()I'lA/JII:I1')II/ "58!; ’llti'V‘Et',y. bl." "". > 7:.

t:i M ,i: MK: , i 1 iii, ,1'.’) ’,,’,'Y.;u1‘,‘,’/' 31.":( ’,',"lt,",ézfi:’l ‘zlliitlt'i‘flk‘fl 3‘) 7’ ‘: lr’tfltl Siafl‘fl). i? .‘.’l'i’," U assir: Nerf. Et‘iét ’l‘ihT'lU'. .'."/1l’}

norniail, .J’;..dhi'i", wk ‘, '1,

86:0'“ l' '.‘:. Inf. make he' fair.- ‘.'.'l’,l ', Trial: to her /If)l‘.'l'l’:|ll()l! t,’,t.‘lt,l(:t r,rotado'i:s‘.

iAllari Radc'it‘e

(KW/xix]; “HAT/1A TARIQ GODDARD Dynamo '8’,(:pt'(: $42.99 .0

land Goddard created quite a fuss last year With his Whithread nominated dehut. Ho/iiage to a Fir/rig Sgt/ad. hut on the eVIdence of th:s disappointing follow-tin. he still has ltlattl‘. to prove. Using the Stalinist Soviet Union of tfliiti as a hackdrop. Goddard attempts to examine hoth [)()}:Il(1£ll and personal themes in bittersweet comedic fashion through the build up to an all- important tootha'l match hotneen Spartak Moscow ithe workers team) and their city rivals Dynamo ithe secret poiice TOélllll. Spartak's coaching pair of Copic and Tomsky are the slapstick douhle act focus of the story leading up to the hig day. But Goddard's heaw-handed approach to dialogue and plot propulsion. coupled With the thinness of his characterisation. makes Dynamo read more like Carry on up the Gu/ags than any kind of deeper. thought-provoking tragi-comcxty lwhich is clearly what the author is attemptingi. A shoddy and slapdash attaii. this is far from dynamic. (Doug Johnstonei

104 THE LIST .4

7 Jti: 2(‘03


BRPD HOLLOW EARTH AND OTHER STORIES Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden, Tom Sniegoski and Ryan Sook (DC/Titan) 0..

i' E .c-Jl (: 1.!)»I(:i,3f) ."‘:

a::.<:"ft.-'es cl t"-::- b‘a'ea.. ‘e' l"a"a"c'ri1a Rt}8(?£t"il‘. a"d {.)efer‘se's ‘i(;' :1 Eier‘ts. t'ie 'n's‘its pm.

a f)i'1§};‘3iil(i l-lelztxix, " tl‘e

d Child-51).?”(:(l'I‘ifj. lle'e. Roger the "(‘ll‘d'YilixiS. Aer.- t!‘e t's;niiia"- and Johan, a s.>:' 'nedian‘ wnr; os‘. h's body. tonne; '..".(: :tent'e e‘ the earth and eist1-~.'.nere to take on the sonnet ghosts of African states. 0.". and tl‘(}'e's a carer) hy the ire ‘i‘AVll detect".e oddty l_::hs'.er JOlllTESOl‘. Mgvtoia's t)(?"(;tt£1l‘.l ’or erg) stenfieliing and exider‘se. out I‘ s Et'T‘JJOrK is sorey rinssed. It's so conifer: that Sook's tast'a'. o"s are a carport copy cf’ l’vl.g":>:a's. The 'ear thing s "<2(td."(3:t.

iM.les F5 e (K?!

n..'iiot.i 's ..".


OF UNEXPLAINED Peter M Lenkov and Frazer Irving (Dark Horse) 00.

Tins nook cc'lects ssues ‘.--'. of ice Dark Horse comic ecok ntroducing the .hra' an and seit shied seeker e‘ truth. Cfiares Fort. H.s

in\.estigations into a

"v I :v "r rvw {tr}

\r «v .i

Ifj't'. r‘ (it, t' I '\ ' '

i'fi'LH-W '.' K' t' 'T‘ZI;;(. "I

(1" ("it 7' H ' I '

t 411:? "t. ' ' ’2! ' <1 ‘(zhn '0': ' ri‘rfi ( O r:

2-1,' ifa' f'r' " '-

0 O,‘(: ' l p.{ " O -x;a' .'t°.<' "' writ ' .r a' t‘W i". 8.4! ,"'i t‘t';‘,t’},°'z f '. "mac‘ ' at :

'l‘.,f‘,'l :teepe' "11‘ t." "gs \t'1k":é‘.'." f"a" the Nat.<;".a‘i l-"duver.

Vince A‘ce".

SUM ‘3?\,5\ll,'l3.,'\l


H BORDERLAND Richard Corben and Simon Revelstroke (DC) 0...

The hack e—raising horror e" \‘z'illian‘. i-lope l~lodgsoi¥s teasi'igiy incomplete classc fantastic ta.e of swine- ."oik and madness in a gothic pile S()ltt(3‘.‘.’t‘.(}r(} in lreland penades this ail- colour adaptation. The hook ends ahruptéy. eavng itiariy (lthSIIOYlS unanswered. and Corhen and Rateistroke choose

bi 'lt H’V’l‘. /‘;‘\/.M THE WITCHING HOUR

Jeph Loeb. Chris Bachalo and Art Thibert (DC/Titan) COO

A gang of ntodern day matches operating under colour coded iii()iiik(>r's. such as Grey. White and Red. champion those to when: life a has dealt a lousy hand: a ,unkie iiiothei. a crooked bartender, a girl from a hioken honze. Of course. messin' with Witches is a tricky business: son‘e rushes are fulfilled. >ther unfortunates end up looking like Jack the Rippers final victim Loeh's scripting ntixes three tales and throws into the hrex‘.’ the origin of the spell—casters. who originate from a men 'oirish' Ireland. circa toot). A heady hrew it might he. hut i.-.'hat comes out of the cauldron, care of Bachalo and Thihert's artwork. is too polished to suit to dark goings on hoiein contained, iMiles Fielder:

House on the Borderland


THE DARKNESS Permission to Land ‘.'t.f\'_ 1‘ OOOO

lhe [Ta'w‘ess a'e YWC-

'e'.e'tde (it "\I‘K :ier‘eniot'ts t't ri‘ ,ea's {tor‘e h',. A i'a'ikensteir‘fs 'i‘znste' 0:1'istru4‘ted from Kiss. Oueet‘. AC: DC; and [land l er: Roth lette‘.'eis. the; 'zorder oh parody; tuit 'ein 't in to create one (it the 'iios‘. ecstatical‘, ‘eei good rock'n'ioli (IIIJttll‘S of recent years, You can't help but grin inanelt, as ‘(Srowing on Me' and ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love" go hurtling hy, Anyone who spends then‘ nights screaming in a pained talsetto 'Get your hands oft my woman, muthafuckaaa' while prancing around in fringes and [lgUr'lfllllI lycra is alright by us. iHenry Northinorei

i lll) H( )P

DAVID JACK Without Vocabulary lKFMi COO

.- r‘

Instrumental hip hop often seems like a weird concept. Then again, the whole shehang is as much the territory of obsessive needle Jigglers as it is of fast— talking extroverts. and Mull—born Edinburgh resident Jack's eclectic second album isn't entirely wordless Instead, distorted voices veer aeross tracks that olend mellow vibes With speaker‘shaking heats. while scratching underpins sharp strings and atmospheric helches of $0und. It's an entertaining mix. and while Jack's Vinyl- inspired. laptop-heaw experiments lack a certain killer touch. there are enough

' (‘1: \2 ft‘\'.1.'i‘: "we

‘fItIxI'x' ' I A" I


The Mechanical Forces of Love

‘.'..h .if O...

K tti'i ""lti" \ItiP

Jar mad sue-"tot B'a t l .iner ark: .oaiws‘. S"ti"'l’tl‘ LPN, tltilitll‘fi” v? tittice "axe created an .i txi'v‘ and ai‘ moat, a'xtu‘ai sud": t ("if It'Ntf'lI‘it‘lI as .i [trim-W A sinttie 'ister‘ W‘ttf 'i- w" iatih tut tonne. its ti'ti-xtir-t‘tetl pleasures Thwnielwties are shot thi: utt‘ th an :ipt‘ieat cptimis'“ that whales through l (er-'s iil‘inf‘itlt'llllUfI nocals. against an exer shitting .lidital {t'ltt'i’ttlllfl fused hackdrop Arid ii: that sense. there‘s something to suit (wen taste here, from the electrn blues of ‘As You Do through hippi, anthem 'l Smile to My Lyes', the pulsating. tunk,’. t); ss fIl“.":ll 'io:' and the arnhient euphoria of 'l M Yis' iAllan Radclittei



You Are in the Line of Fire and They are Shooting at You ilvlutantei .000

Thank God lor somehodyi for hands like Trumaiis Water. Much like a CKY 2K dootus. they really do not give a fuck. and this ontological truth is eVident in every good— note-gone-had on this devastating LP.

They do not rehearse. The; do not care about slacker rock ithe scene to which they were stapled in 1992i. They have funny song titles i‘Trape/e Sharks. a'iyorie'?i. They rock. and they are the kind of band that used to he called ‘indie' before the term was misappropriated to ericompass bands Such as Northern Uproar and Stain'd

Recording standards on You Are In the are deSigned to make yOur teeth itch. which lS great. 'Johnny Regan)