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Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to Ruth Hedges at, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Ruth Hedges and Carol Main.

Glasgow I RSNO ScottishPower Proms - Ballet Night Royal (’otieet't Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £5 £24.25. Stars of Rtissia's world-famous Bolshoi join Paul Mann (conductor) and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra to perform excerpts of the best-loy ed ballets in full costume 'l‘eltttikoy'sky 's SHIN! Luke and Sleeping It’eurrly and l’rokoliey 3s Romeo um/ Iii/rel.


I Paragon Players - A Summer’s Tale Partick Burgh llall. ‘) Burgh llall Street. 287 551 l. 2pm.

£ l .50. Specially dey iscd piece of music and dance featuring performers from Southbrae. \Vliiteirich and Kilearn Resource (‘entrcs. together with Paragon Players for their annual West lind liestiy‘al show.

I RSNO ScottishPower Proms - Spanish Night Royal (‘onccr't “all. 2 Sauchiehall Street. .353 8000. 7.30pm. £5 £24.25. (iiiitar Virtuoso Allan .\'eay'e joins the RSNO conducted by Nicolae Moldoy‘eanu for a fiesta of music inspired by the passion and rhythms of Spain. including Rodrigo's (.(Ult‘t’l'lli (11' .»lruii_jiu':. excerpts from Bi/et's ('urnren and (‘habrier's [is/Mum.


0 The Sixteen Paisley Abbey. Abbey Place. 88‘) 7(154. 7.30pm.

£5 £l2 l£8). 'l'he distinguished conductor Harry (‘hristophers directs his highly acclaimed y'ocal ensemble in It‘urllily' I’oii'erx, liter/ml Harmony". Programme includes () Ii‘mie Jew a new commission by Scottish composer James Maci‘ylillan and the piece of the same name by loth century Scot Robert (‘ary‘er. on which the work is based. The creme de la creme of choirs.


I Windband Spectacular Ari (iallery and Miisetim. Kely'ingroye. Argyle Street. 287 2673. Hum. Donation at door. (ilasgow Wind Band perform a programme of Hollywood tunes. Purl (till/11' lli'sl I-fml festival.

I RSNO ScottishPower Kids Prom - Bamboozled Royal (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. Hum. £9 (£4). Ages 7—12. Specially conceiy‘ed Kid's Prom with Paul Rissmann and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. Featuring pop tunes and surreal fairytales. including one about a grumpy prince who fell in love with three oranges. and a dance by Handel that made it into the top of the charts because of a pair of jeans. There are ten pairs of free tickets to give away from 1*) Jun as pan of Mtisic Day Scotland ayailable on a first come first served basis just phone the box office number aboy'e.

I RSNO ScottishPower Proms - Carmina Burana Royal Concert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £5—£24.25. 'l‘akuo Yuasa conducts the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Chorus for an exhilarating performance of ()rff‘s

62 THE LIST 19 Jun—3 Jul 2033

dr‘ariiatic work. made most taiiioiis by the ()ltl Spice .ttl. l'l\e [Mitts Hl tree tickets will be giyeii away tiorii 1” Jill] as part ot Mtisic |)ay Scotland rust phone the box office number aboy e

I Glasgow Phoenix Choir - Songs for a Summer Festival Kclyiiiside llillliead Parish (‘liiii‘clr ()bscr'yator'y Road. 3.34 2788 7 30pm £5. Annual summer concert ot songs with a swing from the Phoenix ('lioii. l’ur! u] I/It’ lli'yl I‘Jii/ /‘(‘\ll\rl/.

I Glasgow University Chapel Choir (ilasgow l'iiiyersity ('liapcl. l'niyersity ./\yeiiue. 330 4002. 7.30pm £(i i£3i. :\ concert of choral music including works by \icriie. Messiaen and Moore. l’m‘! of [he lli'yl land l'('\lll(1/.

I Glasgow Chamber Choir - Midsummer Madness St Mary "s ('atliedral. .300 (ii'eat Western Road. 337 2802. 7.30pm. £8 l£oi. l-rikki Walker leads the (‘liariibei‘ (’lioir iii a concert of niadr'igals. folk songs and linglisli elttsslettl works all \et'\ ed with a glass ol wine. 'Part ol the West liiid l'iestiyal.


I Naperville North High School Treble Choir Parliament Square. off High Street. 473 2000. l2.l5piii. l‘i'ec. l‘ree choral concert from this Illinois group. l’urr u/ .lluyn [My .Sr‘ulltlltrl.

I l a u t/TinPark ('ity .'\rt (‘eiitrc ('afc‘. Market Street. .3pin. lircc. Two of lidiriburgli‘s niost iiinoyatiye contemporary classical/digital media outfits join tip for a liye iniproy isatioii session. featuring l"i';iii/iska Schroeder on saxophone. Pedro Rebelo on laptop. and Martin Parker (aka 'l‘inParki with his own unique liye performance software. l‘inal performance in eclectic line—tip at the ('afe. starting noon tsee other llSIlngSl. l’rll'! (If .llllytt’ I)(I\ Sent/um].

I Vyols and Voyces l-‘lliiihouse ('afe. 88 l.othiaii Road. 4.30pm. l’ree. Members of lidiiiburgh's acclaimed \‘iol ensemble. the Sqiiair Mile ('onsort. ioiii w itli singers to perform a variety of sumptuous Renaissance chamber music. as part of an afternoon of music in the cafe l3piii-5pnii. l’urr offlllrrsri' [My .S'i'oI/u/irl.

I Evening Parade Ross 'l‘lieatrc Bandstand. Princes Street (iai'dens.

5 (rpm. l‘rce. Parade of marching bands in Princes Street (iardens as part of Music [My Scotland. culminating in a live perforiiiaiicc on the Ross Bandstand by three y'ery different kinds of marching bands l.eitli (‘oiiiniunity (‘oncert Band. bagpipiiig bands and liidiaii drummers. lir'ec. liye and ollltloot‘sl

I Peace and Justice Concert St Mary's lipiscopal ('atliedral. 23 Palmerston Place. 225 (1293.

6.30 l0pm. £4.50 (£2.50l. Readings. songs. poetry and dance from a yai'icty of spiritual traditions. Refreshments ayailable. l’urr of l-ali'lihrrreli One World I'i'xlri‘ul.

I Max Tyler l)ariisli ('ultural lnstitutc. .3 Donne 'l‘ei‘i‘ace. 225 718‘). (r20 (i.40piii lirce. Acclaimed pianist performs music by (‘liopin and Debussy. as part of a whole ey ening l5.45piii- 10,40pnii of free music. l’url offlllriyri‘ l)(l\ Scot/um].

I Jan Straczynski ltistittit l'ldltg‘flls d'lieosse. l.3 Randolph ('resceiit. 225 5.366. 7 7.20pm. Free. Library. RS:\.\ll)‘s Jan Strac/ynski performs his own compositions and arrangements of ('liopiii on guitar. as part of a w liole eyeiiiiig of free music (b.30pni till latei for Fete de la Mtisiqtic. I’ur! ofllrnri‘ l)(l\ Scotland. I The Edinburgh Singers

(irey friars Kirk. (ircy friars Place. 668 20W. 7.30pm. £8 (£0). .-\ rare opportunity to hear this wonderful piece - Rossini's l’t'lllt’ .Ui'yyt‘ Solon/relic for 4 soloists and choir.

with two pianos and liaiiiioiiiurii. conducted by \ ttlcelll \\allace

I Philip Contini liistitut l\ tll'y'ilsse. l 3 Rathli‘ll‘lt (itescelll. 53oo 7 W 7 50pm liee (‘oritiiii ryoicci. accoiripanied by John Russel on guitar .iiid l)a\ id \erriori on accordion. peitoriiis a real least of ltaliaii arid \eapolitaii songs troiii the late l‘ltli century up to the l‘l50s in: u! .llrryri l)("\ Si uri'irm/

I St Mary’s Trombone Ensemble l).inisli ('ultural Institute. 3 l)ouiic lcr'tacc. 225 “lb”

7.30 7 50pm l'ree liyc lioiiiboiies line up to pcitoriii Saint Saeiis' (‘rrrririir/ or r/ii liriiriii/s arranged by Bryan l.yriri ’irir or \Irm. Hm

.Si ul/mn/

I Anything Goes l)aiiisli (‘riltirial Institute. 3 l)otiiie lcirace. 225 “IS” 8 8 20pm l'iec l'etll.tle .i cappella group sings tiaditioiial baibeisliop

sty le. plus ar'iaiigciiieiits ot modern \tlllgS.l’ti’I14’/.3lll\lt /)tr'\ ht ill/ti'llr/

I Jack Wanduska Institut l‘i‘aiicais d'l'.cosse. l 3 Randolph (‘resccriL 225 5 3N». 8.|5 8.35pm. Free. Soprano singing Polish and international songs. I’m! or \Iirm lliri hr t'l/(Ultl.


I Competition RS.\.\tl). loo Renfi‘cw Street. .332 5057. 2pm. free. The Jean lligligate Scliolai’sliip ('onipetition for singing.

I Opera on a Shoestring ('ornei- 'l‘lieatrc. 9.3 9.5 lly titllttlttl Street. .552 4207. 7.30m“. £l2 [l5 .'\s one ol the main eyerits in this year's \\est ltlltl liestiyal. the award-w iniiiiig company ()pera on the Shoestring present a new Production of Bi/et's ('urnii'n, .\ world away from di'i/lliiig (ilasgow. tlie Iieat of Sey ille sets the scene for this opera of dark-eyed gypsy girls. dangerous passions and fatal ltist.


I The Rhythm of Life St Bride's ('entrc. I0 ()i'w ell ’l'erracc. .340 1405. 7.30pm. £8 l£(ii. (ilits presents this local choir of 25 leiiiale yoices with a collection of songs inspired by the elements. colours. iiuiiibei's. nature and life. Proceeds to (ioi‘gic l'httl'lll.

Tuesday 24


I Competition RSAMI). loo Reiifrcw Street. 3.32 5057. l0ani. l'i'ee. 'l‘lic ('hantei'elle (initar (‘lianibci' .\ltlsie l’ri/e.

I Guitar Department Concert RSAX“). |00 Reiilrcw Street. .32 5057. 7.30pm. l‘rce but ticketed. (ireat chance to hear the rising talents of RS.-\Ml) guitarists. in a progi'aiiiiiic including works by Day id l‘eillle\\'\. Keith Murphy and Roberto (ierliar'd. I RSNO ScottishPower Proms - American Film Night Royal (‘oiiccr‘t Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. .353 8000. 7.30pm. £5 £24.25. John Wilson conducts an cyening of great tunes from some of MGM‘s best loy ed musicals Srirem ' in [/It' Rum. Hie/r Society and li’rrm/ lliremr together with two of Leonard Bernstein's tiiicst scores: the oy ci‘ttii'e to ('iuiilu/r’ and dances from Hey! Sir/e Sim-x.


I The Rhythm of Life St Bride‘s ('eiitrc. H) ()t‘\\ ell 'l‘crr'ace. .340 1405. 7.30pm. £8 i£(ii. See Mon 23.

Wednesday 25


I Gloria - Music for Choir and Organ Wellington (lunch. 77 Soutlipark .-\\ critic (of! l'iiiyei'sity

.'\\ entlel. 3.340454. 7.30pm. l'rcc. ('oiiibined local church choirs pertoi'iii

The Sixteen sir". ".i .it

' " : "w .. it

~ « Stir-1m " .-

. I' I ' ‘m' .' I .t"-'l' r‘ " ' . "'- i' .l'il‘ "‘


:w ...i"‘-.'?; l.'.i ‘Miiliiri's

Music Day Scotland i v l .t-f: 'i: MUS-ta" .‘i‘. '1 2 R" :t‘ l'a'xt-u, .'.".w-_: T.“ "ll’lfilrl'l'ri" .ft't'l.’£li|./" '1‘." can." is r‘. .l" in’ .. i. ‘.><°.‘..'s: t‘tt: :‘ii‘fural

far-1N1 :gi' l’.rl.lf;li‘ .;‘ all sorts. ll‘ all t; arc-cs. {ili ;:a. anti all i'lltll‘l It's from "~:.-5;::.'ir,;:tilt: ariri llltrlt: in l».- -’:'l;;,f.(:;l SM: rir<;‘.it:.'.' [11' on .é?’ .ie'és (ix/out, fir/fulfil}. S‘a.‘ .liirr

RSNO - Last Night of the ScottishPower Proms l or .our "it'll' fl(1.'.’l‘. :r‘ flit: t;()llt[)£ll“, ’Jl lllt: “SNU r" l‘()ll(l£l‘, i'ioorl, ‘.‘.'|lll l l(i|tt(3 C Sr'irtli as guest prmoritor and t)(l"ii. :;S;i:>rii:;t (3Xll{l(;lfl|tldll(f l \.'<>|‘,ii (i'(:""i(} {it} soloist and on bagpipes (Loridurtor (lair. \.'\";illsor is; iii clump: of "lgtrsl"’.l f;(}".f;t: and :ioori lllllfill,

of .I all How: (kidney? Hall, (i.(i.‘£_f]£)'.'.. Sat (if Jun.

ldomeneo lll‘: HES/\Ml) ()iitrre SCH/f is r:rj:;.irigi an (nor llll;l(?{lf}lllt] zirtti flhiiifl .<:’l 't:r)tit;itiori for the high (iuziirt, “if its lirotluraioris. Not soon o" starir: a” llit: UK until ()luirlo rourrit; in 10:51. Mir/art's ‘iriost iirmra sorta l)i|ll(_lf$ music of gym: beauty and ItllOllley to tho (and :i‘ ;: llltllil',' SUCC‘JSSlUl term. Hori’ Xx.’"<,>"(ioir.'rr l/vozii‘ro. (il'i’iwow, Sat PK") 5-; l'Jo': (3‘0 Jun. 170:! Q 8. In 4 Jul

a dryersc pi‘ogi'aiiinie including \iyaldi's ioyous (iluri'u. I’uri u/ l/lt' lli'yl [Jul l't'ylll‘rll. I RSNO ScottishPower Proms - Viennese Gala Royal (‘oncei-t Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 3538000. 7.30pm. £5 £24.25. RSNU Pronis continue w itli a trip to the Vienna of the past a glittering eyening of w alt/es. polkas. ma/urkas and gallops. lcatur‘iiig swartliy tenor Boiiayeritura Bottorie and maestro Nicholas Kok. I Symphony Orchestra Concert RSAMI). loo chlr'ew Street. .332 5057. 7.30pm. £7 i£4i. (ierliar'd Marksoii conducts the :\cadcriiy ‘s Symphony Orchestra in a programme that ranges from the more challenging Boulel's .Vulullully I ll' to the rollicking blast of Bei'liol's Sini/i/runu' l'tllllilyllt/llt'.