V I saw you behind the bar at the note_ I‘ll)“ n eyes [K hohhcd littir. I'd loy e to rob your...B. SAI-lz. [7471/1

V I saw you Jen + Jacqui. The eye candy 01' the :\rL'llL'\ cafe bar. We salute you!? The lads. [7471/2

V I saw you hartnaid (a 13th Note with Raw I’ow er 'I'—sltirt looking like you had been infused with jaggy power ittctal! [7471/3

V I saw you near ('entral St. love you more tltan all the diattionds in the world. Ilappy tray ellitig ayant-garde architect. [7471/4

V I saw you in my dreams. You are well fit. I think 1 love (lane from the Arches. [7471/5 V I saw you in front of the Academy. lookitig better than wltett I left. Drinks in Pandora's Lisa. 'I‘ec llee. [7471/6

V I saw you did you see me. I hope that you are single and free. When I saw you tny knees turned to jelly your so sexy Louise S. [7471/7

V I saw you across the lab. I kttew the chemistry was right. I love you 1imma(' xxx. [7471/8 V I saw you Malki. and wotiltlri't tnind seeing more. now I'tn free. See you soon. Miss (iraff. ['/471/‘)

V I saw you Disney World Quimhy. lighting Red Adair. so yottttg. so fttit. be my httn!!! [7471/10

V I saw you Jim. I watch u red. Instead - red. [.7471/1 I

V I saw you (a the last Black Rabbit Wliorehouse looking glum. Meet rue at the next ottc and I'll put a smile hack oti yr chops. Love yr friendly neigltbourhood spiderman. [7471/12

V I saw you vole + voletta plant-buying on By‘t‘cs Rd. yott'll have to water it or it'll die loye hear + l'crt'ari. [7471/13 V I saw you Yal. never seen a sexier boy. Mtntntnm remember 'I'uesday'.’ [7471/14 V I saw you in the fly. 10“; cr my new favourite band?! I'll love you forever. Inside ()utside Ilydrogen Peroxide and all that. Love that girl. [7471/15

V I saw you Hailey R. pole- dancing in blue. FFFFFI:FI‘Feh sw eetlteart! [7471/16

V I saw you in the Arches bar and I have felt lovestruck since. You cart be my Jewish princess any day! [7471/17

V I saw you sexy barmaid(d the note singing (‘at Power whilst clearing glasses. Please be tnine. I love you. [7471/18 V I saw you Patrick Mc(i. 1 am not a number?! I atn a free titan. [7471/19

V I saw you beautiful. looking so beautiful. You keep me so riglll. [7471/20

V I saw you ('Iaire .\' Bear love [I loads. I...'.’ [7471/21

V I saw you lloegaarden girl? You scry ed rue (rI the Lighthouse and we spoke ((1 the Arches. Regret we didn't talk some more. [7471/22

V I saw you in the (‘hip 4pm. Saturday 21st. You gorgeous woman with brown eyes and freckles. Me. very tall and dark. There is something there. Let's meet. [7471/23

V I saw you in the (iarage 'I'liurs 5/6. You bought rite + friend a drink. btit left b4 I could thank ll. .\'ot from ()ban. Neither atn 1. [7471/24

V I saw you in Tinderbox. wearing pink in the comer. brown hair 21/6. Me - other comer. play tshitt. specs. almost designer stubble. ('offee'.’ [7471/25

V I saw you in the med htiilditig. you - l)oncaster Post - I-‘ran'.’ Me - Bon Jovi lookalike in Rugby shirt. Likes sailing & l’olo (Lounge). [7471/26

V I saw you. My friend saw you in the (iarage 14/06. Billy. You went to the travelodge. ('all her. You didn't ask for her number fartn boy. Make tip for it now! [7471/27

V I saw you Kate (‘. your low cttt trousers aroused a prick of sexual desire in my pocket of emotion. now reserved for you oh blonde bubbling beauty. [7471/28

V I saw you messy dark haired indie boy behind bar in the note. Wanna look at my Ltd edition 7 inches'.’ [7/471/2‘)

V I saw you Williamwtxxl schoolboy in Borders cafe. witlt your girly curls and downy upper lip. [7/471/30

V I saw you at 'I‘raxx Saturday 7th. Red headed dancer. You're a funky prancer. Liked your hat baby. 1 was the topless competition. I)amo. X. [7471/31

V I saw you short diminutive red-haired cute. I used to work the satne place as you - Sauchiehall Street Saturday. [7471/34

V I saw you and you were me and I was everyone and you where everywhere btit you looked so sad 'cause you didn't realise...Maximtis. [7471/35 V I saw you at big Sandy's niqu out - You had a lust 4 life btit I have the Iggy Pops. [7471/36

V I saw you Wittle Kitten! lloldittg tip the bar in the note. You need a haircut - I've got the time if you've got the fur?! [7471/38

V I saw you boogaloo love hoo. koo + bear. [7471/39

V I saw you playing hide ck seek 123 in den. Nae back backers your burgers are rotten & kebabs in ttr sy stem? [7471/40 VI saw you hello Mr ('hef xxx but you're not the chef any more you have gotic. You have left 13th Note. But your lovely brown eyes are still here. [7471/41

V I saw you at the A (‘lose Last gig in King 'I'uts? You had pink hair and were hopping along all night. [7471/42

V I saw you screaming Queen working in the note - I love your band wanna twiddle my knobs'.’ From floppy haired indie boy. [7471/43

V I saw you Japanese at Botanic's Matstiri 22nd .Itme around 2pm. I wartt to practice nihingo. talk about genki tnono and graduate from sushi schoolH [.7471/44

V I saw you at the art skool streetparty. then the vic. you- Posh spice Iookylike. but much sexier! Mc- Dude with “Ramones” T-shirt who went to get you a drink? You disapeared with a guy and a girl. Boyfriend /(}irlfriend‘.’ He said your name was Leeann. How about that dinner‘.’ XX [7471/45

V I saw you Post office - Langside (Sat June 21). then again in Safeway (Pollockshaws Road) 15 mins later. You - tight black jumper and jeans. Me - jeans and black jacket (well just tip? ). We had each other's packages but I was expecting a delivery from the same place. Was it fate'.’ Iinjoy the book'.’ Faticy a drink'.’ L'/471/46

V I saw you grinning whilst giving tne a killer wedgie! ()wch man! [7471/47

V I saw you IIMV Arger St. lunchtime Wed 18/6/03. Basement. Soundtracks section. You - big guy in big dark coat. Me in burgundy jacket. You're a stunner. Get in touch. [5/471/48 V I saw you looking. do you want something. you need to be true to yourself. and let things be. my pillow which I lay my head. [.7471/4‘)

V I saw you Skankboy! Making sure I was still a social butterfly (()r lounge lizard!) when my sh‘t hit the fan! L' do my box in but We Kids Are A- ()k!!? (‘heers Pet!-Lx [.7471/50 V I saw you Stnirgen the Magnificent. I saw you from January-March this year in the 'Maxi Pad'. dancing 1980's style. Hey 1)]. pump this party? Miss you. Kiki LaRue [,7/471/51 V I saw you liminem (‘oncert 22nd June - Sandy frotn Glasgow. You had your name tattooed on your right shoulder. I had a Mickey tattoo & wore a yellow hooded top. Please make contact. L’/471/52

V I saw you limmcm night 5.15 traiti. you: lndepertdent reader. ()racle. America's ('up. lovely eyes; me: government. too old for BBC. dal/led by you. [7471/53

V I saw you leopardess, (iI’I‘ 24/06/03. long blonde tnane. blue jumper. long blue skin. Like to meet tip at the

w aterhole'.’ [7471/54

V I saw you 'I'am frotn Sonar festival- couldn't find [I at The Soft Pink Truth. Looked everywhere? I'm gonna be lit (ilasgow soon. Let's meet tip. Natalie [7471/55

V I saw you Iotilip!! Strutting your stuff at barfly!? What a dancer?! Your ltishis red lips?! Who was that you where with'.".’ Text me! Luv The 'Big' man [7471/103

V I saw you mUsic man in Shakra. Just thought I'd confirm that you are beautiful. You only shared your menthols with me but I wish it had been more. L7471/104

V I saw you iii the queue with me at Student Flights Byres Rd 26/6. You: New York MetBerlin. Want to swap travelogues'.’ [3/471/105

V I saw you Doyes (iirl in Firewater on Saturday. Forgot to come and see you at end of night. Sorry. Chris. [3/471/106 V I saw you in Healthland gym. dressed in black uniform & looking important. 'I'all. dark & handsome. seen u before on the train to shaws east. Made me join gym! I mite be lacking in the hair department but am over- compensating in other areas! Fancy meetin in sunbeds'.’ x L747 1/108


V I saw you in the Traverse bar during the spoken word 23/06. You had ‘drums not bombs' T-shirt. Fancy a go on my bongos'.’ L747l/56

V I saw you ya wee Danish pastry. IjUst thought you looked so tasty. with yer lovely blonde hair. and yer wee burn on your chair. Me and you should get frisky! L7471/57

V I saw you brown-eyed NB guy at the Peartrce. 1 want to eye you up again. Get in touch. [,7/471/58

V I saw you sweet petite Asian. and your butterfly. in the evening of the 4th June. dUsting books on the ground floor at Blackwell's. lfI had bought another four books. one at a time. you still might not have noticed me. I have not read any work by Balzac yet. so can I be your slim caucasian tailor‘.’ L7/471/5‘)

V I saw you working at the Peartrce. Belnrtd your glasses you hay e the most beautiful eyes IWL' C\L‘r seen. l’lt'ase serye me arty w Inch way.

[74“ not)

V I saw you Malcy of the Royal 'l'errace. late at tttgltt drinking wine ‘scetnmgly', Making the Royal 'I‘errace world a pleasant place.

[747 1 /(il

V I saw you Shetland pony girl. sitting with little mermaid fiin girl tn the l’eartree. How about an unholy trinity‘.’ [7471/62

V I saw you loyely' Lisa. ('an't believe we are fittally living in the same city' (ireat to have you around. loye Iim \ [7471/63

V I saw you tall. striking woman with light brown hair playing frisbce on the Meadows. Throw it to me sometime? [7471/64

V I saw you on stage at the Bongo (‘lub You were a sex god behind the mic. (’an 1 be your tnuse'.’ [7471/65

V I saw you iii Fopp. Rose St. You in Ramones 'l'-shirt; me. your perfect woman. Sexy. cool - want to meet me'.’ I think I love you xxx [7/471/66

V I saw you. Hope you get well soott. In my thoughts and dreams. and I'm wishing you all the best x [7471/67

V I saw you sexy boy Bevis - with your copy of "60-up". “’ill 2‘) do'.’ [7471/68

V I saw you Dave. working at the Peartrce. you are really sweet XXX [7471/6‘)

V I saw you under the Peartrce. Across the table from tne. I winked. you winked - now what d'ya think'.’ (iirl on the purple bike. [7/471/70

V I saw you playing bass with the ‘Abdominal Show'tnett'(0'1'11e (‘lubfoot in Henry's ('ellar Bar on 10/6. Like the cheesestring? Xxx [7471/71

V I saw you American Viking at the Iilephant House. looking sexy and worried. Write to the and I will ritakc you nice bagels for breakfast. [.7471/10‘)

V I saw you working behind the bar at ('ity Cafe on Tues in a grey t-shirt. You‘re lovely? L747 1/72

V I saw you in the Levi store dancing to Bon Jovi. You happy blond arid hooded mo fot 1’). Thanx for being happy. [J/471/73

V I saw you tall beautiful woman skipping across Jawbone walk and looking like a spy for the treeclimbing society. I hope you were spying on me. L'/471/74


"I’m really glad I came along. Where else can you go out and meet 25 single women in one night?

You’d have to be stupid not to give it a go” Matt Lawson, marketing manager, aged 34

124 THE LIST 3—1 7 JUI‘,’ 2003