Tall attractive male, .19. younger in mind ck deed. seeks slim female 25-35 for vv ho knovvs vvhat. ('all the on 09069 51-1258 Glasgow male, 53, tl/s. rare drinker. (18011. ()1 1A(‘. loads of love. Seeking similar. slim. attractive female. 25-38. no ties. for relationship & lasting friend- ship. (‘all me on 09069 51-13-15

Outgoing guy, 35, 5'1 l". hazel eyes. medium build. seeks black/mixed race. attractive girl. n/s. (‘all me on 09069 51-13-10

53er old male. likes music ck films. \\'1.'l'.\l female. similar interests. for good fun. (‘all tne on 09069 51-1339

Attractive dark, 5'1 1“, young 4-1yr old male. into out- doors, svv imming. cycling. music. cinema. eating out ck football. seeks attractive female for good company & fun times. (‘all me on 09069 5143-“

Professional male,

5'1 1", loves cinema. beer. the great otitdoors. music. cooking ck eating out. seeking soulmate. (‘all me on 09069 51-13-18

, A . .

ttractlve, creative, pro-

fessional male. 3-1. likes old movies. singing along to songs ck long vvalks. Seeks attractive. quirky vvotnan 25-35 to share good times. ('all me on 09069 51-1285

Kind-hearted caring male seeks a companionship/friendship vvith someone younger. I'm 57 but look about -15. very very genttine. ('all me on 09069 51-1282

Bright, good looking. easy going male. 27. new to lidinburgh. likes music. movies. drinking. dancing. travelling ck speaking foreign languages. Seeks attractive ck lively female. (‘all me on 09069 51-1286

126 THE LIST 19 June—3 July 2003

Interesting life loving, professional female. vv ants to meet a man to share laughs ck tears. (’all me on 09069 5l4346

Attractive smiley, blonde, 29yr old female. seeks male for friendship. relationship. socialising ck good times. ('all me on 091 )69 51-13-12

Very attractive, intelligent female 31. enjoys arts. literature. travel ck good conversation. seeks good looking. charismatic male vv ith (35011. 29-39y rs to share interests. lidinburgh area. ('all me on 09069 51-1343

Cute very young at heart My old fetitale. singer / song vvrilet'. looking for someone vv ith similar interests for fun. Must have ambitions ck not take life too seriously. (‘all me on 09069 51-13-14

Kent girl in lidinburgh. sltln. 3-1. good friends ck close family. seeks similar male to share a life of vv ine ck song. ('all me on 09069 51-1311

Friendly, caring, funny female. 35. no lies, positive outlook. seeks honest. intelligent. fun guy for friendship ck possibly more. l.ikes rugby. skiing. vvalks. country pubs ck nights out. (‘all me on 09069 51-1290 Professional, slim, petite blonde. 25. vvith cool kid. likes movies. cooking. shovvs. laughs. Seeks mature. funny. honest. intelligent. loving. strong guy for something really special. ('all me on 09069 51-1323

Very attractive, bright, vv itty. professional female. 3-1. seeks similar. handsome. genuine male 3()--10s vvith bags of charisma ck lest for life. (‘all me on 09069 51-1317

Attractive intelligent female, 29. loves to dance 8; dreams of snovv all vs inter ck sea all summer. seeks someone special to share a vvider vvorld. (‘all me on 09069 51-1256

21yr old student, quite outgoing. likes a good laugh. comedy. cinema. reading. ptibs ck good conversation. seeks someone to share these things vv ith. ('all me on 09069 51-1253

Pretty, vivacious n/s lady. mid -10s. daft sense of humour. likes singing. \vriting. vvalking. dancing. \\'1.'l‘.\l someone kind. loyal ck lively. (‘all me on 09069 51-1260

‘ll' 1C1 V/l Lil

Mad artistic blonde. 31. fit. urban. bright. vv ants cute. cra/y but calnt. :i/s. intellectual guy 20-25 vv ho is iitto outdoors. sport. art. tunes ck hooks from laclmburgh area. ('all me on 091 169 514263

Gay female, early 20's. ltkcs cmema. theatre. pubs. clubs ck eating out. \\'l.'l'.\l female vv llll (iS( )ll to ltave a laugh vv ith. ('all me on 09069 51-13-19

41yr old professional gay 1cmalc. (iSUll. likes theatre. cinema. mtIsic. food ck vv inc. Seeks similar vvoman. 30. for friendship ck relationship. (ilasgovv area. ('all me on (19069 51-13-17

Gay woman, early 50s, \\'l.'l'.\l another vvoman vv ho is compassionate. open-minded. open-hearted. happy vv ith herself ck vvould like to grovv disgracefully vv ith me. ('all the on 09069 51428-1

Gay feminine female 50‘s. [it'olesslonttk enjoy s travel. music ck concerts. animals. n/s. vvt.’t‘.\t genuine female. With (iS()ll. ('all me on 09069 51-1518

Professional gay woman. late 20s, happy, intelligent ck stable. seeks similar for fine vvine. good food. intelligent conversation ck the better things in life. ('all me on 09069 51-1255

Gay woman, 44, vs itty ck intelligent. \\'l.'l'.\l happy friends to share outings to cinema. theatre. an galleries. pubs. clubs. restaurants ck other fun places. ('all me on 09069 51-1319

Attractive professional gay lady. late 20s. boyish. into tnusic. films. theatre. vvalking. svs imming ck good food. seeks vvotnan to share interests. ('all me on 09069 51-1321

27yr Old male. good looking. dark hair. blue eyes. looking for similar guys for fun ck possibly ntore. lidinburgh area. Likes clubbing. eating out ck films. (’all me on 09069 51-1289

Gay male, 39, 5'8“ medium build. good ftm. enjoys cinema. theatre. travel ck eating out. \\'l.'l'.\l caring guy to share the good ck bad things in life. ('all me on 09069 51-1337

vf':;p.;‘ { ‘. c «a-T- A 1:25“-

”‘t “)Scidt‘S

1 safety (1111(lf‘l111(?5

Personals woman SEEKING MEN

I Attractive interesting lass, ~10. tlovvmg hatt. laughing eyes. likes outdoors. svvmtmmg. running. opera. lolk music. Seeks attractive solvent tnalc tot laughter. red vv me. vvcst-coast vveekends. friendshtp ...and a happy future together" tllos Number: l’/4"l/li

Professional female seeks clog lov mg ntale. ills. to share laughs. country vvalks. mitstc. films. tntetest tn old houses and occasional city ntghts out

(Box Number: P/471/2)

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