EDINBURGH (continued)

V I saw you lilyix cnthusiaxt tickling my unagmauon In Sala, Sol drinking. hluc-xucdc-xhoc w caring. hunka lmnka hurnin' . loyc-mc-tcndcr- yiya lax liroughlon' [7470/49

V I saw you - tlic \L‘\lL'\[ harmaid at thc 'l‘raycrxc- I won't cmharrayy you any morc with chccxy I saw you\. [7470/50 V I saw you chatting .‘ylichcllc tip at thc 'l‘raycrxc- go [or it— \hc'x into you and yott know [I makcx \cnxc- dcxign in \omc qurwi’? l’artncrxhlp working? [7470/5l

V I saw you l’car 'l‘rcc gardcn. dark hair- ohxcxxcd with [Xllllcx and 'l'ucsday. Yoti ran away hclorc I could kiss your iuhy lips. l’lcaxc stop mc'.’ Say hcllo Kitty» rcd Lady 7. [7470/53 V I saw you in your ('hmcxc drcxx & rcd llowcrx in your hair. hcautilully [raincd in hlack ga/ing (0 'lray crxc ccilmg. [7470/53

V I saw you nakcd as lhc day you w crc horn. want to \IKIIIII} dip again in I)tlll\ttplt‘ lottgh [7470/54

V I saw you in a photo to thc ’l‘raycrxc har. ('lairc- yott spin mc out in all [how \lttl'\. ('all mc in liyc )L‘ltl‘xI [7470/ V I saw you in l’cartrcc with yottr small cars. I think yottr kilc ohxcvion ix culc. Shalnc you'rc ugly. l.oyc Blondic [7470/55

V I saw you in thc [’car 'l‘rcc .\lr Monkcy hoy with your culc \milc and your \c\y cycs mcow down hoy wool wool I think I llltghl lou‘ you [7470/56

V I saw you cutc w aitrcsy with short black hair and hluc jcans at thc ('ity ('alc. 3/6/03- mc: liluc Vicanx also l and Icathcriackcl). Mayhc I could makc hrcakl'axt l'or yott ncxt limc'.’ [7470/57

V I saw you Dchs. Books. lnycrncsy. You touchcd my soul [\iglillit‘. [0/6/0507 (Itth Yoltairc, I,o\'c likt‘ I934 [747(I/5i‘i

V I saw you scxy' lady in a hluc shirt in thc l’cartrcc. I think l'yc sccn you working in Party tnania [7470/59

V I saw you. thc best- looking harmaid in lidinhurgh. 'l'hc l’cartrcc is a much hcttcr placc with you. [7470/60

V I saw you Sexy Lady hlow ing tip halloony in party mania. ('ury'y mid-length haircd hruncttc. .. Mayhc w c could party onc day... [7470/61

V I saw you drinking in lhc l’car 'l‘rcc- my '\"..»\.'l" rcally nccdx a right good \ct‘lng lo- gct in touch? Mcct you at l.cnny'\'. [7470/63

V I saw you shaking that arxc in tw igx. you'rc a tall Australian smoothic l “mu you hadly ['/47(V6.‘\

V I saw you \c\y \ttlltir-hallcd man. In thc l’car 'l'rcc [Ni/03. drinking wmc with Bohcmian lricndx. I want to \anlplc thc dclightx ol your tacky hluc hag. [Sorry I'm [leIIL‘tIl [7470/64

V I saw you Shamtta. al lhc l‘ilmhouxc. Throw mc a hic-

iackct- I'm about to drown in

your gorgcoux dccp cycx. ._ [7470/65

V I saw you limanucl hcclin it up? [' hayc hung around likc a had \mcll. I know your into \oodoo l'l‘om lhosc loycly rcmindcry u Iclt in thc toilctt u know what i'm talkin ahoutl'.

[ 74 70/66

V I saw you at lhc ('alcy Bccr l'cstiyal on Fri 6th Jtmc. You hruncttc in w hitc top, you lookcd likc you w ct‘c on a work night out dancing with \omc 'collcagucx'. Mayhc w c can

hay c ottr own lcxtiyal'.’ [7470/67 V I saw you in Nl-iX'l‘. l’rinccx Slrcct. lidmhurgh. Saturday 7th Junc. You told mc your cttl'llinkx w crc ol'l' hccauxc you'd hccn in thc \[Ut‘kl'tmlll all day - can [join you Xl-ZX'I' limc'.‘ [7470/68

V I saw you in lhc la\i going to Atkli. Did i pay [or il'.’ I can't rcmcmhcr. lumpy hcad. thanks [or looking altcr mc... my hantamhuliytcr [7470/69

V I saw you Kt‘l. Shona. Bal. Stuart. Dcrck. Yan. Roy. ('hrix. l.i/. ('ux. 'l‘ohy. Mitch. Kcy XXX can't wait 3 c u again 1) [7470/70

V I saw you in thc 'l'iq filo. You might hc with girl in rcd or girl dancing'.’ I might hayc looked likc l was with onc of thc guys on my tahlc. I'm not. [7470/71 V I saw you (il'L‘gttlIUtlx Hunk ol tctincd 'l‘cchno mcat. You l)ogma l’romotcr. Mc shy ninctccn lti'k loying chick. [7470f73

V I saw you loy'cly‘ l'clla with hrokcn watch ("clahoratc man- hracclct") dancin' to host [llllL‘S at saddest club on (‘ow'gatcn (ircat music taste! Scc you thcrc again \omctimc'.’ [7470/73

V I saw you working in ('cntraaaaal. kitty. Y()[' hayc thc best facial hair! Sorry I annoy you so much! Why do I keep touching your lirc. when I know that it's ll()'l".’ x [7470/74 V I saw you at film seminar at ['(K‘ on 1 lth. You gorgeous al in black with shin tied at ur holly. We \pcnt all night looking at cach olhcr across thc bar but u w'crc sun‘oundcd hy moy'lc pcoplc. l-‘ancy somc pcrxonal dialogth and a main lcaturci’ [7470f/5

V I saw you tny clcctric loy'c allair in my drcams. you tumcd into a vampirc and tricd to cat me in an undcrground cluh. You lurcd mc undcr lalxc prctcnxcx. \Yhy arc things so complicatcd'.’ [7470/76

V I saw you Blondi- Bomhshcll lrom thc 'l'un on (Itixcl‘ III\P\'L'[IUII ytitlilt' t'H'll morc \c\y than I lirxt thought and you di'iy c an ['no. not a I‘lt‘\[;t, .\Iakc my day and gct in touch” [74‘0/"

V I saw you Saint natal lhc construction consultant with ItHL‘I) L'} CS ill [IlL‘ (ILIIL'.\ IICL‘I' I'cytlyal. l‘lirtaltoth gtrly IIIISSL‘tI thc chancc to gct your numth and would likc toch in touch. [747(l/78

V I saw you [ll Stockhlldgc laughing on my pillow. crying in my arms and cooking lll my kitchcn, long may it contmuc... I);ll\} in thc llluc ('ar \\ [7470/79

V I saw you Sam (' at l‘cyttyal Rcyuc [999 and 3000. It's ok. I'm onc ot thc ntcc guys. Do you rcmcmhcr thc \uhriiarinci’ [7470/33

V I saw you Morgan ((1 planct otit looking ycry cool on lht‘ dcckx with Ion [IIL‘RISCtI i will hc watching your g.t .\\ [7470/84

V I saw you (iraham 5.7 m Ii\'( )I. 33/5 link) a \L‘cond- night \land'.’ ('\\\\ [7470/85 V I saw you Scottish I’lttinxong ('htitl'x Bcardcd \Vindow Monitor put your hand on my body at Sl-.-\ndt'cw'\»in- thc-Squarc on Sunday Junc Sth, I'd IlkL‘ [0 l‘iti\t‘ [IIL‘ (illlt‘l‘ L'y‘t‘hrow. [7470/99

V I saw you at thc l’cartt'cc in lidinhurgh on Saturday [4 Junc 3003. you w crc l'rom (‘hriytchurclL .\'cw 7.caland. I was lost in your cy cs. l’aul. [747()/l[)()

V I saw you in thc I’carlt‘cc. You w crc looking grumpy. llcrc'x why: thc \ummcr‘x upon [IS and stupid mistakcs will makc it a nightmarc. (‘hillf [7469/34

V I saw you hlondc liaircd hahc in thc Tron on Friday 33rd - you in purplc llarcx. l'y c still got your hright hluc knickers. Want to mch up??? [7469/35

V I saw you at thc \‘cnuc on l3th May. Scxy hoy lilming thc hand. [7469/36

V I saw you Alan in (ilcnrothcx? I know you arc a w'cc softy?! Thanks for hcing such a good friend. Lots :lI\\tl)\ hay-c drinks cy‘cry payday 3 Foxy? .\'\\. [7469/37

V I saw you .\l(‘. Put a littlc effort into your har-timc Chi)er Study hard. liy'c it likc you loyc il. ur Justin ’l‘imhcrlakc \[ttlltIllL [7469/38

V I saw you nursc Alan. You passed mc by w hilxt l w as listcning to thc hcatx. l’crhapy I should hay c hcht morc axscrtiyc. huts thcn that\ your joh'.’ Fancy a drink'.’ [7469/50


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