He set up a film company and has just released Tadpole, his first film. GARY WINICK explains why he’s trying to do for the US what Dogme did for the Danes.

Words: Kaleem Aftab.

The List: Tell me a bit about lnDigEnt.

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Danish kissing in the USA

So how did you come up with the story for

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tah<::<>s 't's stopvhu't‘ and tho. ma I‘, took :2 o“ How did the Voltaire quotes come in? Because tho (:Ihta'hat:tuiaphy ‘.'.'as so had. .‘M: It‘:(r’1‘r’l

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‘.’.’o:;<l', Al'o't about It. Is it true you had to give Sigourney Weaver casting approval to get her on board?

Yes ‘.'.'(:- (l"l. Hut 't was a mall, r:‘:"‘r;/"at“ was 2

wow that tho tilrhs would ho shot i()l 8300.000. Such ‘.'.’(3{I?|lit:§[tt:fl€3£l(1ll(it“trl ’iilt l '1' vxa'v‘t ‘r_ .'.’,‘“7" “'2‘. has; hooh tho suttttoss of tho films that ‘.'.’(: art;- dothd to "Hot .'.'(2r<.- taIkthd aI'tut tiw- s' ‘,-"."‘~, ao'I t'v: 3' no"

(toutihuo \‘JIIll tho {ti'odut'tloh (‘()IIII){1II‘., (Zur'ohtlx' 270

have I I films on the do.

Were you surprised by the reception to Tadpole at Sundance?

Roallx. a lot, It '\.'.'as a surpust‘v to mu tho /\u:Iioh(‘t= Ann'ard; ‘.'.'as totaII‘. shookod. I thought that wo "tax I‘ax'o stood a (‘hahtio with tho f§(‘l(‘("lt‘.'.t'ill‘§l or Aaron [Stanford] would ‘.‘."0 tho at‘ttuu. I‘ut hon-or thouth that I stood a (‘I‘Iaht‘o ‘.'.’Ill‘. tho, dtr'ot‘tihd Also dottt'td $58M for tho 'aoxlo from. Miramax for tho raohts was :htirodihlo It is rumoured that Miramax asked you to reshoot Tadpole on film . . . NO- a<‘tuai|\. It \.'.’as "to who askod it“s-'7‘

had olho'hat:,dr'aohoi’ who didn't dot oh (‘Iashod on tho first dax about stylo and :7 da\ ‘.'.'o adl‘ood that ho shouId do it I would (tirtorhatograt\I‘o'. Sadly aII tho othor guns that could shoot t to film \.'.'o'~:= uhaxa'IaI‘Io


26 THE LIST ' '

She told him that we were

making a low-

budget film. He was like sure anything for you Sigourney

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s(>"‘n(‘-.'.”‘K:H- N- 'f'iw Wax: {rat "to" m: “tour: :th I: ’,"I {MI/1M. S'w: at,wa 't‘é: it 'Nt’l thw I: - .‘.'I‘-I" .'.‘.-"'.-

T3.’.l'l‘(l {l'V‘i ‘wl‘ll ‘III'K’. ', 3"“: Ii‘,'\""i T“,

.‘IH: IN: ".a' altar 0' ~- 3 l't' t' Iz‘. 3.1:“,- "‘.tw":i a : .‘t’l‘i'. "1" t',_:‘:t"‘I‘,-'

art/I asktxt' 't moo"! 'I‘I‘r t'V: '-’,-‘ITI::.'I1"f w tw- ups/«In m. Imwwi rev “.411; SIQ’MI'I'W',

Who would you most like to see make a film with InDigEnt?

Thats I“: tang)" fix-at 0"

How about someone like Scorsese?

o t, ., Io rywr.I / n< .‘ .r .I ,I 1’.".” r .v t. / " ." ' .. “',l.',« ,1! . ‘..

It‘aii a Hall. 1W=<II"-"’. I "‘ {flarsv'is wt t' [Jaw-:4 In, ."th \‘Jo I_-:'.'.“s. gt"’I . -" ' t ' 1 t 2' ' t ': v‘ the"- second 500100! ( ti'asstf - I'm ' .I I Iw’ :u A’ u< ' rw dot ahothm k'tt‘m: 't _- .' 2 : !'.' I :' t “ow ° who mos; '1 t‘t- "(f'it’l‘t‘ -' at suz‘h short I figurev I: 2.’ r’ "' pi : ' x " 1/2 ' (3; 1 " 1 ' 3S. " r

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Rough cuts

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