I, “16' k ,6": 5 ';., 2 .1 KYLII (1905) Indie Minogue made a brief appearance in Balado long before 'Can't Get . . .' blew up.

He was pie-ed up and sponing a tasteless mohican in this early post-Take That adventure.


A double dunt for Nic an' Nat.

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Who at 51 (then) is the oldest person ever to have graced the TlTP stage.

8 IA'I'AUIIHIRUGLIA (1008) "" Now rockin' the world With her shampoo commercials.

r H "I >'¢“"“|‘("""“ 15$."- w . Lm'i‘ivi. Who perhaps should have been shampoo commercials.

. 1f (8003)

This year's other chic chart-topping turn. Technically a grunger, but a pop 5 dad's eyes. so qualifies here.

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OIIIIIII'CIIIIIIW (1997) Also the only person named after a fruit to have graced the main stage.

did -C the Prodigy' and be accosted by randOm Women.


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20 THE LIST .-' ' '

«Nth .t‘J. taunt 31.1"!“ ".3 L":~. '




with their best and oldest track and the crowd were at one with them. Immense and a very big part of the sound of very early Slam nights sounded fresh and inspirational 12 years on.

'l DAH'PIIIIK K18- (1997) 1997 was the very first year of the Slam Tent and it was also the year that Daft Punk became million selling artists. They haven't IOured live Since but no one who was lucky enough to see them Will forget their appearances. The tent was treated to a rare and unbelievably funky cover of Lil' Lows' seminal Chicago jacking monster.

In 2001 he did an immense live rendition with ten-minute sax solo from the man with the red face. but the uplifting electronic riffs in ‘Crispy Bacon' took the tent and 12.000 strong crowd to a higher plane.

scum-unnammwmooi ., g“ ‘- One of Green Velvet 's alter ego's greatest moments played by one of the true innovators of the music w0rld. Andrew Weatherall, in 2000.

The big man has never disappointed and when he dropped his own early classic during the four-deck finale with Roger Sanchez in 2000. Scotland paid homage to its Chicago musical legacy

~ iilm The sacred Slam Tent bounced to pop gods Travrs when Tom Middleton droriped this ironic opener as it chucked down outside in 2000. Travrs. who headlined the main stage. even omitted it from their set the same day.

Green Velvet is an unbelievable live performer and he can pull the punches with his catalogue of monster club tracks. In 1999 he treated us all, and Scott McDonald. whose lighting designer had a whole display of green Strobes flashing from stage right on cue . . . prepare to flash indeed.

.... " Richie was a no-show in 1998 due to a BA strike and it nearly happened again in 1999 when he made it. but his rec0rds didn't. Nevertheless. he went on With our rec0rds and utilised a 909 for more than half an hour to get one of the biggest cheers of the weekend.

2001. the year Alien Radio came out. we closed the tent live on the Sunday. Envoy from Soma was our live vocalist and he introduced it: ‘Here's a song that only has one lyric and it goes a little something like this . . . POSITIVE EDUCATION CORRECTS ALL ERROR!‘ Our biggest song at our biggest gig and the home crowd rules!

. . _ _ = , * _ " I. -~ » . x . r ' This is the track we played to end the millennium on a Glasgow street party later the same

year and it may not be Surpassed in the effect it can have on the crowd. In 1999 Jeff came and blew everyone else out of the water with his Saturday closing set. The whole thing was

intense an amazing sonic iburney with no pause. A true Master at work.

In 2002 Orbital played what might be their last ever live date in the Slam Tent. They encored