NAIL BARS A dime a dozen in New York, the nail bar fad has hopped across the pond.

I French manicure FI‘J' ’IH/yi f, {' f, I....'

£12 for 20-minute session. Pur Nail & Beauty Salon, 138 Lothian Road. Edinburgh, 0131 221 9133.

I Nail Art

l‘w. l'; at t'e ""éf'l/ ervt 9’ rial fax“. 01‘ .'."»’,-'e fai‘m

and irii.'.:.a (Ii/1y“.£1":I.£l:"f‘:’2’.' (t:’{,ltif;'\(:’l’2":‘, your 'lJ:i|‘;. for that extra f;_t,;i'k.t:. "at"; can t)‘: studded 'Yfillfrf;'.()".€:‘;. ’;r:"”; sedans. l'w': latex? (Ii.'f;l’;"~ from Hull, nor/l Naif; :s a .'.'I'"te toils; Vll'li’l'l Bag. painted or. r: Til).

From £1.50 per nail. Hollywood Nails and Beauty, 14 Vinnicombe Street, West End, Glasgow, 0141 334 0093.

I Paraffin Wax Luxury Manicure

Spoil ,our hands .'.'ith a soothing '.'.'ax treat'i‘.ent ‘,‘.'ill(lll intens;i\.ely n‘oistunses ,etir hands and eases; an, aches and paint; in the j()il‘if3. \‘v’arn‘ .‘.’£lX is painted onto ,our hands. tnen peeled off. liiél‘ifilllt} them deeply moisturiser). soft and supple.

From £37 for 75 minutes. The Balmoral Spa, 1 Princes Street, Edinburgh, 0131 556 2414.

I Luxury Spa Treatment

heat your hands to some pampering wrth an intenswe detoxrfying and anti ageing treatment. lll\.'()l\.’|llij a sea salt scrub and soak. relaxrng heated mitts igoou for aches and pains- and a massage. finished wrth a na:i colour of your choice.

£35 for a 45-minute session. Nails Inc at House of Fraser, Buchanan Street, Glasgow, 0141 221 3880.

I Gents Artificial System

No, it's not just for girls. Billy Connolly was spied getting a hand tot) tno. not that kllldl in Glasgow not so long ago. Artificial nails for men are so natural- looking. you wouldn't know they were fake.

£35. The Nail Factory, 32 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh, 0131 221 1880.

(Susannah McMicking)

It's a dog's lifestyle


Canine web dreams

You know the old adage. that dog owners look like their hounds? Well now the resemblance doesn't have to stop wrth just the phySIcal. Thanks to the online shop. Dogmad. you and your pooch can share accessories too. Skirts for you and cushions for him in a variety of shades and patterns.

And if you can't bear to be separated from Bongo for a day at the office. Dogmad can print a sexy little A-line mini wrth your very own pooch emblazoned aeross it. The camouflage skirt is a good alternative. quing dogs wrth combat fOr a more abstract deSign.

And lest a little whimper comes from the corner. worry not: y0ur best turn, friend can be indulged wrth blankets. beds and bags in a range of patterns and prints corours come in shades of pink and blue With cuStOmised prints available too.

As wrth all good design. practicality IS not sacrificed in the name of pure style: the doggie accessOries are fully washable shOuld things need a bit of freshening up even nov.’ a'd then.

Pampering doesn't come cheap. mind. Skirts range between £68 and £140 and Cushions start at £66 gomg up to £150 fOr the fully customised. YOU lucky dawg: woof woof. iRuth Hedgesl I Wit’lt’. dogmao’shop. com


§P§D¢ spend- $99.99;:-

I NOW THAT THE c0vers have been taken off new artspace-meets- shop Kindom. Buchanan Street shoppers have been treated to international designer creativin on the high street. Inspired by the New York trends exemplified by Prada's 'epicentre'. the shOp has been fitted by soulptor Ewan AIIinson, theatre set designer Sarah Paulley and Russian artist Maria Rudd. Stock

covers everything from fashion accessories and artglass to contemporary prints and stationery. Like its marketing tagline. it's a little shop with a big vision. 164 Buchanan Street. 0141 3321316.

I SCHUH HAS GONE biker crazy with its latest collection. Sleazy Rider is a range of Mad Max- tastic boots and killer strappy heels inspired by the hairy biking brigade. On the plus side, they manage to remain femininity (think bold reds and silver buckles) without making you look like you’ve just hopped off a Harley. See

I IT'S OFFICIAL: THE Queen has taste. Her Majesty has awarded king shoe guru Jimmy Choo an OBE. The Malaysian-born designer. made Ober- iamous by his near starring role in Sex and the City. was rewarded for his part in making London the design centre of the world. Modest. when you think about it.

I THWARTED BY your attempt to get into the Big Brother house? No, we thought not. But here's your chance to sit in the Diary Room Chair. The travelllng


replica chair will stop off at 02 in Princes Street on Monday 21 July and at the Buchanan Street branch on Thursday 24 July. Coming along for the ride will be an evictee or two from the house (11.30am-12.30pm), there will be competitions and you can see a photo of yourself in the chair at www.o2.

I FED UP OF SHYING away from Friday night drinks after work when you've got the car? Fear not. Scoot is at hand. The service was launched early June and offers a take home service for car owners in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. If you've had too many sherries and the car is parked in the vicinit. just give Scoot a call and a motorcycle driver is sent to pick you up. The motorcycle folds into the boot of the car, and hey presto you‘re at home in no time. The bonus points are: you don't have the hassle of picking up the car the next day: it Works out cheaper than a two-way taxi fare; and you don't wind up in the slammer. Call 0131 558 8777 or go to

I CORRECTION: Issue 469 in the article entitled ‘DolIy Mixture', we said that Glasgow-based designer Hannah Sibbett had acted as a buyer for Byres Road store Pink


Poodle. Slbbett has

never been a buyer for Pink Poodle. Tracy Kinnaird is the shop's sole buyer. Sorry for the error. For information on Pink Poodle products, please call 0141 357 3344.

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