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BBC4. Sat 21 Jun, 7.45pm .000

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Art's IXXLLll‘yll-N’NW IN SEARCH OF SHAKESPEARE BBC2, Sat 28 Jun, 9pm .00.

Of all the silly conspiracy theories, the daftest is the one about William Shakespeare not being the author of his own plays. It‘s particularly crazy becauseifs perpetrated by people who should know better: class snobs who prefer to entertain the idea of a massive cover-up than to consider the prospect of a mere

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FERGUSON Five. Tue 24 Jun. 8pm


O. " . 4 :w .' '."- ' I '21»- (It: '. .‘u ‘i‘ . 51d?- 1-: 1' .t‘ '.‘ I f"; ' . ' " SCRUBS Channel 4. Frr 20 Jun, ~ " ' 9.30pm .00 ,. ,:,'.r"'. .2-: ~ \‘u‘fny. In"... ' 35: 'V’.‘ \ i.’ " firth; ' ,Ez" .'. '.. If» "i: a:.: " M‘; " “1.1:: h p l;'§j€:’fst;;. \n, "r: \ /‘\"'t:nf,{, ;‘7',;-_“, ‘7 .‘r. "‘e'e ' f' t":- - ' A, .. ' . r r "‘(1' ‘. are" if " ’2 I, n 'I‘ér Iv‘i‘rvifttl‘r J Ir.’,'.,<::'.: "‘erx tlét' .l. it'll '." rt" .. " r r.' t'

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aé.a(,-' Hz" 1 (e? a' 'F’e" x

Cheery history without much ado

grammar-school boy being the greatest-ever writer and not one of their own kind. And as this four-part documentary shows, without fanfare or fuss - indeed, without much ado - there is ample historical evidence for us to see William Shakespeare as exactly the person he was.

In the first episode. TV's cheeriest historian, Michael Wood, enthuses his way around Warwickshire presenting a clear and coherent story of Shakespeare’s first 19 years. He calls his research ‘an Elizabethan detective story‘ but, as a detective, is ably served by what he calls the ‘police state' of the day. The years up to and including Shakespeare's birth were politically turbulent as Catholics and Protestants wrestled for power and neighbour snooped upon neighbour. The result is an unusually well documented period thanks to all the legal paperwork that flew around.

Wood’s purpose is not to dwell on the plays we get little more than a greatest one-liners compendium in the first episode - but there are illuminating insights in passing, such as the boy's grounding in Ovid, his use of distinctive Warwickshire vocabulary and his Catholic connections. Above all, it's a revealing and accessible documentary that shows we know more about the bard than we think. (Mark Fisher)

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Al‘,?1t,f;f3(,t.. Uxerrxxx/err drrve. or we, r: '.’W:"‘. :h Brrt'ssh you’ll Cultu'e'? The serum: oar! o‘ Tre.ror Neisgrxr's; Seref; moves or‘ "err the northern soul scene of the ‘9706; to 'are t;r’:):)‘.e. Soul ll Sou arr/l ()rvar. Er‘ route. Trev fakes tr'w: out to rrrter.r:e'.' the got/t lNorrrtar‘r Jay :,.a,v.rrg (trace to a hunch 'zf <.lrs;grrr"tle<l ,’8FGIQS,. the hat: frer Huckrrall C’J'l‘DlaIllrltg that ‘I get (808? because l'rr‘ a rerlrrearl’r and the ram; Jazz, 8 aflrrtrttrhg he war/1r: sari because 'grrlS irke srroochy Stuff'r. Nelson's style :8. as ..s..a. ton smooth by hall. of. Soul Hat/on s strll a neceht our at a trend {rat 1..” t6“: Hhrte and r, ask. ;,re~em0ted the ..se 9‘ warehouses for padres a") DtC'Jgt’lt 8! stress and stpe to 14x3" .". Sady, rt never the street 0‘ how /OJ car, but Aretha and Mar/m rh the mxe' 8W) em up ~th Sade ahr' JamrrOQua‘ - a

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