Edinburgh life


Birthdays, sharks and a man called Billy

I Edinburgh Zoo This popular permanent attraction prepares for its birthday bumps next ISSUG as it reaches the grand old age of 90. And like they say. the oldies are the best. Wider accepted as one of the finest zoos in Britain, there's plenty here to while away an afternoon, or even a whole day if you take your time. Go and play with the wonderful range of animals on show. including one of the 200's newest recruits. Lizzie a baby pygmy hippo. Corstorphine Road, 334 9 l 7 7. Daily 9am— 4.30pm. £7.50 (£4.50); family ticket £22

I Deep Sea World One of the most impressive aquariums in Britain. Deep Sea World offers a large variety of exciting activities as one of only a few aquariums in the world in which you can swim with sharks ($2100 per person per dive). ViSIl the incredible world of poisonous frogs. see the largest collection in Europe of sand tiger sharks and check out the piranha exhibit. In addition to this. there are daily diver feeds and the chance to be an ‘Aquarist for a day'. which involves joining the Deep Sea World team for a day and helping feed the sharks. NOth Oueensferry, Fife. 07383 47 7 880. Daily 70am—6pm, f 7. 50 (£5.50)

I The Scottish Whisky Heritage Centre Discover the history and mystery of Scotland's most fam0us export with the entire Scotch whisky experience. including the whisky barrel ride. the distillery tour and the blender's ghost. A barrel of fun for all the family. 354 Castle/rill, The Royal Mile. 220 0447. Daily 708m— 5.30pm. £7.50 ($5.50)

I Museum Of Scot!and Devoted solely to the history and heritage of Scotland. the building contains five thematically-arranged exhibitions. moving from pre- history, through the Industrial Revolution. to the present day. at which point national heroes Such as Billy Connolly and Elaine C Smith get involved. Chambers Street, 247 4279. Mon—Sat 70am—5pm; Sun noon—5pm; Tue 70am—8pm. Free

100 THE LIST 34 7 Jul 2003,

Edinburgh life continued

Other events

Jim Clark Memorial Rally ()cean 'lt'llllllléll. l.eith. 555 X385 L5 rl-reci See in 4. See photo caption

Record Fair .-\\\ernbl} Roornx. 54 George Street. 320 434‘) ‘larn 5pm Ll (‘orne and trail through cl.t\\lc\ old and new at llll\ popular record tair Picture This Izdrnburgh /.oo. (‘orxtorphine Road. 334 ‘)l5 l.

Noon ‘lprn. U5. .~\ \[k‘t’ltll da_\ for members of photographic clubs as folk time the chance [0 gather the lalc\l camera equipment from l’hotolactor} and learn about picture Ullptll'llllllllt'\ around the /oo. 'l'rclxet price lllcllltlt'\ tltllllhxltill and exerting bullet, Booking: cxxenlial.


Essences of Writing: Writing the Senses Stillllhidc llcalth (It'llll't‘. (‘ausemnxide ll).3llarn 4pm. £30 t£35i. Writing—based death it} \xot'lxxllop \\ rth l.}llll Mitchell and Helen lloden. l‘or t'urther details contact l.}r1ri till (H31 4(i() 3l)‘)l ot‘ llt‘lt‘ll tin (ll 3l ()5: (DUO.

Other events

Jim Clark Memorial Rally ()cean 'l'errninal. leitli. 555 8833. L5 tl'l‘ccl. SL‘L‘ l'l't 4. See photo caption. Scotfairs Antique Fair Meadrmbank Sports ('entrc. I3‘) London Road. (ibl 535l. ltlarn 4.30pm. U tl‘r‘ccl. Brim \c \lttllx laden \\ till

it“ L‘llct). L‘Uilh. linen. medals and antiques.

Book events

Quintin Jardine .'\\\L'lllill} Rtitillh. 54 (ieorge Street. 22¢) 434‘). 7 ()prn. £3. The popular author talkx about Deput) ('hiet' ('omlable Skinner and ill\ llncxligationx in lidinburgh.

Other events

Myths & Monsters 1))narnic liar‘th. llolyrood Road. 55() 78M). ltlarn (iprn. £0.45 11.595 l. (iL'i as close as )ou dare to these larger than lil'e mm ing rnodelx explore the legends and dixcm er \\ hat inspired the euraordinar} tales of dragons. unicorns and _\'etix. to name a ten.

STEP Traveller’s Club The Wed lind llotel. Palmerston Place. 325 3(i5(i. 7.30pm. £1. Morag l.eitch ltllkx abotrt her e\perience\ of travelling in Me\ico. Open Floor Poetry lltll)l‘tmtl 'l‘aVern. ‘) llol} r‘ood Road. 556 5044.

‘l l lprn. liree. (Ear) I)eath llti\l\ llll\ spoken uord e\ ening as a \xarrn-up tor the l‘esliVal l‘ringe.

Tuesday 8

Other events

Myths & Monsters l)_\narnic liar‘th. llo|_\rood Road. 550 7300. ltlam (iprn. £9.45 (L595l. See Mon 7.

Wednesday 9

Book events

Janet Evanovich :\\\cmb|) Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). 7 ()prn. £3. The author of. the Stephanie Plum

Ill} \teriex talks about her work.


The Enigma of Jeanne Duval National Portrait (ialler). 1 Queen Street. 624 (i200. 12.45pm. l-‘ree. Artist Maud Sulter sheds light on Jeanne l)u\a|. the black mistress and llllht‘ ol the Nth centur} lirench poet (‘harlex Baudelaire and subject ol‘ her current e\hibition.

A Russell Collection Harpsichord and Another’s Lid

Talbot Rice (killer). l'nherxit} ot‘

lzdinburgh. South Bridge. 05“ 23 Ill. lprn. l-ree l)r' (ir‘ant ()‘llrian. director H! St (5cctll.t.\ Hall. dt\ctl\\c\ the lunch”) '\ lllll\lc collection

Other events

Myths & Monsters l)_\narinc liarth. llitl}ltmd Road. 55” 580“ Want bprn L‘) 45 rt5 ‘l5i, See Mon 5

The Relationship Academy ()\CI'\c;l\ Huthc. Ill“ l’l‘tttcc\ Street.

5 3“ 9.45pm {Ill l-un interactne tallw for all e\arnrriin;_' the skills required to create a deep rapport \\ ith people. laxcinatin}: cornerxation. and LN \edttctron

Thursday 10


Moving Conversations: Luvvies Love In \Varner Village. ()rnnr. (ireenxrde Place. 557 3904. (i.3llpni U15“ 1 £5.5tli. Mm inf: (’omer‘xatronx I\ back. llll\ trrne discuxxrng: the Michael (‘airie/l)_\|an Moran \ehicle. I'lie .ti run. .\ screening: ol' the film lttlltl“ \ the til\L5ll\\l(lll.

Other events

Myths & Monsters l)}narnrc Izarth, llol}rood Road. 550 7800. Want (ipni. [9.4.5 ( SL‘C Nil)” 7.

Other events

Myths 8: Monsters l)}ll;tllllc liarth, llol}r‘ood Road. 550 7th(). Illani (iprn.

[9.45 @595 l. See Mon 7.

Guid Crack Club the Waxerlc}. Sr

Mar) \ Street. 557 5724. 7.30pm. £2.50 suggested donation. See I’m 4.

Other events

Myths & Monsters l))itaiitic liarth. llol}rood Road. 550 7300. ltlani (iprn. £9.45 H.595). See Mon 7.

Other events

Myths 8: Monsters l)_\narnic liarth. llol)rood Road. 550 7800. ltlarn (ipni. £9.45 (£5.‘)5i. See Mon 7.

Monday 1 4


Photography’s Legacy: How Bruce Bernard Built a Collection Dean (ialler'). 73 lit-It'oi-tl Road. 624 (i200. l2.45prn. l-‘ree. Mark llaxmrth-liooth from the Victoria and Albert Mtixeurn gixex an insight into hon Bruce Bernard built up hix


1 stir? "'2;

collection. \\hrch spans I51l _\ear\ ot photograph)

the (postlman collective: inlterlvention d7 ('aliaier \olraiie. 3b 3.\ lilarr Street. 3:“ bl 5h 5pm 3am :3 -\ ne\\ rnultrrncdra Itight blurring the boundariex belueen lilrn. lllthlc. \ lubx and art l'he launch night l\ a three \lagc procexx l‘ll'\l oil 1\ a screening ol .lriIu i: lliirrkn Hm .it 5 3llptll. lolltmed l\_\ a ()tk -\ mth ll\ \lal. I \\ en lirernner their front lllpni ittt\\ald\ it‘x |i\e lllll\lc lrorn irnprox lll‘l\k'llli\\ ( iiant larik and the l’rirnrtne l r}; Ills and their allerriatnc rock ttiaxh tip

Other events

Myths 8. Monsters Dynamic tailli. litl|}lt\tlti Ritatl. 5.5“ 5.5”” Illam (\pm t“ 45 i5 ‘)5i See Mon 5

Tuesday 15

Book events

Gordon \\.tlt‘l\litllt"\. llb Princes Street. 23h Soho oprn l-ree lioni lilt‘ branch llle (lltl\:_'tl\\ l\.t\cd \Pll'llllilihl til\\‘ll\\t'\ lll\ lite ax it I\ clarrned one of the l'K'x most accurate pochrcx ax told in lll\ .nitobioggrapli). Spur! \Iexu'nei'i; I'lri' lx’rmirilai/i/i Sluit til (I M'ii Ill/r 34in.

Other events

Myths & Monsters lbnarnrc larlh. llolyrood Road. 55H 53”” Want bprn “’45 (LSWSL St‘t‘ .\itlll 55.

Wednesday 1 6


Writing Room Scullhll l’oelr) |.ibr'ar'_\. 5 (‘r'rchton'x ('one. ('anongate. 555 2870 3 4pm. L'brt'5i, \Vr'rlrng based cr‘catixrl) \\tll'l\\lltip \xith l.}riri Mitchell and Helen lloden l'or' lurther delarlx contact l._\nn on 400 30‘” or llelen on ()5: lllllb.

Other events

Myths & Monsters |)_\narnrc Izarth. llol}t'ood Road. 55f) 7Htltl, Iliarn oprii. [9.4.5 lLSUSl. Sci: Mull 5.

The Relationship Academy (herseax llotlw. It)” l’rrncex Street. 7.3“ 9.45pm. I I”. See \Vt‘tl 9.


After Hours National (ialler‘) ol Scotland. The Mound. til-l (illlfl. (iprn. l'ree. See Thu 3. Other events

Myths & Monsters l)_\narnrc Izarth. llol}rood Road. 550 53th), lliarn (iprn. £9.45 lL5.‘)5l. See Mon 5.

JIM CLARK MEMORIAL RALLY The UK's biggest rallying event descends on the city's waterfront shopping complex with 250 cars competing. Top drivers are on hand for an autograph signing session in the centre at 4pm, followed by the official opening of the rally at 7pm. Stunt driver Paul Swift, who has been involved in films such as The Italian Job, performs for the crowds on Friday, while simulator rides, car displays and various other activities are up for grabs for the duration of the weekend.