witch-hunt era period-drama The Majestic. He says he loves play acting. loves telling stories. (‘omedic. dramatic. it doesn't matter to ('arrey. ‘I have it all in me.‘ he says. ‘I mean. I don't just sit up here in the hotel room and say: “I‘m the king of comedy. man." He says the comedy and the drama are coming together. "l'here

are some serious moments in this film.’ he says of

BI'HH' Almighty. ‘and I wouldn't have been able to do those if I hadn't done the serious roles. Whether I have to do it for free or not. I’m never going to let someone put me in a box and file me under (i for (ioofyf

l’eople have tried. however. (‘arrey won (iolden (ilohe awards for the The Truman Show and Man on the Mann. but despite line serious performances. (‘arrey has been repeatedly snubbed at the ()scars. I ask if not being taken seriously by his peers bothers him'.’ ‘.\'o.‘ he says. wearing a very serious expression. ‘You know why'."

Iirm . . .

Because the Lord is my shepherd.‘ I miss the next line of Psalm 23 because I'm laughing so much. ‘He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.’ (‘arrey continues. straight-faced. ‘And leadeth me beside the still waters. lie restoreth my soul.‘

Very good so how about the next verse. smart-ass? ‘lle leadeth me in the path of righteousness.‘ Jeesul. (‘arrey's good. 'Yea land Lord Jim's projecting like an


opera singer now] though I walk through the valley of

the shadow of death I shall fear no evil! I‘or thou art with me! Thy rod and thy staff. they comfort me! Thou preparest a table before me in the midst of mine enemies? Thou anointest my head with oil! .\Iy cup mnneth over!’ I miss more because I'm creased up. but I catch the end ‘. . . and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

‘That’s an answer.' he says. I have to agree.

Not that (‘arrey's constantly in a state of grace. The fame freaked him out for a while. especially when having bad hair days. wearing the wrong clothes or just feeling generally vulnerable. V'ulnerable'.’ I ask. 'Generally. it's about a woman.’ he tells me. ‘Love lost. whatever. that‘s

14 THE LIST ‘9 Jun-3. Jul 3303



generally the thing that brings men to their knees.' 'I'rue. true. liven movie gods succumb to love.

"l’here are absolutely dark places I've been to many times in my life. The only way I ever get out of it is to look at what I have. The thing to do is go: “The grass is green and beautiful today.” And here (‘arrey leans over the coffee table that‘s sitting between us and starts making a list with a pencil on the hotel stationery. one hand covering it. like a little kid. "l‘he park is gorgeous.‘ he dictates to himself. ‘Saw a really pretty girl about live minutes ago.’ ('an‘ey twiddles the pencil’s eraser in the corner of his mouth. lost in thought fora moment. ‘I had a really great conversation with this old guy in the elevator.‘ Then he sits bolt upright and with a self-satisfied grin scratches out on the stationery: ‘I have a wicked. exceHentcan

‘Sometimes if you think you have nothing in your life. if you sit down and make a list of what you're grateful for. even the stupidest little things. you just can‘t help but be happy at the end of that. It lifts you.’

('arrey"s good with his life now. ‘;\t a certain point. I decided to pick it up and wear it and have fun with it.‘

So what's the secret of happiness'.’ ‘Be grateful.‘ he says. ‘I‘ind something to be grateful for. And try not to do too many things that make you feel like you deserve to lose.’ Seems sound enough.

(‘arrey says he's right with himself and right with (Bod. He talks about an incredible monsoon of blessings bestowed upon him. ‘l've had so many miracles in my life. because I believe in them I think. When I lose sight of that or what's important. it's just like waking up on the wrong side of the bed. You think: “Why is everybody against me today?" I really believe.‘ he says. bringing his sermon to a close. ‘in the philosophy that you create your own universe. So. I try to create a good one for myself.‘

God is still smiling.

General release from Fri 27 Jun. See review, page 29.


Five actors who got the holy spirit and played the Supreme Being. Words: Paul Dale

Ralph " Richardson Ralph could really cut it on the big screen. Terry Gilliam knew this. and that's why he cast him as God in Time Band/ls. Entering the film in the final minutes. his is a performance of supine cynicism. Alanis Morissette In KOVIII Smith's underrated /' \ religious satire J Dogma. Morissette played a hand» standing mute hippy God. It is the only time that ultimate being has been represented as a woman. Charlton Heston He has never actually played God. but came as close as any major Hollywood star in his portrayals of Moses and the priestly Ben Hur. More so than anyone else in this list. Heston developed a bona fide white man God complex (everyone. after all, knows God is a black man) that resulted in him haunting the fringes of America's far right extremist organisations. George . Burns In 1977 he released the mega hit Oh God! He stole the show and ended his days better known for this light comedy and its sequels than for his superb stand-up work in the 19503. His God was a wrinkle-faced Cigar-tugging old Zionist who liked nothing better than being naughty. encouraging hedonism and damning Arafat. Morgan Freedman In Bruce Almighty. Morgan plays the role he was born to. Allelujah praise him. it has only taken Hollywood just over a hundred years to depict the one and only as dark skinned. DW Griffiths must be spinning in his grave