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DASH MEANS CASH A coffee stall run by Edinburgh's homeless creates a bit of a buzz.

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FEARNE COTTON is a presenter on 8801's The Saturday Show. filmed in Glasgow and broadcast every Saturday at 9am.

Where did you eat your last good meal? A‘. "‘x om. DLJ‘ "‘ “0'1" L(7"(l("‘, 1"eCastie The 'fixxt‘s amonng: goat's (“eese " 8012:) and

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What are your favourite bars or restaurants in Scotland? >33?" " G SSS/ICE. the Social :" Rom: Exc'w‘ge Suave em Gong a! 7 V‘Weomee Street " t"e

West End T'ie ‘ooo s 3 tyeat :‘ ace to Hang ea! u. 2" News. 3:";2 atmosphere ‘8 Sut‘h a cool \ (‘0. Go";; 5 great ‘0" hot“ ‘ooo sex: 0." Ms A reallx laid bacx at'i‘ose’iere w!" gorgeous deco to. M? strata go

If tomorrow was to be your final day on this earth, where would you go for your last supper? “e Cast'e. oou'o'n't ’eaxe {"0 riot»: hating those great "shmkes one trees 0 among t" asters:

Food 8: Drink

Dining Room


“Have you been home lotclu..?"


u' west Nicolson Street, Edinburgh 0131 667 7010

serving home cooked desks in contempoer surroundings

. . . '5 m

Fme dlnlng

at a fraction of the price

Eat out for less

Sunday Lunch

()n Sana/av aftemoon oar e/Jefi prepare

w a super!) and innovative menn. Relax

and enjoy a wona’eifitlfimr-mnrse lane/J and agalass offizz.

Eveellent value at £17. 95 per person.

12 Ashton Lane Tel 0141-334 5007

19 Jun—3 Jul 272V; 1’"! LIST 1 1 1