallct and morc.

Big Word Performance Poetry End of Season Special ’l'hc 'l'r-on. ‘) Huntcr Stiuarc. High Strch 220 0*)3I. ‘) I lpm. £31£2ifllhc lthl llISltlllIiL‘lIl of thc Big \Vord tcrm \ccx titot'c manic \xoi'dpla} from lilxpclh .\luri‘a_\. l’aul Birtill. Scan McBridc. Hawaiian l)a\ c. Rachcl Jur}. Richard Mcdrington and compcrcx Anita (iox‘an and Jcm Rolls.

Other events

Spirit of the Horse Ro_\al Highland ('cnti‘c. lnghston. 535 (>200. 5pm ck Spin. Scc Thu 20.

The Summer Ball .’\\\Cllil‘l_\ Rtttillh. 5-1 (iL‘Ul'gL‘ SII‘CCI. 23045-19. 7pm lam. £40. Raixc )our gltt\\L‘\ and gct _\our dancing \hocx on for thix \ummcr dinncr dancc.

Saturday 28


Guid Crack Club lht- \\a\crlc_\. St .\lar_\\ Sttcct. 5.5" 5‘24 ~ :0pm

£2 .50 \uggcxtcd donatton chulai \toi_\tclling cluh SIHIIL'S. songx and llttl\lc arc unich \Klllt gucxt \tiir}tt'llt'r l)a\ id (amphcll


Paper Making Ro)al Botaitit (iaidcn l(‘alcdoman Hall I. lnxctlcith Row 5.52 ~lgl lllam illpm £50 luo tla} \\llll\\lllll‘ on him to makc papci from natural ICMIIIIL'CS III thc gaidcn

Other events

Spirit of the Horse Royal Highland ('cntic. lnglixton. i35 (x200 2pm. .5pm tk Spin Scc lhu 2o.


Shore Poets ‘l'ht- (‘anom‘ (Lat. :32 ('anongatc. 55f» -l-lSl lidinhuigh\ platform loi Inc poctr} and lIIll\lL' tlux month ha\ icadingx lioin (icoigc (iunn. lan .\lcl)onough and llotiia ()adn;


Colours of Writing Salixhur} (critic. 2 Salixltui} Road. rm“ 5-US. 10am me. £30 t£25i. \Vriting-lxixcd crcatixit} workshop \\lllI l._\nn Mitchcll and llclcn Bodcn. l'or furl.th dctailx contact l._\ nn on Joe 30‘” or llt‘lt‘lt UH 052 0200.

Paper Making l<o_\al Bolattlc (iardcn «('alcdonian Halli. lmcrlcrth Row 5527|7l l0ani 3.30pm. £50. SCL' Sat .23".

Other events

Summer Splash Watt-r ol l.ctth \ixiloi‘ ('cntrc. 2-1 l.anark Road. 455 7307. l 5pm. l-rcc. l'ami|_\ tun da} at thc \Vatcr ot l.cith \\ ith In c lIItl\lt‘. lood. \tallx. gtndcd hallo. childrcn\ acti\ lllL‘S. lacc pamting and a mini hoat

Monday 30


Paolozzi: Ordinary to Extraordinary National (iallci'_\ ol Nltitlt‘l'li :\t’l. 75 Bt‘llol'tl Road. 03—1 0200. [2.45pm. l'rcc. l~iona l’L‘tthilI look\ at thc “ork ol l2duardo l’aoloI/I.

Tuesday 1

Other events

Bond Bar 55'. llli lZX (iL'til‘g‘L‘ Sll'L'L‘l. 230 (i I Hi), 3pm lam. l. l 5. ('tilltc and cute} \Ulllt‘ glit/ and glamour L‘titit'lc\_\ til 007 ltinixcll ax )Utt tlo )titit' hit for chant}. l'.\pccl champagnc. canapcx. \\\ ing Illthic. a string tittat‘tcl and an auction in this good-hcartcd hid to raixc monc} tor ()pcration Romaman Big Smilc. 'l‘ickctx arc anulahlc dn'cct l’i'om Bar RS.

Wednesday 2


Artist Talk ‘l‘alhol Ricc (iallct'). l'ni\ci\it_\ ol' lidinhurgh. South Bridgc. 050 22l0. lpm. l-rcc. ()ll\l;t lr\ inc talks about hcr llL'“ mhilution in thc round room.

Face and Identity 'l'alhot thc (iallcr). lIIHL‘I‘SH} ol' ladmhurgh. Stitllll Bl'ltlgt‘. ()50 3: l0. ()pln. l‘l'L‘L‘. ()hicct Lessons lcctui'c \\ ith l’l'ttlg'xuit' \itc‘lxl Brucc “Biz. licatl til llIL' c‘UllL'gc ot humaniticx and social \L‘IL'IIL'L'S.


After Hours National (iallcr) of Scotland. thc .\lound. (>24 6300. 5.30 “pm. l‘rcc. Scc Thu 1‘).

Illusions, butterflies and Dada

I Dean Gallery :3 taatm oppostte the Natmmt 13.1w" . Modern Art. t"e ltea" {Sal-w. ‘tlilti‘i‘, denoted To in»;- A? 20th (ii?!‘.it.’.’\ art. lorr‘terl. a tit" (:(L‘llllil‘, orphanage. thearies a large :;;>l:e:‘tmn 3‘ t“. l duar'do Pam»? as ‘.'.e?: at. ()tllfdéll‘dltl‘d; ll‘flltlll‘ttlti liltl.'.'l fro!“ the Nation; (Iaitenes' Had}: an: Surrealtst (:<>lletft';>r~ galleries are utter» axer to temporary (EXltlltliKlftf; (lhottk (rot Art Irstrngs for a full tLllttltt‘.'.'.". of events. {fie/ford ."t‘oz r). 61).: won l'ly/RNlA'lZ/Cd 8 Ir: S‘u'.‘ ’(lan; am: Thu 7(l.’i.rn..,';;rn.

I Butterfly and Insect World Bask tn the wonderful world of all thrngs butterfly as they fly. stp nectar. (:ourt. egg; 1.1. or sunply show off thetr 'peautlfui colours. Marvel at the Industmuz; leaf (:uttrng ants. handle werrd and wonderful rnrnrt)easts and Wrtness deadly scorprons as ,ou wander through thrs realm of exotrc ratnforests. troprcal plants; and strearnrng waterfalls. [John/es Gan/en l '-/or/o‘. [.(iSSLWIUO. 663 4932.

/()a/n-—:3r)n ;. 571.35) ’5 3:3,.

I Camera Obscura Vrsrt the Outlook Tower and Camera Obscura. Edmhurgh‘s oldest attractron. for a tllIltlthl‘,’ entertarnrng expenence. lrt, lrftrnn a car or a bus onto the palm of yOur hand as yOur gurde owes yOU a fascinating (360 degree IOur of the City. And explore the wonders of lrght and rllusron lf‘. the wonderful Magrc Gallery. Castle/till, Roya/ Mi/e, 226 370.9. Dar/y 70am—5pm. £4.95 42:50. I The Scottish Whisky Heritage Centre Drscoyer the hrstory and mystery of Scotland's most famous export you expenence the entrre Scotch whrsky expenence. lnClUdirtg the whrsky barrel rrde. the drstrllery and the blender's ghost. and test we forget the short and lrght- hearted frIrn. showcasrng t.-,/nat makes Scotch ‘.'/lI|S'r<‘,’ untriue. A barrel of fun for all the family. 354 Cast/ehill, the Roya/ Mile, 220 0447. Daily 70am—5.30pm. £7.50 “$5.50).