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Could Donald Rumsfeld be the greatest threat to humanity since Adolf Hitler? \‘Jtrrds: Mark Brown

he idea of world domination is a figment of .lrll)lr'\ Ilu/trl's

scriptwriters' imaginations. r'iglit'.’ If only life was so simple.

In reality. there is a man. with vast amounts of military. political. economic and media power at his disposal. who makes the bad guys faced by Sean (‘onnery look like pussycats. Ilis name is I)onald Rtrtnsfeld.

The l'nited States defence secretary is. arguably. the most powerful man on the planet. I realise that role is. technically. reserved for the president of the [8. but I think it is safe to assume someone is pulling his strings. The principal puppet-master is Rurnsfeld. Back in l‘)‘)7 he and his cohorts began an ultra-right wing organisation named the Project for the New .-\rnerican ('entury. The I’.\':\(‘ states its central principle as being that ‘.r\rnerican leadership is good both for America and for the world'. It continues that ‘such leadership requires military strength'. _ _

To see what that means. we need InvaSIOn Of only look back to a letter sent by the Ira was I’.\'A(‘ in “)98 to then-President q (‘linton advocating unilateral military action against Iraq. It states that the

['8 ‘can no longer depend on our

partners in the [UNI] Gulf War attaCKs Of 1 1 Coalitioth and should invade Iraq

with or without l'.\' support.

The PNAC issued a report in the year 2000 in which it called for a decisive shift in favour of a more aggressive American foreign policy. This process would be slow. the report acknowledged. unless there were. 'some catastrophic and catalysing event. like a new Pearl Ilarbour'.

In other words. the invasion and occupation of Iraq was planned long before the attacks of II September 200i. Both ‘)/l I and the non—esistent weapons of mass destruction were Used as pretestr for Rurnsfeld and the I’NAC‘ to pursue their objective of untrammelled I'S imperial power across the globe. Those who have any doubt that Rumsfeld's new imperialist project is all about control of the world's resources and. in particular. oil should consider the recent research by energy expert Jeremy Rilkin. Ile calculates that. at current levels of consumption. ['8 oil reserves will last ten years. Saudi Arabian reserves 55 years. and Iraqi reserves an incredible 520 years.

It isn‘t only Iraq. Following the Afghan war. the ['8 now has military bases throughout the former Soviet republics of central Asia. giving them extraordinary power over the opening (‘aspian oil field. This immense economic power was gained through the use of barbaric weapons such as daisy cutters (huge chemical bombs) and depleted-uraniuin tipped missiles (which spread radioactivity into the air. the water table and the food supply ).

Now we know the real meaning of the phrase ‘militar‘y/industrial complex‘. And we know why Donald Rumsfeld and the I’.\'.-\(‘ pose a greater threat to the human race than any government since Ilitler and the .\'a/is.

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