Janice Anne \\ ilwn Sthiml mt Dantine I‘Ht' llL'IkL'lx LitII ‘lI5HhJ-1IJJU

INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE li Randolph (‘iexeenL 32.5 5 Vi!» Indian Music and Dance Collective Sat 31 Jun 9-15 I” H5pin I‘i'ee I.lI\l';tl"\ I'.tIlllI‘lll:_‘Il haxeil

enlleetn e eelehi'ating .i not aria} ut Indian eiiltiii'e llHlll tahla pla} ing .IIltI IIllltIlhlttlll \I.I\\lkilI \ueal lllthlL' to the tlanee \t}|e\ Ht kathak and hharata t);it_\;itti l'uI‘I (it .l/uxii /)u\ Si III/HIM].


(‘anihiiilge Sheet. 323 lJlH ll’. II. 'IVI‘. \\'( ‘_ \mi

Medsmama Sat 3] Jun .‘tlpin. Lit) 1H UH See (ilaxgim. 'I'riin ’lheatre. See It'\ ieu,

Central Drama & Dance


CUMBERNAULD THEATRE KlItIl'lIlll.I)I25(i7.52331 II’. H.'I'l'. \\'('. WA]

Red Noses t-‘n 20 it Sui 2| Jun. 7.45pm. £3.50. Dark adult eninetl} \et in 14th eentui'} I'ranee li'oin (‘iiinhei'naiilil Youth 'I‘heatre and .\'o Mean ('oinpan}.



Ia} Square. HHS: 3235.“). II’. II. \\'(‘. \\'.-\|

Boston Marriage 'I'hii It) Sui 2| Jun. 7.45pm iSat mat 2.30pm).

£5.50 L'It).5()i£4.5t) £8.50). Rapture 'l‘heatre presents the Seiittixli premiere ml “and .\lziinet\ will} pla} ahout I\\(l \eheining \xoinen. set at the [UH] ot' the Ittsl eentui').

Swan Lake 'I‘hu 2(3 Sat 38 Jun. 7.45pm. £5.50 £7.50 H.550 £5.5lh. Ballet West returns \tith its latest production ol the elaxxie s“ an-lm e tale.

East Kilbride


()Id ('oaeh Road. ()l.‘55 IMHO”. II’. II. \\'('. \VAI

Match Play Hi 30 & Sat 21 Jun. tx‘pin. £7 (£5). \Vest iit Scotland rex i\e\ [Ills liilinhui'gh l-ringe hit h_\ I.tllt;tl'I\\Illl'C pla} \\ right Alan Ba} le_\.


.\la\\\e|l I)ri\e.()1355 34mm. Up’n’Under l'ntil Sat 3| .liin. 7_3t)pin. [-1 t£3r Iiaxt Kilhi'ide Rep presents John (it)tII7Cl‘.\ eoineil} based on amateur nigh) league.

St Andrews


.-\hhe} Street. 01334 475000, Il’. \\'(‘. WM

Educating Rita l'ntil Sat 23 Jun

'. "gzs Theatre

iltwllll. i .iiir SOMETHING’S COMING

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Sun 22 Jun

Now. my staffing situation IS not your concern. but there‘s no shortage of musically gitted reviewers in The List's theatre section. Ms Williams (Welsh) and Mr Davies (Welsh, or as near as dammit) have the ringing tones ot the valleys in their blood, while my boss. Mr Fisher is a scouse. and therelore has Merseybeat and Willy Russell as a musical inheritance, while Mr Fielder is so cool and rift-friendly that he was actually named after Miles Davis. Ms Apter dances through any rhythm. and Ms Millar is the greatest lover of musicals I

know. So why am I writing this?

Well. I like to think that I‘m a more charitable hack than this drinking contingent. So lor an event ot this magnitude, raising some well—needed cash for the British Pertorming Arts Medicme Trust and the Edinburgh Music Theatre. I'm your man. The well- trodden artistic path of the all-purpose musical night. incorporating numbers Irom a vast range of popular musicals, has a twist on this occasion in reuniting six leading Scottish performers with _no shortage of West- End experience. with such notables as Les Miserables. My Fair Lady and Sunset Boulevarde among a vast array at recent credits. Go see ~ it's tor a good cause.

(not Siiiii. Spin; let .ltin tk thh .Iiin 3.30pm & lell. {85” U45”

1L7 t‘).5()i. Hue 'I‘heatre'x adaptation HI \VIII} RUssCII L‘lttIL‘at'lllgI} hittei'xxteet eiiineil} til a hiirnt-out pi'nlessuik tutoring iii a Ilitll'tIl'C\\Cl' determined to iinpi'm e her lot in lite. Tally’s Blood Wed 2 Sai 2i» .IllI. Spin. £3.50 £14.5tHL'5 t‘).5lli. Borderline and the II} i'e 'I'heatre present lIll\ hittei'xueet Seotthhltalian line \liil'} ltiIIimttl}; the III-laleiI It“ L' al'laii' hem een a )iiung Italian girl and her Seottixh ho) II'lL'lltI.

Mary’s Wedding 'I‘hii t Sui in Jul, 8.15pm. £7 L‘lt) it‘5 Ur. Stephen .\I;i\\tei)tte\ tender tale (II lint Iin e and the llllL‘L'l'IttlllllC\ (it late.

(Steve Cramer)



l'nixerxit} ol Stirling. MPH» .liihnhh. II’. II. \\'('. \\'.I\|

Oklahoma l'ntil I'll 2‘) .liin " 5UP!” {7 W3 5th. Riitleeix antl IIilllllllt'l\lt'lll lllll\lL‘tlI .ihoiit a eimlm} uhii \\ III\ the hand tit Itl\ gal despite the hext t'IIHlI\ iii a had 01' hireil gun. It “on .in ()seai hr the lllll\lL‘. and quite iighll} w. Yee ha?

The Merchant of Venice mi 34 Jun. h’pin. U tL *.5ili. 'l'he III_\ll;t (‘onipain return to the .\1ael<nheit grounds \\ ith a pi'otliietiiin ol lIll\ Shakespeare tale pei'torineil under the summer's \Ix}.

Thursday 26

Bread and Butter

Frlday 27 Bread and Butter See Jazz 7 Sec Jau

I See Dance

See Ruek x Pup Jason 1hr: Quest...

Jason —- the Quest...

Annyn/SgnnRixu. i zWIyxxJSi'xniRML

Jason - The Queq ..

Saturday 28 5 Sunday 29 ' Monday 30

Bread and Butter

See Jan ILM [Il‘(XI11II.'.III mix Hm Uri lln Hall l mu H‘ at art 1911 Hit I A|‘-i\ It at 'tl'l ['17 Hi}! I was

Sec Dance

Bah) Bank


Alarm/5pm RML.

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues. can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

mesday 1 Wednesday 2

Ilaiein \aie I 2:. \ee It .3. .\ I’«-;‘

SCI: Danee \t‘t' I).In\c \ce R- x '9. A l’- 1‘

One Minute One Minute

Thursday 3

Shim {AW 3””

' Arches

' Cottier Th thmorehllthZ King’s Mitchell Th


Pavilion ltamshom _ BSAMD See Ja/l Tron

See Dance See Dance

L} \istrala l._\ \islrata

I.) \ixlrata

- in: ' Playhouse

Brunton ' church Hill ' Festival Th Netherbow

. "averse 1 traverse 2

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