22 THE LIST 3 '

REM stands for ‘rapld eye movement' and refers to the dreaming stage of sleep. Vocalist Michael 'l Stipe claims the band was almost known as Negro I l l


2 They wear ‘Nudle' eulte on tour

The spangly outfits bas3ist Mike Mills wore on the Monster T0ur are known as ‘Nudles' after the deSigner who created gear for c0untry stars of the 608 and 70s. The Suit Mills wears in the What's the Frequency Kenneth video was once owned by Flying Burrito Brother and muSic legend Gram Parsons.


According to rumOur. guitarist Peter Buck was once so drunk during the Work Tour that he staggered into the hotel. found the room assigned to ‘Buck' and crawled into bed with Rob Buck of suppon act 10,000 Maniacs. Hilarity ensued.

4 Thelr songs are great to elng along to The chorus of Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight is the subject of endless debate. Does Stipe Slllg “Call me in Jamaica'. or 'Only in Chalawaika?’ Or is it the pedestrian “Call when you try to wake her?‘ Suggestions on a postcard please.

REM's Green Grow the Rushes references Burns' poem. Green Grow the Rashes 0. Legend tells that Scots immigrants to the new world were especially fond of the work song, and became known to Hispanic residents as ‘greengrows' later shonened to ‘gringos‘. Appropriately. Stipe's version deals with American exploitation of Mexican migrant workers by US corporations.

6 They once had a Bingo Hand Job

Around the release of Out of Time when the band played 'secret' gigs at London's Borderline club. Bingo Hand Job was the name REM adopted in Order to guarantee a low-key event. Gold dust tapes of these shows still surface occasionally.

Covers REM have played and recorded include the Velvet Underground’s After Hours. Love is all Around by the Troggs. Gershwin's Summertime and The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

8 They support their local restaurant Automatic for the People was nicked from a sign in Weaver D's Delicious Fine Foods. a popular Athens eaterie. The phrase means that people at the restaurant ‘automatically' get what they want. “Does that come with fries?‘ ‘Automatic!’

Bill Berry. who downed sticks due to health problems in 1997, now drives a tractor around his Watkinsville farm, collects antiques and plays golf.

10 They're golng to go on and on

Despite Berry's departure. and although Peter Buck once joked in an interview that they planned to split up on New Year's Eve 1999. REM's remaining members say they plan to go on as long as they keep making good music together. Hooray!

(Alan RadCIiffe)