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Re: T in the Park CD (469) Just thought I'd sa, .-.rhat a I;rrrl'ant I rrr the Park CD you ham- prrt .‘.'rth your rrraga/rrre thrs rssrre. hadn't heard of a few of the bands on there but havrng lrstened to rt for the thrrd trme today I thrrrk | rrrrght go to l rn the Park and r:her:k out what all the fuss rs about, Jeannette St Pierre

vra enrar/

lbanks, Jeannette. We rather /rked rt too. Look out next Issue for our full 7 rn the Park coverage out Thursday 3 July.

WHERE THE ART IS Re: Dead boring (469) Thomas Dehanney rust rsn‘t payrrrg attentron. Far from berng overwrrtten, rn rts frnest morrrents The Sopranos abandons dralogue and tradrtronal narratrve all together. settlrng rnto an expressrve dr'earrr-lrke world where the prrrrrary r:orrrmunreatron rs vrsual. The Sopranos rs truly a great work of art. the Irkes of whreh our TVs haven't seen srnee the passrng of Derrnrs Potter.

As for er Feet Under. I agree us a brt overrated. but surely rt slaps the pants off anythrng Brrtrsh TV has to offer. Where, I wonder. rs ‘the rr(:h. entranCrng work Brrtrsh televrsron rs throwrng up at the moment"? Could Mr Dehanney be referrrng to Heartbeat? Ho/by Crtv’? r‘vfonarcb of the Glen?

Whrle rt's true that Brrtrsh TV may be thr‘owrng up. hrs argument would cast these shows as srek. whereas I've seen them. and they are, rn fact. shrte.


vra e/nar/

SIGN OF THE TIMES Re: Choosing my religion (469)

No sooner had yOu published that prcture of the CCA Srgn turned Into a MECCA Sign thanks to the rngenurty of the shop next door than the

2 THE LIST IE) Jan—5 Jul 3093

React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD or email

n‘agrrgar "ME was taken down t .: ~‘..r : ’3 agarrr. Couldn't have been WT", " ' t'rw"

because of r2or'.‘piarnts from Ethel McCribben

those free-thrnkrng artrstrr: . a '

types at the CCA could rt’? They surei‘ wouldn't have put GREENING UP Re: Garden invaders (469)

Our liarik ()Ir’L-r‘fi rs a t,.

'i stop to the most (:r'eatrve thrng that's happened on Sauehrehall Street rrr years ~ '.'.’ould they?

Diane Matthews

Vra ernar/

o.r.~r<;ro‘.'.rr‘. l.'.<;nde' rt r‘..a :ourd rarse a I):t of ;:rrr>ir<: rzasn to gru-r: rt a rr‘akeomr"? It's a xery rriultrrtuzturai star and the garden faces rn an easterly THE RIGHT TO HAIL Re: Radiohead (469)

Mark Robertson has hrs cake and eats rt rn hrs revrew of the SHOP ROCK new Radrohead album, He Re: Deftones (468) says they're overrated Yes. I'm uvrth hrm there. "They're not as good as everyone says.‘ No experrenees I have eyer' had, problems wrth that. And later he calls them 'whrny' and 'overly serrous' and wrrtes about therr 'lack of humOur' ~ yes. spot on.

So what's vvrth all thrs nonsense about 'magre' and 'genrus"? Genrus surely rrreans havrng the wrt and sensrtrvrty to hrt more than one enrotronal note. If alrenated rs your thrng. look at the Smrths: Morrrssey managed to capture both the desparr and the rrdrculousness of rt. I don't know rf that's genrus. but rt must be closer to rt than the unrefleetrve rndulgence of Thom Yorke. Tessa Brooks vra enrar/



MOR THE MERRIER Re: music (469)

Glad to see The Lrst has got rts frnger on the pulse: I opened your musre sectron to frnd Shrrley Bassey and Elarne C Smrth on the same two—page spread. Oh the Joy. How about a feature on Cleo Lane?

Mad Bob

vra enrar/

Martin Connolly Ft’i/klfk

(:rvrr’rsed venue.

I bought my trekets to see the Deftones at the Hraehead Arer‘a last n‘onth and have to (:()unt rt as one of the "worst (:or‘riert

l was happy to shell out to see one of in, i;l‘.(;:l'1?(:I)£iII(f:;{II:fi I travel regularly to Glasgow to see bands at the Barr'as, Tut‘s or the Cathouse so tr‘avellrng from Falkrrk to Braehead was no Irrg deal. I spent ten mrnutes searehrrrg for the actua '.er‘tre.;r: rsn't srgnposted anywhere once you're at the shopprng <;e"tre

Come nrne o'clock Deftones name or‘ to a rapturous response from a small rf enthusrastrr: (:rowd and after a «4:. songs I thought I'd go and get another drrnk to keep mt,- gevrg. lrrragrne my horror when l '.'.-'as told the bar closed as soon as the band came on! \‘v’hat krrrd of r‘o<:k grg doesn't se".e drrnk’.’ Even soft drrnk durrng the bands? The bar'r‘an <;<;Il1<t<>tir;r rrr,

IIhOught that was the end of my probierrrs, {Jespte berng a brt parched I left the show happy as the [)eftorres had put on a good show. By the trme I got outsrde all the buses had left and was stranded. Thankfully managed to call a (:ab to (LOIIW: out to Braehead to prek us up. but by the trrr‘r: he arrrved and dropped us back at Queen Street the last trarn had gone and I ended up havrng to pay for another cab to get rne back tr.

If Braehead Arena are gonna put on grgs that appeal to anyone younger than Srmply Red fa'rs. then at least proxrde :rs wrth a way of gettrng out of there and a drrnk wnrle arr/re y'ratehrng the band. It's not much to ask rs rt?

r‘xr‘artrn, we'd lay on a bus if we were rn the bus busrn :ss. Ba: we're not. so the best we can compensate vo; .'...'h s; a r‘or/e I. ease of So/ beer. Strek on I'm/re Pony; open ( bottle of So". close your eyes and make be/reve you're at a perfect gr; rrr a

Danny Burrows


THE BEAT GOES ON Re: The blue rooms (469) Please COuld you stop runnrng artrcles abOuI the Bongo Club mOvrng. I am 105 years old and have been reading Such artrcles Srnce the early years of World War I. As far as I can tell. they never actually do move.






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