Cheap flights to the sun may have lessened Ayr‘s popularity among west-coasters. and its dodgems and trampolines may have been replaced by carparks. but a trip to the stalwart seaSide town re- establishes your faith in our coastal institutions. The amusements. cafes and adventure playground are still in abundance: there's no pier to speak of. but the Gaiety Theatre has Dean Park; and not only is it the birthplace of Rabble Burns. it's also home to two- and-a-half miles of beach.

I Ayrshire. Accessed by A 77. Nearest train: Ayr.


Famous for its palm trees. tended greens and Victorian toilets, Rothesay is a holiday resort frozen in time. The prime gulf stream location is to thank for Rothesay's more than agreeable micro-climate. While the shell-covered beach is small, there are plenty of other distractions to send you off on a nostalgia trip just think putting greens. ice-cream. a castle and a

multiplicity of eQLialIy amenable watering holes. Don’t miss: The recently refurbished Victorian loos are hallowed in lavatory Circles.

I Isle of Bute. Regular sailing to Rothesay from Wemyss Day or Gourock Via Dunoon. Nearest train.- Wemyss Bay.


Like other Scottish beaches. Burntisland Suffered much for its low-lying status in the Marine Conservation Sootety's Good Beach Guide. It recently reclaimed its Blue Flag status. but most visitors are attracted by the reson's olde Charm. to say nothing of the 18-hole golf c0urse. bowling green and amusement arcades.

I Fife, ten miles soL/th of Kirkcaldy on A927. Nearest train: Burnt/sland.

Tobermory As the inspiration for 8803 uber-quaint kids programme. Balamory, TobermOry has bucket-loads

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How often have yOu heard the \vOrd 'Largs' ‘.‘.’|Il‘iOLlI a mention of ice-cream somewhere in the sentence? The town may be none to a fern tern‘r‘a: Ca‘e " famous offspring Daniela Nardini ithe acton. but it's Nardini's ithe parlour that gets mentioned every time. The art deco prOmenaoe cafe restaurant has spawned a

seCOnd eaterie in the town. JUSI a few hundred yards along the seafront. Tne tc.-."'s I l e 3" Mega.

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pebble beach is bOrdered by a busy thorOughfare which bustles with cafes. pups.

restaurants. amusements and fairgrOund rides. Call 01.175 67—1555. I Thirty miles east of Glasgow on A7 60. Nearest train: Largs.

18 THE LIST ‘9 Jun—3 Jt. 2333

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