2-6 Jul 2003

Glasgow Jazz Festival

KENNY GARRETT QUARTET Spiegeltent, Wed 2 Jul

8630 STENSON TRIo Spiegeltent. Sun 6 Jul

Kenny Garrett has a simple philosophy when it comes to music. The saxophonist has moved back and forward from fusion to acoustic jazz, with digressions into material influenced by pop, soul, funk, hip hop, world-beat and classical models. To him, it all comes from the same source.

‘l‘m a musician, and I never really tried to separate the styles - it‘s all music to me. It takes years and years of playing jazz to get to the point where you can define your own voice and your own way of expressing yourself, but when I think of who I am, I see someone who really loves to play in a lot of different genres.‘

His most recent recording,

Standard of Language (Warner Bros), was very much a jazz outing. He retains pianist Vernell Brown for the band he brings to Glasgow, with Vincente Archer and Ronald Brunner taking over bass and drums respectively. It is his second time at the festival as a leader, but his debut at the event came back in 1990 during a six-year stint with Miles Davis.

‘Obviously that was a very - important experience for me. To work for Miles was a great stamp ~_ .. of approval, and it brought me to --" :7? - ' ' - 4- " an audience who would not Garrett returns to the source necessarily have known me from my jazz playing at that time. It also allowed me to foundation for his own career as a leader, which stretch out and play, and I learned a huge amount about blossomed in the mid-90$ in the USA, and is now music and about presentation.‘ reaching a stage of greater fulfilment.

Garrett was not exactly an unknown when he joined ‘I‘m finally getting to a point where I feel comfortable Miles. His extended apprenticeship included three years as a leader. Before that I just wanted to play music, but with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and spells with Mel after a while you want to reach that point where you Lewis, Art Blakey, Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw, can get to exactly what you‘re hearing.‘ among others. That laid a solid and musically diverse (Kenny Mathieson)

olive DOUGLAS QUINTET Spiegeltent, Fri 4 Jul

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