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Forget My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Captain Corelli, there’s far more to Greece than a few pouting Hollywood actors. \"Jeitls; Danielle Harden

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Find yourself a quiet spot on the beach and you’re set up


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Btix ti‘il“ into (’oi'l'ti 'l'oxxn ai'c l‘rcqticnt. chcap and cxxcntial oncc )‘otiK c c.\hatixtcd thc xtocltx ol~ thc local xtallx and markctx. ()ll‘cring a \axt aria} ol' xitcx to \iin. and rich in hixtor} and architccturc. thix plcaxant ltt\\ll ix tltc pt‘l'lt‘t‘l \xa} to \\llllL‘ aua} an al'tcrnoon. Agaian a hackdrop ol~ xtall holdcrx and cuxtoincrx \trcxtling l'or hargaiiix. \cnctian xt_\'lc hattlcx \xith l-‘rcnch and Britixh iiillucnccx. l‘lll' a lunhcr cultural hooxt. l‘olloxt thc road to thc lar ciid ol' l’alco and ciiio} thc xtcad} cliinh ttmat‘dx thc xinall monaxtcr} on the clill‘ lacc. ()nl) l5 minuch ualk l'roiii thc i'cxoit. hut a far cr} trom thc hlatant tourixm hcloxt it. _\ou can \xalk around thix xinall cxtahlixhnicnt. \ixit thc chapcl. rich in colour and xcdatc in mood. or ximpl} cxpcricncc thc coolncxx ol‘ the xiinplc \\ hitc ai‘chitccturc.

ll~ )oti l'anc} a more d}namic hrcak. inoxt rcxoitx otl'cr di\'ing. “ithl'prl'lx. activiticx and ll'lpx to add \arict} to thc long languid dayx. 'l‘hc untappcd hcatit} ol~ ('orl'u. though. ix that thc pacc ix totall} tip to _\oti. linjo} it.

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I ll- YOtl'Rt A 1 ll ill Ili(l(?(?lf}l\/(?. lilf§llltlllttl(3.t7()ltt could he the holiday Silt} lei you. Holiday ()l)ll0l‘.8 are (lEVIClUtl into categories. such at; Sea 3. Sand, City Breaks; and ()euiithyiarle. aiiu theie's; a Fast Facts section about the holiday from hell to answer all youi queries. it it's a quick hargaiii you're after, check out the Site's Favourite Otters and Bestseller pages for late deals Log en to www. lasstmiriute.(:eiii or call the hooking line en (1870 l l l 8000.

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