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Strathclyde Theatre Group

by Trevor Griffiths

directed by Susan C. Triesman C(r'r‘edrans 15 me o‘ the a: as (:s of tr») 'epe'to 'e ‘rzt'r‘ the second MW e‘ 9011‘ (:vr‘tury Its p1: MS and pass on strll resonate »"sr;r‘>;tral y star‘d-.._p comedy has evolved lllfti reallyt>rgt".t.511‘t?8s A study of t"e nature o‘ comedy rt both as a stah'ous attack 0'1 the aims: and sexiest 'ttrl‘mtn v.-."‘1t:'rpasses for oomdedy rn B"!IS'1DOFL.E11 an:: as a" explrrratro'r of the '(lt’lrtiill potentra ::t (:rr'r‘edy

Tlt‘l‘vNS Mon 'lues 57:3 2 St) Wethtlt F8 1 Collins Gallery ()1-11 5-18 9558

Thurs 26th - Sat 28!!! Jlll‘o a" 8')!!!

theatre odyssey


written and performed by Ross Baillie and John J. Taylor

Two men arrive in the same place hut cannot leave Some force is keeprng

u" deserves to be them there and is forcing them to tell some vn-rrn‘ story A story ahout the young . prince of lolchus who thousands of years ago went on a tour; odyssey to gain consrdered among the the Golden Fleece. and rn doing thrs met his future wrfe Medea A story lull classic American of love lust pass‘ron sex Violence adventum revenue anger turmoil rtentaurs. Musicals" Daily Mail : gods goddesses. frre-lneathrng rrronsters horrrfrr: serpents golden (yes (Eolden') sheep. and other very ‘Greek things Why are these men hernr; forced to tell this strange tale” Are they haying the wool pulled over their eyes by some rind

" Z2€.‘?.‘Clr’,‘£l‘£8‘rt THE Mon 30th June _ Sat 5th July or other Or h we th( y shr r push y llll\( d “116 R rm for 1

Tickets ; {8/4 With ulterior motives rn mrrrd’?

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KING'S ES ' . ‘1‘ .

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SUE HOLDERNESS Direct from the West End TH EATR E F0 R ' (Boycle 8 Marlene in Only Fools Starring JOHN ALTMAN 8


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