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Department of Community Services Cultural Access Officer £17,340 £19,029


East Ayrshire Arts and Museums Service is embarking on a period of exciting change and there is an opportunity for a dynamic creative individual to contribute to the future development of the service. Based at the Baird Institute. Cumnock, you will be responsible for initiating an access programme which enables all our communities both geographic and of interest. to contribute towards and participate in a broad range of arts and

museum related activity.

You should have at least two years’ experience of project management and must be able to demonstrate an understanding of how arts and museums can contribute to wider social issues. Experience of developing interpretative programmes and events together with a sound knowledge of arts funding structures is also necessary. A full driving licence is essential.

To discuss the post informally telephone Joanne Moore. Arts and Cultural Development Officer on (01563) 554701.

* Applicants should note that these are EXCEPTED POSTS i.e. posts to which the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975, as amended. applies. Successful applicants will be subject

to Disclosure Scotland Vetting.

You can now apply online by visiting our website, where you'll find complete details about this post, the application process. and what you can expect from us as an employer. Alternatively. contact our Department of Corporate Resources (Personnel), East Ayrshire Council. Council Headquarters. London Road. Kilmarnock. KA3 7BU. You can also call

(01563) 576553 or fax (01563) 576067. Closing date: Friday a July 2003

Performing Arts Co—ordinator temporary until 31 March 2006

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Apply on-line at

or contact Personnel Services, Council HQ, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose

T06 OSA (tel. 01835 825052/3) or e-mail for an application pack.

Closing date: 14 July 2003.

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The King’s'l‘heatre Glasgow

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Customer Service Manager

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