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How much more drink can we consume?

When no booze is good news

24 hour licenses are the lager lout’s dream come true. Words: John b McGonagle ith the progression of the licensing hill through parliament. last orders could soon be a thing of llte past in lingland and Wales - and no dotibt in liberal Scotland too. licensing laws haven't changed

since l‘)l5. when they were enforced to stop factory workers harming the war

effort. If the public couldn't he trusted to limit its alcohol consumption in a time of national peril. why shotild it be trusted llow'.’

Alcohol is the most lethal psychoactive drug in this country. l-‘orget tabloid hysteria concerning heroin or ecstasy; statistically. the incidence of alcohol— related death in the [K is far higher. So why is the government trying to make alcohol available on a 24-hour basis'.’ The justification for this lunacy is that change in the licensing laws will lead people to develop a more responsible attitude towards alcohol consumption and eliminate hinge drinking and violent behaviour. Nonsense. People _ don't drink to excess because they blnge are afraid the bar is going to close. b ' 5 They hinge because it's an integral. _ ecause It s an well-documented part of British Intregal, well- culture. and has been ever since the

time of the Vikings. Less well . . documented is the Vikings swinging BrltISh their horned helmets in an attempt to

catch llelga the barmaid's eye during

last orders.

The [K holds a completely different. warped attitude towards drinking from most of our liuropean counterparts. llere. drunkenness is seen as something to be proud of and is tied tip with bravado. masculinity and hilarity. l have vivid memories of two Real Madrid fans. visiting (ilasgow for the (‘hampions League liinal last year. being teased by the locals because they were sharing a bottle of beer.

Anybody who argues that having pubs open all day will suddenly encourage people to moderate their drinking has obviously just been out on a

big one themselves. People go out to get drunk. The 34-hour availability of

alcohol will only offer more scope to people looking for drunken misadventure. Introducing the licensing hill to parliament last November. Tony Blair said: "The very fixed nature of the hours sometimes means you get problems outside pubs in city centres at particular hours of the eyening.' Isn‘t it a relief to know that problems will now be spread out throughout the day '.’ If the change in the law goes ahead. I'd like to organise a holiday for the politicians who supported it. 1‘]! take them otit of the suburbs where they entertained dreams of European cafe society. and move them into the city centre blighted with noise and disorder. I‘ll take them onto the streets. where increased anti-social behaviour will manifest itself. Then on to a garish bar. where 1‘” make them drink as much as all the other unfettered people there. until daylight. And if they can remember their promises the next day. I'll kick them out of bed and back to parliament to have licensing laws reinstated.


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