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WIN Hoegaarden Invites, Goodies & CDs

Hoegaarden, the original Belgian white beer, is bringing Frank Tjepkema of Dutch design collective. Droog, to Glasgow with his stunning new installation and exhibition.

Hoegaarden has launched a campaign that highlights Scotland's visual arts scene and is supporting key artists and arts venues in Glasgow with

its Welcome to the Hoegaarden tour. At each invite-only event there's a chance to view Droog designer Frank Tjepkema's garden-inspired furniture, listen to live music from 0.13 (including Bronagh Keegan and Deep Sensation), sample Hoegaarden. and get free merchandise and limited edition Deep Sensation 003.

To celebrate this campaign, we are giving away five passes to The Lighthouse event that takes place at 6pm on Friday 20 June and ten passes to the Switchspace Art Auction event that takes place at 6pm on Friday 25 July. Each pass admits two and runners-up will win 003 and other Hoegaarden merchandise.

To enter, Just tell us: What colour is Hoegaarden beer?

Answers on an email marked ‘HOEGAARDEN' to promotionsGlist.co.uk or on a postcard to The List, 14 High St, Edinburgh, EH1 1TB. Deadline for entries is noon on Friday 20 June 2003. Please include a daytime telephone number and address.

Welcome to the Hoegaarden is scheduled to appear at four prestigious visual arts premieres:

0 6pm. Thursday. 19 June. Glasgow School of Art Degree Show. Architecture Department, The Bourdon Building (main campus) 0 6pm, Friday, 20 June. The Lighthouse. Emerging Architecture 3: Beyond Architainment

0 6pm. Friday, 25 July. Switchspace Art Auction, Warehouse Space. Dennistoun.

0 7pm. Friday, 8 August. The CCA. Lee Bull Exhibition Opening

COMING SOON Starting in August, Hoegaarden will be hosting The Sundaay Service at select bars in Glasgow.

By registering your details on www.saampler.com you will receive a text that invites you to come and chill out to some tunes and have a free drink on Hoegaarden. Keep an eye on The List for more details closer to the time.

Terms :1 Conditions Entrants must be over 18 years of age. Usual List rules apply. There is no cash alternative.

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