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WIN Bruce Lee Box Sets

To c0inCIde With our feature on the complete restoration of Bruce Lee s films. we are givmg readers the chance to wun a replica of his infamous track top and their very own commemorative box sets of the mOVies.

Several hundred thousand pounds have been spent by Hong Kong Legends pain-stakineg restoring these classm films for DVD release. With new animated menus and trailers. Lee's mowes have been given a fresh appeal for a new generation, who can now learn all about the history of the films through brand new commentaries. documentaries and never before seen footage.

To celebrate the fOrthcoming release of Buffalo Soldiers 115). on 18 July. The List has teamed up With Pathe to give away over 300 tickets at two excluswe screenings at the UGC in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Harris. Anna Paquin and Scott Glenn. Buffalo Soldiers IS a brilliant black comedy set on a US army base in 1989 West Germany as the Berlin Wall is about to fall.

By day speCialist Ray Elwood works as a Battalion Clerk and by night relieves his boredom

through black market deals. selling stolen Mop 'n' Glo to the locals and cooking up herOin for the bases ruthless head of Military Police. When new top. Sergeant Lee arrives to clean things up, Elwood thinks it's nothing he can't handle. But when he sets his eyes on the Sergeant's rebellious 7 daughter Robyn he discovers that Lee is more than he bargained fOr.

To enter. Just tell us: What colour is Bruce Lee's trademark track top?

l ; Answers on an email to BRUCE LEE, to a To get your free tickets. JUSI take this copy of The List down to either box office from 7 July and l 2 receive two free tickets for the excluswe screenings on Tuesday 15 July at 6pm for 6.30pm. promotionspllistcouk or on a postcard to The i i 1 List, 14 High Street. Edinburgh. EH1 1TE. PGC Foqmampark 7.; Deadlines for entries is 18 July 2003. Please 1 t 1' I " ' include a daytime telephone number and address. UGC Rentrew Street

Terms 8. Conditions There is no cash alternative. USual List rules apply.

' 2-for-1 meals at- Blonde

50% off all tapas dishes at Arta


The List has teamed up with Arta in Glasgow to offer all readers 50% off its tapas dishes for a limited time. By simply Cuttlng out the voucher " - - - - - - - _ - - - - - - - - - " below. List readers will be able to enjoy authentic Spanish tapas from I 7 l 1’ *5 "ll '1 “WK li‘ " l Lli’ll‘xlhll‘ «1 w"! «11' l My I Arta‘s classic and speciality tapas menus until Sunday 21 July 2003. I ' ~“"" "ill’xdi‘ii 077* l l" ' W l '1" “W‘- "Jl‘i‘ ’1 11”" I

- I 1 l * l - . ll 1:: "11» ‘11 11:; a. i'l"17.\‘.tl'\‘.l"t flu;- titir‘w t‘wwr izv-v‘vlatmi‘. falonth' I | This voucher entitles you to 50% off tapas | | i k 1. K .H 1. M i i ., 1 . . _ m 0 . , 1 . . W | I from the classm and speCiality tapas menus at Arta I | ,' 1 . N. I I it mu? I . I ARIA - I I T\¢ I I ' i am I . Blonde I I \I III|\III l\l'\\ \Il\\I\(.(IKkI\II\ I m-H'III l m : I 75 St Leonards Street I I 13-19 Walls Street I : Edinburgh : . Meérfhant City . . 0131 668 2917 . as OW

I g l | I . 0141 552 2101 , , . ' (after 7pm, please enter via 62 Albion Street entrance) ' I I I Terms and Conditions: There is no cash alternative. Offer is valid until Sunday 21 July 2003 On Sunday I I I

Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm to 9pm. Only Original vouChers accepted Please Quote ‘List' when I booking or presenting the v0ucher. Cannot be used in COHIUDCIIOO \‘l’III‘I any other offer I I I

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