St Mary‘s Cathedral, Glasgow, Thu 5 Jun

This is no ordinary gig. Not least that it's held in the candlelit splendour of St Mary‘s Cathedral. And when Scatter. a nine-piece neo-folk ensemble, turn the stage into a jungle of

animation: perfect synergy

instruments rarely seen outside the practice room, the air tingles with anticipation. The band charm and beguile with a mixture of mariachi, agrarian folk and sensual forays into freeform cacophony.

Then Aereogramme frontman, Craig 8, accompanied only by his acoustic guitar, forms his brooding sketches into an affecting folk odyssey.

When animation open with ‘Close to You’ from their new Shipwreck EP, it's debatable whether a band blessed with such perfect synergy could be citizens of this world. Hinging on the prolific talents of multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Francis Green, the animation live experience is worthy of a Michael Nyman epic. While each player is accomplished, there is no room for overbearing egos on their gothic ghost ship. After pianist Tristan Partridge almost catapults his frame off the stool in cathartic apogee, Green whispers that ‘this wasn't meant for your eyes‘. (Nadine McBay)

ROCK MUTTERFLY ooo Liquid Room, Edinburgh. Fri 6 Jun

In one of those nicely impromptu

moments that big bands rarely give you.

Mutterlly guitarist and backing vocalist lom Brown's dedicated a seemingly WllllOllrlOl lll(}*lllglll tune entitled 'When are youse ()onnae Make me an Uncle?" to his sister and brother-in law. You can put this down to erther‘ the sell indulgence ol a man playing the star for

a night in front ol his mates or the irreverent cockiness ot a natural performer. but it certainly encapsulated

the enthusiastic homeliness ot the hand.

With (:hirriing. summery three part harmonies. the songs sound like a tug ot-war between l-eeder and ()ounttng (Zion-rs. \‘Jllll Noel (iallagher retereenrg. Not rock legends in waiting. in other words. but certainly a cut above much of their unsigned (Z()lll[)(}lll|(7ll. l[)avrd Pollock)


DESC oooo


DAVID ROBERTSON ooo Bongo Club. Edinburgh. Mon 26 May

Robertson's glacial. l‘earttelt outsider anthems .1".\ am.

The Starlets Bitt Smith has one at the West .listrnt‘tim singing xert‘es \t‘u ‘.‘.lll eter hear. a thing ct shirr‘rrrering high of pitch and ratl-ar‘ce A ‘. *.'.."r\ we gelebratrng the release at Fllltllh to Desc. a band who lust haw

goir‘ething triariausly twang mth them

",.i.'..l'l°t{1.".‘tl.‘\\‘Li:l\‘tli.Ct‘Lilit‘Si their terrrzi nev. Ep.18.7"52.\‘!7'. [)esc.

First. theugh. it's a wet. rr‘ar‘ne't‘d sole Singer Dan Mulch is clearlt a sick man st>o1lr0ri‘ Dauidnobertsei‘ cl ta think he can rm folk music with punk rock. and a bloom talented one to get aina‘. with it so \.'.eli Helena l\.rlattt‘nlp's sensuous strings tlev. met Dan's

lvlagrodrrge. wha :ecks small, at "err‘e on the l‘gtt seas '.'.'t“reut his: bi’talrr‘ates for t‘orr‘pani, l'he'e are 'r‘ifd lll‘tlt‘llt?’?ll.lll.‘1littli‘lltlfllllfl gnarrririra raggedx, ass guitar beauttlully and the rriabilit‘, to plat. gt. M an l harmonica at the sarrte ill"(?l. but you t :rk :‘ut ‘or a Sting ticket ll you predictable shite Utber‘.‘.'ist>. we'll take

sublirrreh bleak ltt‘ll‘. e' a song such as "Go to Church was merely one ot the art to hear less prolane ir‘ements it‘l.\‘l0‘tl§§l\

indiudual. illt‘ntl Pollet‘kr


ENKI 0000

AUGUST 81 co.

Bannermans, Edinburgh. Thu 29 May

Early 90s revrval, anyone? Well. why not when there's no entrance tee and tree smarties going round.

Might well be a gettrngpeople-tovthertront ploy, btit rt works lhat. and the tact that members of both these local hands aren't short of good looks. tight I shirts and sharp haircuts. So much so that you expect the front man of three piece sweet Enki to be singing about picnics and daisies. not roaring (tenderly) like Chris Cornell during his noncheesy phase. With Pearl Jam on backrngs All in its place though 7- catchy enough for this day and age Without that oh so painlul angst.

l-Break 2002 headliners Augusttll don't hold back in their celebratory record deal gig. and their irripulsive rawk quality is heaps better than some shit on M 1V7. But it's a similar theme. High octane punk rock wrth less precision than Eriki. better irianners than the Parkinsons (tree chocolate. not etaculation) and the same Visceral discharge as early Manics biit Willi better chat and mascara. tlvlererid Williams)

Tish-hm Ahead:

Way W

I Good Charlotte (‘tirling Acadcrii)‘. (ilasgtm 4 Jill.

I Kelly Joe Phelps Qtit-cn‘x llall. lidiiihurgli. 4 Jul.

I Tony Bennett (‘icnrgc Square. (ilasgtm. (i Jill.

I Yes l’layhousc. lidiiiliurgli. 0 Jul.

I Yo La Tengo Liquid Rotiiiix. lidiiihiirgh. 7 Jul.

I Stone Sour and Murderdolls Barrtiwlaiid. (ilusgow. lllJul.

I Black Keys and The Sights Barth. (ilaxgtm'. l l Jul I T in the Park Baladti.

I2 I} Jul.

I Julio Iglesias Sli(‘(‘. (ilasgtm'. 14 Jul.

I Sepultura ('arliiig Acadcni). (ilaxgtm. l5 Jul.

I Sparklehorse King 'l‘ut'x. (ilasgtixi. lh Jill.

I Paul Weller (‘arling Acadcni). (ilasgtm'. l7 Jul.

I The Wickerman Festival Kirkcudhrighl. l8 2() Jul.

I Live + Loud llaiitpdcn Park. Glasgow. 27 Jul.


to Glasgow

48 THE LIST 15) dun—1i .Jul 3003

I Dionne Warwick l’i'inccs SI (iardcnx. lidiiihurgli. -7 Jul. I Jools Holland l’rinctw St (itll'tlt'lis. Edinburgh. 28 Jlll.

I Gorky‘s Zygotic Mynci Liquid Room. lidiiihurglt. 4 .Atig. I Durutti Column Quccm llall. lidiiihurgli. (i Aitg.

I Best of T Break Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. lll Atig.

I Kelly Osborne (‘nrn liwliaiigc. lidiithurgli. l2 Atig. I Tim Burgess Liquid Room. l-Zdinhurgli. l2 Aug.

I The Trashcan Sinatras Liquid Room. lidiiihurgli. l(i Aug.

I Elbow Liquid Room. lidiithurgli. l7 Aug.

I Ash (‘orn liwhangc. lidiithurgh. l8 Aug.

I Ice-T Liquid Room. lidiiihurgli. l8 & It) Aug.

I Manu Chao, (‘nrn lixchangc. lidiiihurgh. It) Aug. I Reel Big Fish ('orn lixcliaiigc. lidinhurgli. 20 Aug. I Brian Kennedy and Mick Hart Rcid llall. lidinhurgli.

2t) 23 Aug.

I Sum 41 (‘tirii lixcliaiigc. [Edinburgh 21 Aug.

I Hot Hot Heat Liquid Room. lidiiihtirgh. 2| Aug.

I Bunrig Stirling Castle. Stirling. 23 Aug.

I Status Ouo Knocldiill Racing ('irt‘uil. 23 Aug.

I Grandaddy Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 23 Aug.

I Van Morrison Stirling (‘asilta Stirling. 2-1 Aug.

I Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and PJ Harvey (ilasgow (irccii. (ilasgtm. 24 Aug.

I The Polyphonic Spree and Ladytron (‘orii lixchangc. lidiiihurgli. 24 Aug.

I Placebo (‘tirn lixcliangc. lidiiilitirgh. 25 Aug.

I Rolling Stones Sl-Z(’(‘. (ilaxgtm. l A’; 3 Scp.

I Bruce Cockburn Queen's llall. lidirihurgh. 3 Sup.

I Matchbox 20 Sii(‘(‘. (ilasgtm. 4 Scp.

I Ocean Colour Scene

Playhouse. lidinhurgh. 5 Scp. (‘arling ACHtJClll)‘. (ilihgtiw, Sup.

I Lifehouse (’arling Acadcm) 2. Glasgow. 7 Scp.

I Dixie Chicks Sli(‘(‘. (ilasgmi. l2 Scp.

I Kelly Rowland (‘lytlc Auditorium. (ilasgtm. l3 Sup. I Dress to Kill chl‘rcw Ferry. (ilasgow. l3 Sup.

I Boy Harper Rcril‘rcw Fur}.

(ilasgtm. l8 Scp.

I Mis-Teeq (‘arliiig Academy. (ilaxgow. 24 Scp.

I Alkaline Trio Barrow-land. (ilasgtm. 2-1 Scp.

I Rancid Barrtmland. (ilasgow. 25 Sup.

I Craig David (‘arliiig Acadcuiy. (ilasgtm. 3t) Scp.

I Motorhead Barrtiiiland. (ilasgow. It) Out.

I The Donnas (iilrilgL‘. (ilasgow. 12 Oct.

I Keith Emerson at the Nice Royil ('tinccn Hall. (ilasgtm [-1 ()Cl.

I Dead Men Walking t’cut

Kirk Brandon. Bill) Dull}; (ilcii Mallik‘k and Mike Peters ('arliiig Acadcni) 2. (ilasgtm. l5 (M.

I Marti PeIIow l’laylitiuxc. lidiiihurglt. lo ()cl; (lidc Auditorium. (ilasgtivi IX ()cl.

I Zero 7 (‘arliiig Acadcriiy. (iltlsgtm, IX ()L'l.

I Carl Palmer chl'rcu Furry. (ilasgow 30 Oct.

I Meatloaf Sli('('. (ilasgow. 2l Nov. S()Ll) (HT 8.; 27 Not. I Stereophonics Sli(‘(‘. (ilaxgow, 22 SOLD OUT & 23 Nov.

I Echo and the Bunnymen, Barrnwland. Glasgow, 28 Not.

I Sugababes ('arling Acadcniy. Glasgow. 30 Nov.

I Simple Minds (‘lydc Auditoriurit. (ilasgow. l Doc.

I Atomic Kitten Sli(’(‘. (ilasgtm. I Dec.

I Blue Sli('('. (ilasgow. 2 & 3 Dec.

I Jools Holland ('lydc Auditorium. (ilzlsgtm‘. 4 6; 5 Dec