Cleat’s Shore

You wouldn't Adam'n'Eve it: Scotland's only official naturist beach is to be fOund in knitwear-central Arran. The isolated sandy beach on the southern tip of the island has become something of a pull factor for the area as the local tourist authority actually welcomes naturists Willi open arms

proVided they're \.veII-behaved. naturally. The bay is very isolated and .ts gulf stream location means the Lycra-inhibited can tie-robe ‘.'.’|Iil()lli fear of blue bits or purple-faced locals.

Don’t miss: A balmy summer's day With the ‘.‘./Illd in your hair Eil‘.(l sand in your. um. toes.

I West of Lagg. Isle of Arran. Accessed by A847 from Brod/ck. and Gears Shore is Signposted from Lagg. Nearest train: Ardrossan.


Baring your all quite so close to the holy isle of Iona might put the frighteners on your naked ambitions. but on the plus side it WI” act as a deterrent to other would-be wanderers. Head north along the craggy coast from the ferry terminal and you'll happen upon some perfectly sheltered sandy coves. Chanting the naturist mantra of ‘nude. not lewd' as you walk is probably inadVisable.

I Isle of Mull. Accessed west along the A849 from Mull. Nearest train: Oban.


Once upon a time the authorities here took to clamping down on nude sunbathing like naturists to a volleyball. Now they've mellowed. Just about. Provided you're not indulging in a beach barbecue Willy-nilly or letting it all hang out by the sea. then you can diSCretely strip off in the dunes. The beach gets very busy in summer. so y0u may need to develop cat-like reflexes WITH the sarong.

I East Lot/flan. 75 miles east of Edinburgh on A i98. Nearest train; Longnioldry

Balmedie and Black Dog

Aberdeen looks set to be the home of Scotland's next offiCial nudist beach. but not guite yet. Local naturists have mounted a campaign to have an area of the city tyes. City!) beach designated bare-friendly. In the meantiiite. eager strippers must reSist the urge until they reach the quieter sands of Baliiiedie and Black Dog beaches. but again it's a case of if you dare. you may have to bare a stern talking-to from the local constabulary

I Aberdeen. Five miles riOrtli of Aberdeen on A90. Nearest train: Aberdeen.

Kinshaldy Beach

East coasters can frolic free and easy on the GXIGITSHG sands of Knshaldy Without too much concern of police intervention. Dunes back the three miles of sand. and at low tide the sands are over one mile \‘.’Id0. A nature reserve lies beyond the dunes so no roaming around in the laggies. Y“"‘.(}. I Tentsriiuir Forest. Fife. Five miles north-east of Let/chars throiig‘? Terifsmurr Forest. Nearest train: Let/chars.

10 of the best

Cast your net further afield to ensnare some of the

world’s top beaches

Flamla Bay, 6020

Its diving-friendly turquoise waters have around 30m visibility. Like its Med big brother Malta. (3020 is deeply religious and a statue of the Virgin Mary stands in the middle of the beach. Bless.

Tulum, Mexico

The gleaming platinum sands and sheltered waters of Tulum beach lie beneath the only Mayan pOrt city ever discovered. The small city of Tulum

dates back to 400—900 AD and visitors

can swim in the shadow of the imposing white-walled castle.

Harbour Island, Bahamas

And on the eighth day God created Harbour Island. The island has three miles of. wait for it. pink sand. A honeymooner's seventh heaven. the titchy island also boasts good watersports. fishing. horseback riding and a rather swinging nightlife scene.

Anjuna, northern Goa

The beaches of Goa still have plenty life in the old dogs yet. Anjuna has a large expatriate community and its two beaches come alive November to April.

Maya Bay, Phi Phi Ley, Thailand Follow in the footsteps of Leo DiCaprio

on Maya Bay. The setting for much of The Beach. the tiny pristine cove is lapped by turquoise waters home to snorkelling gems such as sea whips. bannerfish and black-tip reef sharks and edged by towering limestone cliffs.

Brighton, England

Now home to more rock stars. film types and TV sorts than you could shake a spade at. the traditional seaside town is unrivalled for relaxmg on the promenade with a beer. bopping the night away with Norman Cook and beginning cross-channel swimathons.

Mazzarro Beach, Sicily

A get-away-from-it-all utopia adopted by Liz Taylor and Francis Ford Coppola. The town of Taormina lies in the shadow of mount Etna and its beach is only reached by cable car. a winding road or steep steps.

Menai Bay, Zanzibar

The beaches of Zanzibar. or ‘Spice Island'. are simply breathtaking. Menai Bay on the lush west of the island is most popular because of its dolphins - it has been nicknamed 'the 1000 dolphin bay'. Imagine.

Stromboli, Italy

A magnificent volcano looms over the ebony beach that is peppered with pumice stones. Even the sun doesn't seem to penetrate the inky blue waters that surround the beach. Just to add to the effect. the volcano erupts every few hours.

Anguilla, British West Indies Anguilla doesn't have the trappings of direct flights or pesky cruise ships. The island has a whopping 33 beaches, all of which are picture-postcard perfect with white sands. aquamarine waters and palm tree umbrellas. Not too Shabby at all, really.

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