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Edinburgh Fridays continued

I Modern Lovers at ligo llpm iam L4 4 Jul \lonthly l'prbeat llll\ ol northern soul. deep lunk. llammond tau and retro soundtias seryed tip by your hosts (itilf: Jamieson and Andreys l)l\ inc tl)i\ine. l'unk Roomi

O Nuklear Puppy at ligo

ll) itipm Jam l'lCt‘ 37 Jun, l-ortnightly Members payback party Residents Jason ('orte/ and Phil York say a big thank you lor the last tyso years land here's to the nest less an' alli “till this lrec party. With three mystery guest l)Js tone lrom Tidy 'l‘ras and tyso lrom Niikleiil. tyso o!" \s ho are making theii Scottish debuti. Plus the best eight regulars ysho haye submitted mix tapes/(ilk are gonna get a shot in the backroom.

I Obscene v Shadowskill at the Venue. Illillpm 3am, £3 belore midnight; L11 alter. 30 Jun only. 'l‘he underground drum ck bass night returns lor a neyy monthly slot at the Venue. Joining lorces \Hlll Shadoys Skill/ lor a night ol decknical excellence.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. lllpm Ram. 95. Weekly l'unked up \oc‘ttl house and dance classics lroiil Stcy ic (i and ('allum Murray

I Planet Earth at ('itrus (‘lub lt).3()pm 3am. £5. Weekly. Music lrom l‘)7(i tlirougb to 193‘) or in other ysords a healthy dose ol' punk. neys “as e. new romantic and electro pop.

I Platinum Plus at (‘ommplcs tl‘ormerly ('lub Jay'ai. ltlpm 2am. £6 (2- lor—l \sith llyeri. 27 Jun. l-‘ortnightly. Nev. hip hop. lunk. Rth and soul night dooii l.eith ysay. expect the odd liye l’:\ or band. cool l)Js and art exhibits all in the classy eny irons ol‘ this com erted church. I Pogo Vogue at Bongo ('Iub.

lllpm 3am. £5 £0. 4 Jul. Monthly. lisiwrimental electronica skirting all the y'arious l'orms ol music machines make. This month sees the lidinburgh debut of the Super Scientists t('lub (Ni and their lull-on sensory experience as computers, dex and l')\' collide as the multi- inemlwi'ed electronica outlit explore the outer limits ol' mechanics and musicality. l'ninissable.

I Radio Babylon at ligo.

lt).3()pni 3am. £5 ttbci. 27 Jun. Monthly. Radio Babylon strikes back. The Merry Pranksters. Brainstorm and your hostess the divine .‘yliss Penny l’ornstar guide you through an eclectic mix of grooyy dance music. electroid-disco-breaks and post- skool lunk.

I Roadblock at l’o Na Na. lllpm 3am. l‘ree belore l lpm; £4 £5 alter. Weekly. Nicci l" stops the traffic in bad music when she digs up the best in lunk. disco. house and block rockin’ beats.

I Rogue State at the Venue.

10.30pm 3am. £6.50. 27 Jun. New monthly hip hop and drum ck bass shindig which plans to highlight the best up-and- coming underground stars \yith special guest. Hospital records man of the moment. (‘yantil'ie

advertising executive.

I Salsa Friday at the Mei-tin

9pm lam. H. 3t) Jun. Monthly l),ls James ('ombe and Keith l)mme bring you lour hours ol quality stomping good salsa.

I Sativae Recordings Night at ligo. Back lot a lestiyal special on 3‘) Aug

I Sistas at Marco's l.eisui'e ('cntie lllpm 3am. H belore midnight; £5.51)

alter t£3 ysith llyei‘i. Weekly. World music

mash tip mm the best in .-\li‘ican. reggae. ragga. bhangra. RckB and hip hop. l)rink promos all night and the odd liye hand. I Soma and Camel Beats Reunited at ligo. lllpm 3am L'h' tUi ysith llyeri. 2t) Jun. ’l‘he lidinburgh institutions are back together again to make beautilul iiiusic ol' the house and techno yariety. (iary lluman. .\'eil Numb and Man proyide the syseet music \sith a live set l'rom Kenny l’hantasia.

0 Soul Biscuits at (‘abai‘et Voltaire. Illillpm 3am. £7. 37 Jun. Monthly. Reaching the quarter linals ol their .\l(‘

battle Nasty l’. listra and (illlti proy idc the

hip hop. funk and Iel'tlield breaks. .-\s they say: 'lintertaininent with integrity '.

I The Time Tunnel at .\lassa tl‘ormerly (‘lub Mercado). Itlpin .iam. [S tH ysith llyeri. Weekly. 'l‘i'endy Wendy. Slioyybi/ Jase and Betty l‘ord disrupt the

space-time continuum \sith tunes lrom the

60s, 70s and h’lls. ()l' maybe it‘s lust the alcohol.

I Tokyoblu at ligo. llpm 3am. £3. ll Jul. .‘slonthly. l'p-and-coming double act plying their trademark blend ot lunky house and classic grooyes.| scientist...broadcaster teacher...electrician... financial adviser...graphic designer...gym instructor...human resources

0 Transmission presents Tigerbeat6 .it Bongo (.lttli

llpm iam {X I" .lun only (me otl Scolllslt slto“ case lot Kltllillli-s 'l'igei'beato than l'ianciscoi label with a ll\L' shoys [mm the great man himsell as \s ell as 1)] Ruptuie and Random Number. Rays electiomca at is most intense. diyeisc and mnoyatne Nu pn’iii'n.

I Velvet at lago. llpm iam. H5). 3" Jun. Monthly, .'\ neys \somcn's night loi‘ gay gii'lies and their specially my ited boy liiends tmen can only gain admission ll accompanied by a lady I. hosted by .\lichel|e tJoy. \Vigglci

Chart & Party

I The BIG One! at .\lood *lpm iam l'i‘ee belore llpm. U thee to membeisi altci'. \Vcekly. .»\ laiitaslic start to thc \scekend as you cayoi't to all those pop \‘lttsslcs lt‘om lllt‘ lttsl llH' decades

I Boogie Juice at l.‘.-\ii;iche

Illillpm iam U betoie llpm; L5 altei \Veekly. l’laymg otit the best in Rth. chart and limky layouittcs

I The Dog’s Balearics at Reyoltilioit lll. illpm iam £5 belore midnight. U) iii (-1: altei Weekly 'l'he best lbi/a and chart dance numbers trom throughout the

I Jam Friday at llei‘iot \Vatt l'niyei'sity l'nion lllpm 2am LC \Veekly .\ cheesy night ol student classics tor the students llli lact students and then guests only i

I Office Affair at Subysay \Vcst land 4pm iain l'ree belore 0pm. ‘5 Hell: attei \Vcekly (‘hait tunes. butch and cheap manager...journalist...key grip...

lab secretary...linguist...midwife...musician...nursery administrator...outdoor pursuits instructor...photographer

...paramedic...quality producer...resort steward...trainer...translator... tourist information centre student ...vehicle body repairer...welder...xylophonist...youth worker...zoologist

who do you want to be?...

82 THE LIST 1&3 Jti"-—3 Jti! 3‘03

Jon Cutler guests at Ultragroove, Sat 21 Jun

dimks \shat else do you need to make a lool til _\t'lll\t'll tll lll'lll (ll _\ott collt‘at‘ttt‘sl I Office Party at (‘ayciitlish l)t\.t llpm iam lice \\eekly \eys night ot alteiysoik silliness .mt cheesy tun Bucking bioncos. games and moic to ist't'l‘ lltc' slltlt'tl lll.l\\L‘\ t'ltlt'tlalltt'tl littllt'l toi pie booked paities tas \\ ell as a bus pick up seiyicei

I The Party Continues . . . .tl l’cppeimint lounge lllpm iam 1* Weekly lhe l’cppcimint l ounge all stais bring the weekend ieyelleis the best music selection in toysn Stey ie (i. .leieiiiy 'l homs and 'loby Saltonstall drop Rth and classics alongside an iipliont llll\ ol chatt hits

I The Subway at Stibysay "pm iam Ll \\eekly See 4| liti

I Why Not? at “by .\'ot’ lllpm iam U betoie llpm. U 7 it) altei \\eek|y (‘hait. dance and house [or the weekend

Edinburgh Saturdays


I Ascension Goth Club at 'ley mi Roys l'nioii Illillpm iam H tloi membci'si 2H ,lun \lonthly In association \sith ladiiibtiigli l'niyeisity is (ioth and Rock Society comes this cliceiy llll\ ol up to date daikness leatuiiug all the latest goth. lock and industrial gieats

I Asylum at Studio 3-1 llpm iam U Sh Jun l'oi‘tnightly 'l he Mission‘s doyyn and dirty biothei specialising in lIIL k. nu metal and otlici liaitlcoie sounds

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