The Front


JOHN STRANG / They‘re the two most iconic made-up people in British culture (aside from Posh and Becks. maybe). And the fact that they have their fifth product coming out within 24 hours of each other made it rather too impossible to resist reflecting on their similarities. And somewhat obvious differences.

joint partner in Nae Limits, the Perthshire based outdoor company specialising in adventure sports, takes it to the max and chooses his favourite extreme sports.

1 Off-piste skiing High on my list for exhilaration and adventure. don't think there is another feeling like floating waist deep through powder the steeper the better.

2 Whitewater rafting I love the

water. Scotland is infamous for rain ' ,. "

so there tends to be no shortage of

rapids to run. ' . . '

3 Whitewater kayaking This is . V i ' ' " " LARA CRO

more of a solo spert but the greatest challenge. There is no

mm” release from your day than to Date of birth 31 July. 1980 Date of birth 14 February. 1967 take on the rivers in your small heat.

4 lumping An addiction from Dad’s lob Wizard Dad’s job Aristocrat my experience when training for _

freester skiing. Jumping from an

80ft- Ius cliff ives me a reef sense , , of coatrol ove? my mind. 9 MUM" 10b WltCh Mum’s job Aristocrat's Wife

5 Climbing You Just can't think of _ _ very much else Wm” you are Education Hogwarts Education Wimbledon High School; Gordonstoun planning your route up the rock face.

| Wish I had more time to Climt) as it . . IS a great stress ms!” Distinguishing features Lightning bolt shaped scar

on forehead

5"! OF THE FORTN'GHT Hobbies Talking snake language; late night poker Hobbies Cooking and shooting

Distinguishing features Jugs

Fashion Round, owl-like specs; crap Doctor Who Fashion Anything shod and “gm scarves Hair That of a greased junior ponce Hair Pony-tailed; tight

preferred mode 0, transport The train; bandwagon Preferred mode of transport Norton Streettighter

motorbike Sales 190m approx Sales 25m approx wwwsewusat/DNs/teie/ pears A backlash Fears Her aunt's Corgi. which has bitten her on several occasions

The; max. have wooed the '.'.'or‘ld with their ‘.'.itter;ng nonsense. hut clearlx, not even, one is a fan of the dear old Idols Joanne Kathleen Rowling. Stephen Fry Idols Anyone buried in a tomb Tei’et‘uoh es. Someone who ioathes Laa-Laa and despises DIpS‘,’ has created a gan‘e which .5: essentialh, a shooting range with the 'tuhoies as mo\.ing targets; until you tum them into a fireball of mm. m: '5‘). But am is; Favourite music The Opera Babes, Travis (probably) Favourite music U2. Nine Inch Nails. trance behind this disgraceful t peteeth .‘tdd'ctixe little s'te’,> A F"?.‘)'es ‘anatio‘ A

Adaptation Box office fodder with Daniel Radcliffe Adaptation Appalling movie with Angelina Jolie pulling off Potter nicely probably regretting having signed up in the first place

Hoses heliraiser’? A r... gen 03 1. W70 Favoi'me mm“ ET' Home Alone' The EXOFC’St Favourite films Deliverance, Aguirre: Wrath of God -' (possubly) Then again. in question such gtlili", l‘iPitSUtC/K I We O";.‘(?' o" the P"oe":x 8 out o" Sa.‘ 2‘ Jon. I The o" Danni/,3 ', " x“ . ,' I N Tommy Tiernan Tron Theatre. Glasgo Th.) 12 Jun Elouise Patrick and Kyle .‘i'; i 3

6 THE LIST 't‘ u.."r.§ ,.