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How times have changed, Danny Krivit 1978 and now (inset)

MELTING POT, TRAXX and DEATH DISCO team up for an almighty party of epic proportions featuring Ladytron, Stacey Pullen and the legendary Danny Krivit.

Words: Johnny Regan.

hree ot‘ (llaxgow'x moxt happening cluhx comhine thix month to ptit together one of the linext line-upx the :\rche.x hax .xeen in quite xome lime. Melting Pot. 'l‘ra\\ and Death l)i,xco ha\e imited l)ann_\ lx'rn it. Stace) l’ullen and}troti rexpectnel).

’l‘here haxn't heeu a night ot xuch an authenticall} l‘unk} xoundclaxh in the cin for quite a ten )earx. and ati_\one \\ ho appreciatex \\ here good dance muxic c‘tittlcx l't‘tiln \\ill he there. “the llttlxic llltlllxtl‘) ix llle‘ a hloated xtock market. and it ix collapxing hecairxe for too long muxic companiex haVe heen .ximpl} putting out product inxtead of talent.‘ xa}x Kri\il. ‘I get \er} hored \xhen people e\pect tne to aluap pla} the xame thing.’

The reputationx ol' the guextx are in xerioux danger of eclipxing the cluhx that hring them together. l.;ltl}ll‘0ll. uhoxe dehut xingle \\ ax picked tip h) Radio I and then


made xingle of the \xeek h) .\'.lll:‘. enio} the kind of media attention rexer\ ed onl) for the moxt intriguing ot

croxxo\ er dance-actx. Berated for “eating their nexx “axe/80x minimalixt-e|ectro inl'luencex proudl} on their xleex ex. the} haxe heen l‘orced umxittingI) to the top of the t\\ liixper it) electroclaxh h}pe txunami.

.-\ laxcinating amalgam of inuxical primitnixm. hottom hem} funk and curioux dexign acumen. l.ad_\tron are the .xoundtrack to a lite that t‘eelx tuturixtic. (‘omprixing memherx from Scotland.

‘The music industry is like a bloated stock

lingland and Bulgaria. their appearance ix much anticipated. 'l'het'e'x a good chance that the Death l)ixco Arch \\ ill he the huxiext on the night.

Another guext guaranteed to pull them in ix techno pioneer Stace) l’ullen. lx'noun \at‘iouxl} ax Koxmic .\lexxenger. Black ()d_\xxc‘). llango and Silent l’haxc. the hexpectacled l).l geniux releaxed hix lirxt alhtun. 'I‘Iu' 'I'ln'mjr of Silent I’lluu'. on Derrick M;i}‘x inlamoux 'liranxmat Iahel in 1995. Indeed. hix production creditx threaten to o\erx|iado\\ a prodigioux l).ling career. Yet. he hax xteadil) huilt a loin t’olloxxing tor hix xound on the glohal circuit tand in hix natne 'l‘orontoi o\ct' the Iaxt decade. 'l‘ra\\ are oh\ iouxl_\ tired of p|a_\ mg l’ullen claxxicx like ‘Sueat’ and "llie Stand' themxehex. and mm the) \\ ant the man himer to la} thexe trackx doun to their nolot‘iotixl) enthuxiaxtic and |o_\a| ct‘o\\d. 'l‘he e\citement \\il| he palpahle “hen he xtepx up to lllL' plate.

The heaut} ol thix night ix that therex a great xelection ot artixtx and l).lx \xithout ati_\one tr_\ing to impoxe a hierarch} on the e\ent. lla\ing xaid thix. particular emphaxix muxt he placed on the fact that .\'e\\ York liouxe and ja/l don Darin} Krix it will he making hix Scottixh dehut. Joe ('lauxell. l‘rancoix K and l)a\id Mancuxo ha\ e alread) croxxed the pond to pla} in Scotland. and non it'x the turn ol‘ thix moxt £llll';tc‘ll\c‘l}' protean innoxator. The will} xpoken promoter. DJ and producer modextl} e\prexxex uh} hix one tor the liouxe xcene ix on a xolid l'oundation: ‘I am alua)x poxiti\c ahout “hat I hear. I tr} to tind xomething good in e\er} 1)]. .-\ll great l)Jx do one important thing the} hring their \\ hole part} to the cluh. to make it lllcll‘x.'

Melting Pot, Traxx and Death Disco team up at the Arches, Glasgow, Sat 21 Jun.

Word Up

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NOT ONLY ARE SLAM erecting their usual tip-top dance tent at T in the Park (12 & 13 July) this year. but the Barcardi Bbar is back for their fifth year at the fest. Teaming up with the Sub Club and Ultragroove, they have DJ sets from Optimo, Heads Up. Subculture. Kinky Afro, Push & Pull. Gareth Sommerville. a New York DJ (still tbc) and

SHORT CHANGE RECORDS have joined forces with internet radio types Radio Magnetic ( to launch a global search for unsigned artists, bands and producers. Short Change are a Scottish based hip hop. funk and breaks label run by Tania Swift and Thomas McGavigan with a sound akin to Ninja Tune and Grand Central. ‘but obviously we want our own style'. Swift points out. For more information contact

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AS PREVIOUSLY REPORTED. Vegas head down to the Camden Centre on 21 June for a dose of high quality lounge and swing in the big smoke. And they have a few more big dates on the cards with another Barrowland extravaganza, with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (live), planned for 26 July. Plus there‘s another big ol' party down Ocean Terminal on 30 August.