Book events

Books at the Botanics (ilasgow Botanic Gardens. 730 ( ireat Western Road. ‘34 2-122. l0am 5pm. Free. See Sal l2.

Other events

Mental Exhibition (ilasgnw Seletlee Centre. 50 Pacific ()uay. 420 5000.

lllam (rpm. £5.95 £9.95l£3.95 £7.45). See Sat 12.

Monday 14

Book events

Books at the Botanics (ilasgow Botanic Gardens. 730 Great Western Road. 33-1 2422. 10am 5pm. Free. See Sal l2.

Gordon Smith \Vatcl'stone's.

I53 I57 Sauchiehall Street. 332 9105. 7pm. Free from the branch. The Glasgow -based spiritualist discusses his life as - it is claimed one of the l'K's Inns! accurate psy cities as told in his autobiography Spirit .Umwnger: ’I‘Iu' lv’emurkultle Slurv of u Seventh Son.

Other events

Mental Exhibition (ilasgow Science Centre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000. |0am ()pltl. £5.95 £9.95 (£3.95 --£7.45). See Sat l2.

Tuesday 15


Whistle-Stop Tours llunterian Art Gallery. l'niversity t)f(ilasgt)\\‘. X2 llillhead Strcel. 330 545 l. lpn). Free. See Tue 8.

Other events

Mental Exhibition Glasgow Science Centre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000.

l0am ()pm. £5.95 £9.95 (£3.95 £7.45). See Sat 12.

Wednesday 1 6


Ten at One Talks liunterian Art Gallery. l'niversity ofGlasgow. S2 llillhead Street. 330 54%|. lpm. Free. See Wed 9.

Other events

Mental Exhibition Glasgow Science Centre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000.

l0am opm. £5.95 £9.95 (£3.95 £7.45). See Sat l2.


Whistler Centenary Lecture: the Taste for Whistler llunterian Art Gallery. l'niversity of Glasgow, 82 llillhead Street. 330 543 l. 6pm. £5. Charles Saumare/ Smith. director of the National Gallery in London. gives a talk on the three important Whistler paintings bequeathed to the gallery in l9l9 by Arthur Studd. I’url ut' ll'liisller 2003.

Other events

World Rose Convention 'I‘ollcross Park. \Vellshot Road. 2S7 5065.

9am ()pm. £200. An eight-day festival attracting rose experts from around the world. and featuring displays and the unveiling of a dedicated rose. Events also take place at Queens Park and Botanic Garden. See Mental Exhibition Glasgow Science Centre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000. 10am—6pm. £5.95-£9.95 (£3.95-£7.45). See Sat l2.

A Summer Evening Exploring the Arboretum Kibble Palace. Glasgow Botanic Gardens. 730 Great Western Road. 334 2-122. 7pm. Free. A guided (weather dependent) walk led by a resident expert from the staff of the Botanic Gardens.



Science, Botticelli and football

I Glasgow Science Centre Situated on the site of the 1988 Garden Festival. Glasgow's E75m visitor attraction is a mine of information on science and technology. Fun, interactive exhibits are spread over four floors. while the awesome IMAX cinema shows selected films on a 80 by 60ft screen. Check out kids listings for details on the fun Science Festival frivolities on offer as well as film listings for full IMAX details. 50 Pacific Quay, 420 5000. Daily 70am—6pm. £6.50 (24.50).

I Museum Of Transport This fun museum is crammed with buses. trams. fire engines. ships and other paraphernalia devoted to the history of transpon. Permanent exhibitions include Shipbuilding on the River Clyde. 3 large mural by David McFarlane. Walking Drum. an interactive sculpture by Stephen Healy. and Victims of Transport by Justin Carter. New exhibitions include Car Crime and Transport Disasters. See Art listings for more details. Kelvin Hall, 7 Bunhouse Road, 287 2000. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 77am—5pm. Free.

I Scottish Football Museum The home of Scottish football now houses the history of the beautiful game in Scotland. On display is the oldest national trophy in the world. the Scottish Cup. Archie MacPherson's sheepskin coat. Kenny Dalglish's 100th cap. plus reconstructions of the original home dressing rooms and famous Hampden Press Box. Look out for current exhibition Fitba', Fitba’, Fitba'. Hampden Park, Letnerby Drive. 6 76 6100. Mon—Sat 70am—5pm; Sun 7 7am-5pm. £35 (£2.50). See sports listings for full details of sporting events.


In a time when war and political unrest are the status quo worldwide and peaceful protest a secondary endeavour, the Argentina Autonomista Project has found a powerful voice with its Piquetera Tour.

The past two years have witnessed an extraordinary wave of social demonstration and activity in Argentina. In the face of economic collapse, the country has experienced street protests, road blockades, over 200 factories coming under workers' control, more than 300 coordinated microenterprise cooperatives being organised by unemployed women and men, the formation of countless neighbourhood associations and numerous other autonomous initiatives.

Worryineg we hear very little of it in this country. The MP hopes to change all that as Neka and Graciela, two activists from Argentina, bring news of the struggle in their homeland through words and puppets.

Graciela will give a unique puppet performance that portrays how workers have gone from having regular jobs to picking up cardboard on the streets of Buenos Aires. The show - which has already toured to critical acclaim - tells of the local social movements that have grown to create a near insurrection. Honest and informed stuff - don't miss it.

(Anna Millar) I CWU. 7:3 Brunswck Street. 227 0237

Events are listed by date then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Anna Millar.


After Hours National Gallery of Scotland. The Mound. ()24 62””.

5.30 7pm. Free. The After Hours programme continues with tinglish and Italian sisteenth and seventeenth century music with the Squair .Mile Consort of \"iols.

The Piquetera Tour (‘\\'t'. I5 Brunswick Street. 22l 0237. 7.30pm. Donation. Neka and Graciela. two activists from Argentina. bring new s of the struggle in their homeland through words and puppets. with the aim of making connections with people struggling for social justice here. I’urr rift/1e Argentina :iulmumtrstu I’m/m"! tum: See preview.

Other events

Silencio Counting House. West Nicolson Street. ()(17 0876.

7.30pm lam. £31£2). Surreal and glamorous offerings. as always. courtesy of this innovative performance piece featuring experimental mUsic.

theatre. spoken word. visuals. comedy and more with surprise MC and DJ Daniel. Creative vintage/glam encouraged.


Ladies at Lunch: the Ladies Waldegrave National Gallery of Scotland. The Mound. (>24 (i200. l2.-15pm. Free. David Mannings from Aberdeen L'niversity discusses Joshua Reynolds' painting as part of a series of talks on portraits of women.

Other events

Jim Clark Memorial Rally ()cean 'l‘erminal. l.eith. 555 8888. £5 (Free). See preview.

Guid Crack Club The Waverley. St Mary's Street. 557 5724. 7.30pm. £2.50 suggested donation. Regular storytelling club. Stories. songs and music are invited. Today welcomes guest storyteller

David Campbell.

Book events

Edwin Morgan Book Launch Scottish Poetry Library. 5 ('richton's Close. Canongate. 557 2876. 2pm. Free. lidwin Morgan reads from his new collection of perceptive and humoroUs poems. Love and a Life: 50 Poems.

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