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ARTISTS’ MENTORING PROGRAMME (GLASGOW) Development Worker for Art Trek By Impact Arts Salary: £19,633 per annum (pro rata) 3 Days per week

. . . . . . . Pro ectAbilit su orts e0 Ie With disabilities to take art in Impact Arts IS a leading arts organisation specralismg melwsual an: pp p p p

in community arts and artists' development. The We are seeking a self-motivated person With 2 years experience

AmStS Mentonng Programme '5 a p'IOt proleCt for in a 8008' enterprise. or busmess development role to promote Glasgow based graduate artists who want to develop and false the profile of Art Trek, a CO-Operatlve busmess oi live a career in community based work. Tailored training 'eamng d'sab'ed an'SISr

in freelance skills, client group awareness and To apply contact: Project Ability. 18 Albion Street. Glasgow. 61 1LH workshops Skills is combined with project placement, or email: inf0@pr01ect-abilily.coruk quoting ref. ATDEV/03

. . . www. r0 ect-abilit support from a mentoring artist and access to studio D J y (Re-Advertisement)

s ace. This 0 ortunit is available for artists who D . h pp y k. . h Closing date: Friday 25 July 2003 are eit er unemployed or who are not wor lng Wit Wewiews: Tuesday 19 August 2003'

° r i ' m ' . '. h their a ts sk [Is as their ain source of employment ms Is a fixed term post for 1 year funded by, Oxnauml or income. Lcmmmm

For further details of these opportunities and an application pack, which will start late August 2003, please contact Gwen on 0141 575 3001 or

P/T Temporary Project C0-0rdinat0r

(Childrens Theatre Falkirk Council Area)

£19,632 £21,732 pro rata

To find out more about Impact Arts, see

Closing date for applications - Friday ist August 2003

r—— W Scottish ll‘rs; 'S Ell‘. (Ext. T'llci ilflll <:"a 0"(_; "t; our/Nit." t\, 2'; 30'- ——T—J -v . as :m'f (if I a -tl'-_ (I<>;."<; Ct. tti'a Se'y (LOTS -‘«".u the"

(illhmiw to tleveol) a"<l l“!)l(?"‘.(?"'.tii)7()(}'él"7"‘t?(1‘[)(f"f)"""(g

zl'if; act MW ‘0', a"<l (ls'tiCT tl‘tmt'ti {)'(}(1t.Ci(}' Isl by,

(:n. (l'(?l‘ a"<l yon-"t: penile as 'ecli. Well As toa'“

want to work in the Arts? (35inch you ix? (L'Oéi', ye, fist} "‘01 vafts’l a'tl possess exce (3'1: con!“-t.".<:atl<)r‘ 5;- v‘vs -- not." out él"(l 12‘?"

Edinburgh Mediabasev a resource faCimY for filmmakers and \l\(?‘ ()f(_;él"'f%(?(l, you {)0 am: to ‘.'.()-’" \i'"(.}‘_f'

digital art's“. 599“ to appomt an indmdua' from an ethnic D'essa'e and ac.“ eve (10ml mes P'ovc-l‘. {J'iiCT ca‘ mmOrIW background to Undertake 012'm0mhtr8lnef-‘Shlpln emerzer‘ce t":s a'ea 0" ads wows; a essr:"t a the creative. technical and administrative skills needed to .

l"(? “ours c)? (l_.ty ayelatie M t)(;" see- a":: you l)‘:

work In the dlqlml arts seCtor' 'e<lt;"e(i to ti'ltlerta‘r e 01.1.21" "0'"?! 0“ ct: "(g/s EH'OOO Bursary _ one year fixed Comrad' l'itiit.(l."g(?\/~‘n".'lgS{1’71} .’.'(;-(:'- (VHS or a regoia' was s

This traineeship WI“ suit an individual looking for a career in arts administration.

To apply, please send a letter explaining why y0u want to work in this area along with a current CV to: Trainee Post. Edinburgh Mediabase, 25a South West Thistle Street Lane, Edinburgh, EH2

lEW or by email to pauleedinburqhmediabasecom Fm 5R8 Tel_ (01324) 506262/226/255 You can Closing date for applications: Spm Friday 25th July 8'50 Visi't 0;" website at wwwjaIk'irkgovuk This post is funded by the Scottish Arts Council's Cultural Closing date; 17 Ju|y 2003

Diversity Scheme. The post is exempt under section 37 8 38 of the Race Re'ations Ad 1976' as amended opportunities policy and welcomes applicants .\ . . Find out m0re ab0ut mediabase at wwwedinburqhmediabasecom Irrespective of race, colour, sex or disability. To advertise In

Edinburgh Mediabase strives to be an Equal Opportunities

Employer. Mediabase was formerly known as the [‘01 .-. ._ Film + Video Access Centre Charity no. SCOlléO'l. [17f 550 LJ aoeoorgoto


ArtsCounc‘I - - . .' . . . ' LCHERYKUNDEID edinburghmediabase H " "Ila Il‘lrl“g(n' ul‘

“is .s a te"‘»t>(;'a'y libs“. August Det:t-r“l;t:' ?003

Application forms (quote Ref: CM0585Tl are available from Corporate 81 Commercial Services (Human Resources), Room 325, Falkirk Council, Municipal Buildings, West Bridge Street, Falkirk

Falkirk COUIlC/l IS comm/(red to an equal

1 16 THE LIST 3—1'.‘ Jth .Ftklt’l