V I saw you at your film opening. It was such a sexy experience. but not as sexy as you. I love you Louise. Keep in touch. (i xxx [,'/47l/75

V I 88W you (ieorge Mason lookalike from 24 in Traverse bar. Yoti only have a few hotirs left. so let's get together and blow up I.A. ['/47I/76

V I saw you in l-‘opp. Rose St on l7th June. You were wearing Schott blue bomber jacket. me wearing shiny Nike trackies - yoti smiled!

[747 l/77

V I saw you Anita—ta-ta. celebrating being 25 in style!! In the Traverse! [.747 l/78

V I saw you (0 diggin deeper 8; Nicol Iidwards - wicked night. You had brown hair and bltie eyes - will you be there on 26/07/03? [1/47 l/79

V I saw you working in Y()! Sushi Iidinburgh. Your name is Kirsty and you're small and perfectly formed. This female thinks you're gorgeous mate! [7471/80

V I saw you Tonic girl on your way to yoga. l was boy on bike on my way from pilates. Fancy sortie partner stretching? [747 [/81

V I saw you instructor in

Bannatynes. You are true beauty

titan! A v happy member! [.747 I/82

V I saw you trying to scrub the sinful stains from your pitiny after lunch at the Fruitinarket. It won't be long until I come in to dirty it some more... L'l47l/83

V I saw you at the corner of Conier Bank Avenue/Dean Park Crescent 8.30pm June 23. I smiled; your nose started

bleeding. You asked for a tissue;

I gave you my hanky. You offered to pay; how could I say yes‘.’ I've bought a box of tissues now in case we tneet again. L'/47l/84

V I saw you Traverse girl. blonde hair and beautiful eyes. and the prettiest smile I've ever seen [7471/85

V I saw you gorgeous girly redhead from the Traverse. Dinner dancing. drinks and a show'.’ Regular Boy x U/47l/86 V I saw you...beautiful. darling. beautiful! [7471/87

V I saw you everyone I left behind in November after 2 years of fun and occasional work. I miss you all still. kirsty. ernily. ian. angie. vickie. love you all. Jenni xx [7471/88

V I saw you Charlotte! VegasQI‘Ego 7/7 you that went to Goldsmiths. from Herefordshire. Sexy dancer that you are. I atn your cool kissing man with rhythtn. Call tne. Love Andy xxx L'/47l/89

V I saw you Burger King Boy on 25/06/03.. you had something to show off - but we both left quickly afterwards. Want to show off again'.’ I was wearing black shirt. you had white trainers. [7471/90

V I saw you heavenly body. at Corpus Christi at St Michael 8; All Saints. Tollcross. Let's scatter rose petals together [F/47I/9l

V I saw you ()perababe. Infrequent rail user seeks critical. Oxford-educated violin tutor. [,'/47l/92

V I saw you Paul sitting with me a month ago at that party. We left for yours after trying to hide. u tnade me laugh. thanx for your entertainment and ur bed x(}x U/47l/93

VI saw you. Bruntstield. a few weeks ago. You: cute Asian chick. We stared at each other from across the street. I asked you out. you have a boyfriend but you gave me your number but I lost it. I miss you! L'l47l/94

V I saw you Steven C. Ill/Des at Telford - fancy a drink sometime'.’ C [J/47l/95

V I saw you (ius. Congrats on getting your degree. We all knew you would do it. Big hugs and kisses Aldo. Ell. Rammy. Dance. Gregos. Thomson. Mikey. Carlos and Mitchell xxx U/47 1/96

VI saw you sexy bald bearded possibly bar manager in Negociants. Then I saw you play in Bannennans. Expect to see me soon. I will be working in Assembly when it opens. [5/471/97 V I saw you in Harvey Nicks window undressing some hunky man. looks like you've done it before.You dirrrty wee bird. luv Shortie U/47l/98

V I saw you @‘ Bennets. every week for the last 2 months! ur a pure babe! text tne! from the man who can work the handdryer! xxx. [5/47l/99

V I saw you in the kitchen. flashing your tan line in the shower. stealing a stella frotn the fridge. Its amazing living with you full time and can't wait to share our new place together. Love you shexy. p xxxxxxxx U/47l/I00

V I saw you Santi in Oscar's party 27th june.You gourgeous american girl with unforgottable eyes.You told me you like Intemational Relations. since then I'd love one with you'.’ Fancy a dinner'.’ U/47l/10l

V I saw you at the Robbie concert on Saturday night (Murrayfield Stadium) u gorgeous rusty/blondie haired guy wearing a green T-shirt and jeans. Me. tall brunette dressed in black with snake necklace. Could I be 'your brown eyed girl"? U/47 l/l02

V I saw you chatting Michelle up at the Traverse- go for it- she's into you and you know it makes sense- design in some luurve'.’! Partnership working! [747(l/5I

V I saw you Peartree garden. dark hair— obsessed with ponies and Tuesday. You ran away before I could kiss yourjuby lips. Please stop me“? Say hello Kitty- red Lady 7. [7470/53

V I saw you in your Chinese dress & red flowers in your hair. beautifully framed in black gazing (a‘ Traverse ceiling. [7470/53

V I saw you naked as the day you were born. want to skinny dip again in Dunsapic lough [7470/54

V I saw you in a photo (a the Traverse bar. (‘laire- you spin the out in all those stars. Call tne in five years! [7470/ V I saw you in I’eartree with your small cars. I think your kite obsession is cute. Shatne you're ugly. Love Blondie [3/470/55

V I saw you in the I’eartree Mr Monkey boy with your cute smile and your sexy eyes meow down boy woof woof I think I might love you [7470/56

V I saw you cute waitress with short black hair and blue jeans at the City Cafe. 2/6/03- me: blue jeans alsot and leatherjacket). Maybe I could make breakfast for you next time'.’ [.7470/57

V I saw you Debs. Books. Inverness. You touched my soul bigtime. 10/6/030i Cab Voltaire. Love like I984 L7470/58

V I saw you sexy lady in a blue shirt in the Peartree. I think I've seen you working in Partymania [7470/59

V I saw you. the best- looking barmaid in Edinburgh. The Peartree is a tnuch better place with you. [l/470/60

V I saw you Sexy Lady blowing up balloons in party mania. Curvy mid-length haired brunette... Maybe we could party one day... [7470/6]

V I saw you drinking in the Peartree- my 'V.A.T' really needs a right good seeing to- get in touch! Meet you at Lenny's! L'/47()/62

V I saw you shaking that arse in twigs. you're a tall Australian smoothie I want you badly [.7470/63

V I saw you sexy sailor- hatted man. In the Peartree l/6/03. drinking wine with Bohemian friends. I want to sample the delights of your tacky blue bag. (Sorry I'm pishedl L'/47()/64


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