EDINBURGH (continued) I Large double room in

sunn} \lartlrniont llat. l’rotcssronal rctlurrcd 35+. n/s L350 pcrn. |)cposrl L3 30 .\Mnlalllt' no“ 'lt-l 0| 3| 33S (villi

I Room to let Ulll\|tlL' (ll) ccnlrc sharing mill 3 lcrnalcs. .narlahlc lrorn lst Jul}. was no“ L335 pcrn including all hills ‘lcl ll—m 3‘) (Nil (islh

I Large room in ct-nrral llal. llclgraw ('rcsccnt. lo sllarc “all | othcr. \on smoking prolcssronal. L' 3-10 pcrn 4. hills. 'l't-l; 0‘30) "()5 030

I 1 flatmate required. .-\ \scll cqurppcd spacious. colnloltahlc l’ohsarth/ Ilrirnlslicld llal lor sludcnts. ( 'orncs u llll ( .l I. all mod cons. ucll lur‘nlsllcd. ncu halhroonr. sccond shout-r. arnplc stol'agc. cahlc l\'. good

ct inncclions to Kings llurldrngs and l’r‘rnccs Strcct. cas} “all. to ( icol'gc Squarc. rnusl hc n/s. £3l5 pcrn + hills. 'lcl: Nick 0""00 "'70 l7S.

I A luxury large tltllll‘lC hcdroonr lll ncu pcrrllrousc apar‘lnicnl in llo|_\rood ar'ca. £350 pcrn. lcl: 07030 (r30 0‘1 or da_\ lunc 0| 3| 050 0050.

I Large single room in lir'irrrlslit'ltl t‘lal. sharing \s ith 3 olhcrs. lull lacrlrtics. a\ailahlc lst Jul). £335 pcm + hills. ("l +- dcposrt. 'I‘cl: .'\nd_\ -07‘)"3 73‘) 331. .\lan 07030-105 353 or lll‘}an 0‘7 3 50-1578.

I Large double room in spacious 3 hcdroorn llal. l.oungc. krtchcn. hallu'ooni r \\'('. [3 l 7 pcnr 'f‘ hrlls + ("l‘. 'l'cl: 0““ S33 (53 or' 07044 3Sh 325

I 2 single rooms .i\all.rl\lc Ill largc sharcd llal \srth loungc L|.\5 [kill + ("l «k hills lcl

lll 3] 55— (\(ih‘l

I Single room in spacious tlal Ill .\lar‘chnront to shar'c \\ llll 3 othcr studcnls. L I‘M pcrn + l‘llls. Sltltlclils \\ Clt'tllllt‘, lt'l. 0|3l 4-1" ll—lh3,

IRoom available in lo\L'l_\ .\larchrnonl llal tor _\oung lrrcndl} prolcssional to sharc \s rlh 3 Ida'- rnrndcd othcl‘s. £335 pcm + ( 'l tk hills. 'lclz 0| 3| 33‘) 4 lll‘) allci’ 0pm. I 1 double room. £350 pcm including las. | ho\ i'oonr. £300 pcln including t.i\. l’rrl\\al‘tll llal sharing \\ till 3 othcr‘s. 'lcl: (iillran 030-71 ()(ll S38.

I Room to let Ill 3 hcdrooin .\'c\s rngton llal. \\'ill suit arl/ nlcdra/ nrusrc studcnl or prolcssronal. \"cgclarran [ll‘t'l'L‘l‘l'L‘tL .l\;lll;ll\lL‘ mm. {3‘5 pcrn including hills. l’honc lo \icu. 'l'cl: 0| 3| (in? "005

I Gay friendly female \santcd tor largc hr'ight douhlc room in spacious liastcr' Road llat. .-\ll mod cons, Sharing is rllr | olhcr. £340 pcm + hills. ’lcl: 07%| win ()llH ol' 0] 3| 407 3725. I Young professional male/female \sanrctl l'ol' hrighl douhlc hcdroorn in .\lorningsidc arca. ncatl} dccoratcd throughout. all ruod cons. £345 pcrn including hills C\L‘L‘pl ("l3 'lt‘li (ll 5| 400 .5 l 3.3. I Bright sunny room closc to cit) ccntr‘c. l‘or' n/s pl'olcssional lcrnalc to shal'c “uh I olhcr‘. l.o\cl) l'lal nut to park & canal. £370 pcrn + hills + ("l‘. 'lcl: 0| 3| 337 8008.

Flatshare Hotline

09070 201 610 How to place a Flatshare advert

TheListFlatshareseMceisforpeopleoflenngaroomtorentinasharedflatandisareli- ableandsuooessfulwayoffindinganewflatmate.ltissimpletouseandhere‘swhattodo.

When you telephone the Hotline you will be asked for 1. Your name, address, postcode and daytime number, including dialling code 2. Up to 30 words of description about the room, rent and type of person sought

3. A contact number for would-be-flatmates to ring

I Fully furnished, luxury rooni. \scll locatcd \c\\ 'loun. douhlc hcd. rntcrncl. Sh}. cn surlc halluoorn. sca \ |L‘\‘~ s. 3 olhcr cas_\ going llatrnalcs lll carl} 30s. a\arlahlc nnrncdratcl}. {l 10 [m l'cl' ll—h‘)” .\QS all”

I Single room in llr'untslicld llat n s sludcnt old). to sharc \s rlh 3 othcr girls. anulahlclrorn341hlul}. L305 l‘crn + hills. 'l’cl: 0| 3| 33.\ 3'34,

I Large double room a\ai|ah|c in hrrght ccnlral llat tor rrtiir-sriitikirrg protcssronal pcr‘son. to sharc “uh I rualc. .'\ll mod cons. (i('ll. scparalc ll\ rng roorn. a\ar|ahlc lrorn rnid August. (Ea) lrrcndl}. {330 pcrn including ("l + hills tnot phonc hill r, lcl: 0| 3| 033 .Slllll,

I Bruntsfield. Large furnished douhlc room a\ai|ah|c lll spacious lu\ur_\ llal lor non-unokrng pr'olcssional. All ruod cons. £330 pcm + hills. 'l‘cl; n".rn SM 015,

I 2 rooms available, prolcssronal lcinalc 3.3 scclts l'lalnralc tor lr'icndl}. ncu |_\ dccoralcd llat in .\larchrnonl

\s ith gardcn & l'rcc parking. .'\\llllill‘lL' lsl St‘plt‘llllit‘l'. {35” pcnr + hills, ’l‘cl: 0| 3| 4-17 .1003 or (FUN—l 043 34.5.

I Spacious double room in (iilrnol'c l’lacc lo sharc \\ ith l olhcr. l‘crnalc prolcssional. n/s pl'clcr'r'cd. £330 pcrn including ("l' + hills + dcposit. .-\\arlahlc lltl“, ‘l-L'l: (l7lll‘) 555 85‘) ill nIRI 33I 0358.

The List magazine comes out fortnightly on a Thursday and weekly during the festival. Your Flatshare advert will appear in the next available magazine and will be included for one issue only. Subsequent insertions must be telephoned in again. The deadline for flatshare is 12pm on the Thursday before publication.

Each telephone call will be charged at 75p per minute and should last about 3 minutes. Calls from non-BT and mobile phones may cost more. If you need help or are concerned about anything. please call our Helpline on 0870-120 1504.

Please note that Flatshare is only for people seeking a flatmate. If you wish to place any other kind of accommodation advert, such as Rooms Wanted, Property to Let or

Property Wanted, you should use the booking form in the back of this magazine.

If you are unable to get through please ensure that your phoneline is not barred from Premium Rate numbers. In the event of barring please contact your service provider or telecom company or use another phone.

Only those looking for a flatshare should be using this service and as an advertiser you are advised not to give out personal details when recieving enquiries about your flat.

Always ensure you have someone with you when showing people your property.

122 THE LIST .4

I Spacious double room lll main door llal lll .\lorrison Slrccl \ll conunodrlrcs . grcal llalnlalcs \\ou|d suit a l‘lirlt'\\l\\ll.ll 350 lot long lcrnl L350 pcrn including (‘l’ ,\\arl.rhlc liorn lhlh .lu|\ lcl olzl .rrr‘rls“ '

I Double bedroom available lll ccnlral llat shaicd \\l|ll 3 olhcrs. £350 pcrn 4- ('l' v hills, 'lcl: 0|3| J" I5 33

I Attractive room in .\lussclhurgh llat h} thc sca to slrarc \s rth ouncr l’arlsrng. all mod cons Still non srnolsrng piolcssronal lcrnalc £300 pcm + ("II l’cl: 0""ls fins" 2st.

I Central - large double hcdroorn. c\ccllcnt lull lacrlrtrcs. suit couplc {351m including (“If 'lcl: 0| 3| 33‘) 5|}: or u“.su.s In" .sl3.

I Double room available in spacious 'l'rrnrl} llal Young pl‘olcssronal to draw \\ ltll3 otllcl's, .>\\arlahlc hcgrnnrng ol Jul}. [350 pcrn i hills. 'l'cl. 0|3l 55l 3050.

I Double room in llopctoun Sll'cct. Still lrrcndl} lcrnalc pl'olcsslonal lo sharc \s rlh | otth lcrnalc. 33. Ntill-SIIItilslllfJ. prisalc gardcn. lr'cc parking. (‘luict cr'catrx c atrnosphcrc L‘ 330 pcni including ("If 'lcl: HI 3| 550 357‘) tVrctorrar

I Trinity. Room in rnodcrn t‘lat. lull} rcturhrshcd lo a high standard. n/s sharing \\ rlh lcnralcs. £300 pcnr + shar'cd hills. a\ailahlc Jul). 'lcl: 073M 050 lb” or (ll 3| SSl 309—1.

I Stenhouse, fully furnished, lou cr \ illa llat. pri\alc lronl & rcar gardcn. com cnicnl acccss lo cit} ccnlrc & llcrrotl \Vatt l'nixcl‘sil}. l'crnalc onl}. £330 pcm. including gas. clcctric & ("II ’l'cl: 0| 3| ~17" 3-l|(i allcl' 0pm. I Double room in clcgant spacious (icorgian \ illa. olt l.citlr Walls. mailahlc no“. shal‘c “uh I postgradualc sttldcnt. £345 pcrn + sharc hills + dcposil. .\'on srnoltcr. ga} t'ricndl). 'l‘cl: 0l3| 553 H03

I Single room in spacious. (‘orstor‘phinc housc. l-rcnch doors to gardcn. Sharing with 3 olhcrs. \sould sllll n/s pl'olcssional or nraturc postgradualc. L l 80 pcrn. 'lcl: 0I3| 317 "333.

I Double room available no“ in largc. l'rrcndl}. lltl_\. 4 lk‘tll‘trtltll lllllsltlc Strch lilill. N/s pl’clL‘l‘l‘ul. {303+ ("l' + lillls. 'l'cl: 0‘07] 343 JSS.

I Polwarth n/s female, poslgl‘aduatc to sharc \\ ith lcnralc .\lac studcnt in 3 hcd llal. £370 pcm + sharcd hills. tel: 01500510505.

I Attractive large single hcdroorn a\ailahlc irnrncdialcl}. £330 pcm + ("l‘ + hills 'l‘cl: 013| 55.“ 3993.

I Double room in ccntral llat sharing \s ith l otlicr. all mod cons. parking. \sould suit n/s l’cnialc prolcssional. £350 pcm + hills. 'l‘clz 077l3 050 0.52. I Flatshare 10 minutes from \Vcsl lind. .\'/s prclcrrcd \silh (iS()ll. l)(i. ('H. £300 pcm. l)cposit rcquircd. l’honc ('raig on 0| 3| 4-1.3 ()508.

I Large double bedroom lll altractnc lst lloor llal in \cmnglon (it‘ll. lull_\ lurnrshcd all mod cons ldcall} looking tor lclloxs sludcnt {LS5 + l‘llls l)t'l‘tl\ll l't‘qttllt'tl lt‘l Ross ll‘NN S 35 MN

I Friendly flatmate wanted tor 3hcdioonr llat rrl .\'c\\ rngton (ll. \\ .\l. pollshcd \urodcn lloors. hung roorn. grcat location. (300 pctn .k hills .\ (‘l. 'l'cl' (Paul 5 3.5 Shl.

I Single room in spacious 3 hcdroorn tlal in Slockhr'idgc' arca. oun pmatc gardcn. lrcc parlsrng. \cr'} closc to park & anrcnrlrcs. n's prolcssronal pr'clcrrcd. £335

+ {3" ("l + hills 'lcl: 0| 3| 3 33 033-101 03301048 307.

I Double room available lll lrrcndls .\lornrngsidc llal tor prolcssronal n/s lcrnalc to draw with 3 olhcis. £330 pcm + ("l' + lillls. ‘lt'li (ll 3| 4-17 H35l.

I Full time student rcqurrcd. hcaulitul room III a qurct llal in ('anonnulls. l‘til a n/s smoking studcnl prctcrahl) rnalurc tk \cggrc hirl not csscnlral. [300 pcrn + clcctr’rc + phonc. lcl: 0| 3| 557 ‘ll 33.

I Good sized room lll horncl} llat ncai cit) ccnti'c. ladrnhurgh. \Vould suit a rnaturc sludcnt or pl'olcssronal, £305 pcrn tor Jul}. August «k Scptcrnhcr, 'l'cl: 0| 3| 3393140. I Double room available in quicl cit) ~ccntrc llat tor g;i_\/ga) lrrcndl} rnalc/lcnralc to sharc “uh I othcr gu} ot 3 3, .\'/s csscntral. £345 pcni including hills tk ("l' + dcposrt. 'l'cl: 0| 3| 33‘) 5 335 or 0777-1 I33 03‘).

I Double room in 3 hcdr'oorn t’lal. Sharc with | othcr prolcssional riialc in lull} l'urnrshcd lrrgh standard It“ cl} l'lat. £300 pcm + ("l' + hills. ’l'cl: 07355 300 455,

I Spacious double room in (iilrnorc l’lacc lo sharc \s ith othcr. l’crnalc prolcssronal n/s prctcrrcd. £330 pcm includrrrg ("l + hills + dcposrt. :\\ar|ahlc Ill)“. 'l‘L'lf lll 3| 33l H353.

I Single room available in ('anonrnills. sharing u ith 3 othcrs, £300 pcrn including ("II ’lAL'lI ll770l 780 SUI.

I Lovely, spacious double room. mailahlc hcginnrng ol Jul}. prclcrahl} n/s prolcssronal. £335 pcrn. not including hills. Sharing “uh I othcr in a conil'ortahlc cm ironrncnt. 'lcl' (H31 553 l‘)45.

I Seafront flat in .\c“ ll£l\ cu \s llll quict douhlc rooin aiarlahlc inrrncdratcl). l‘ahiiloirs \ icts s. all mod cons. lrcqucnt huscs to cit} ccntrc. Suit postgraduatc prolcssional lcnialc. £300 pcm. hills inclusixc csccpl phonc. 'l‘cl: (l7‘XXl3lll3l3orlll3l 55l 5308. I Double room to sharc \sith 3 othcrs. Suit n/s professional lcrnalc. £350 pcrn + hills a tlcptisil. Axailahlc lrorn .-\tlL'Us|. 'l‘cl: 07855 353 800.

I Single room available in lmcl} llat. sharcd lixing roorn ox crlooking thc .\lcadou. s. .\'o TV but cincrnas ncarh)’. sharing “uh I olhcr rnaturc l‘crnalc. n/s \cgctarian prcl‘crrcd. .-\\ailahlc AugUst. £350 pcm + ("l‘ + hills. Tcl: 0| 3| 338 9367.