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Bl'ng when you’re winning

It’s all about the lifestyle, baby! Words: Carolyn Rae

ayrd Beckham rs off to Madrrd, whoop-de-

doo. What's more Interestrng rs that Posh rs

gerng ghetto fabulous. Vrctorta Beckham rs reportedly the new face of Damon Dash and Jay—2's Rocawear faSlTIOH label, As Brutarn's most promrnent clothes hOrse goes ‘street y'all'. here are some essentral products for those after a bllngy hrp hop high-Jlnx lifestyle.

1. Hiptop, $250 (£150)

The HlplOp us a smart-phone Currently lTTaSSIVO Ill the US and has been flashed arOund by the lrkes of Jay-Z and Bey/once. You can use It to make calls. browse the web. check emalls. and play games. It looks set to be launched Ill the UK later thrs year. l/VWW. h/ptop. com

2. Bronx Lara Boot, £59.99

Manolo Blahnrk's take on Ttmberland boots may look honkrng. but all the brg drvas love the freaky footwear. Worn by Jenny from the Block. Beyonce. Mary J Blrge and Marrah Carey. Expect to pay around 8800 for the ultra rare boots. Or buy these budget replicas.

Schuh and wuw. shoe-Shop. corn

3. Diamond ring, £57,750

All hlp hop superstars lrke to be drrpprng :n diamonds. and thrs emerald and baguette Cut

1 10 THE LIST 3-17 Jul 2003

dramond nng Ill platlnurh lS obscenely blrngrng Flash your cash wlth thls mtg of sparklrng rocks that's worth the pnce of a flat.

Harm/ton and Inches. 87 George Street. Ernnfxxrgh. 0731 22:3 4898. Lama:ftarnr/fonano’rr)c/tes.com

4. Trina ‘Diamond Pink’ Rock Hard Nail Polish, S8 (£5)

11. Hip Hop Honey Lip Balm, $10 (£6)

Get yOur talons ghetto fabulors wrth potty mouth rap star Tnna. The self-proclarmed ‘baddest brtch' has her very own shrmmery pznk and gold nall polrsh as part of Rock Hard Cosmetrcs' celebrlty narl colour range. Rock Hard also sells Hrp Hop Honey mango-flavoured lrp balm Although currently only ayarlable Ill Amerrcan stores. Rock Hard rs In negotrattons to get Its range stocked tn Boots. Rock Hard Cosmet/cs. rock/vardnal/s.com

5. Rocawear Terry Cloth Pullover, £67.50 Y0u'ye no chance of mergrng lnto the backgrOund ‘mth this two-tone Rocay-sear number whrch w0uldn't look out of place on an MTV Base extra. may;hrpnopwarorobe.com

6. Louis Roederer Cristal 1996, £130.75 Furst produced llt 1876. exclusryely for the RuSSran royal famrly. thrs expenszye llpple rs now fay/owed by the hue hop hrerarcny. Snoop Dogg flashed a fndge

full of the bllngy boo/e on MTV Crabs, .'.'hr|e .Ja, / rapped x-rrsely on srngle "Hard Knock ere“ the Cost and get tnssy prssy.’ '.‘/V/V.’./llSl(Z/l{?/77[)(Ig/l(). co. wk

7. Patek Philippe Watch, £14,229 Patek Phrlrppe rs the Rolls Royce of .'./at(;t‘r;‘.. ll‘uf. lady's 18ct white gold number has so than, dran‘onds. it puts the second blrng tr: "bung hlrng'. Harm/ton and /nches. Ed/nbt/rgh.

8. Rocawear Du Rag, £12.50

OGs lrke thesr headgear and hos/exer stuw: tney look. du rags are a fayourlte.

.vuva. r)rpnopwardrobe. co. uk

9. Funk Doc Thong, £12.50

A b|.ngrng g-strlng, perfect for peeprng ’). t from under yOur JurCy fraCkle. I see yOu ban, hrphopwarorofm. co. uk

10. Montecristo ‘A’ Cigar, £39.60

Smokrng tsn't cool. but If you're gomg to tndulgr: tnen hay/mg a Montecrrstc rs coefer tnarx a Hamlet. MOnteCrrsto as the most popular brand of Ha.ana orgar :n the world. and for ardund the once of elght 20 decks of tags you can purchase one of ther fat 'A‘ handmade Clgars.

The Clgar BOX. 367 high Street. Edlnburgh, 07.37 225 3534. thee/gar. co.uk

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