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Who better to head up the first of our ten top tens m3 warn stains celebrating the past, present and future of T in the Park than THE WHITE _ the best live I could haye said: “OK. we're going to dress up like chickensf”

b d . th Id? It could have happened. Jack White could hay e made a hee-line an In 9 WOr ' Words: Mark RObenson for the fancy dress shop instead ol emharking on one of

rock'n'roll‘s most anachronistic musical and stylistic journeys since .lohn Lydon wandered up the Kings Road in a tartan hondagc ensemhle. White fronts and drives one ol‘ the most exciting and ell'ectiye rock hands in years and. while on the surface their image might seem conlt‘iycd. White insists it just ‘happened' —A a product ol‘ a l‘ew whims and throwaway decisions.

‘We saw a hag of peppermint candies one time and I said to Meg: “That should he on your bass drum cos you play like a little kid." And our last name was White. so maybe we could he the White Sti‘ipes.'

And who are we to argue‘.’ lispecially when this man chatting down the phone. previously branded surly and ohtuse. is being so damn polite. He gleefully retells the peculiar train of eyents that led him to l'ronting a hand who in presentation. and for a while there. in l'ormat too 7 were pretty much unique.

‘We thought maybe we should present ourselves as a unit and really hox otirselyes in. We wouldn't haye anyone else in the hand and dress only in these three colours and only use these three colours in our artwork and reyolye everything around the number three and we just got more and more into it. Whereas it you came up with an image and then