The Flaming Lips

Back for good

They came, they saw the carnage an they left. But they liked it so much they came back. Doug Johnstone

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Joe Strummer and Damon Gough were playing Connect 4 at

closing time. They asked artist liaison if they might borrow the Connect 4, a table and two chairs so that they could continue the Connect 4 marathon outside Joe Strummer's tour bus.

r L p ,4. ., LISTIIIADIRHOO'I) We had backstage passes which included access to the posh portaloos. They ran out of loo roll and I thought I would offer the person in front of me some tissues. The person in question was Saffron from Republica and the fragrant lovely declined advrsing me that she always drips dry. Baby she was ready to go.

I saw Beck play and about half-way through. one of his roadies came on with a cake and got the crowd to wish Beck a happy birthday. i said to my friends: 'I bet he does that every gig.’ Earlier this year Beck came to play the Usher Hall and one of the first things he said was 'I haven't been here in Scotland since my birthday.‘ My faith in rock'n'roll was restored.

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The first at Balado. Texas lust caught the mood and set the event alight. A Scottish band at a Scottish festival. The group seemed to have been dtiiet for a few years but were now on a roll that peaked lust at the right time, in the right place.

it was rumoured Supergrass had a penchant for Tunnock's Teacakes. As a conseQuence I found myself ferrying them from the festival over to Tunnock's HQ in Uddingston. The band looked a little bewildered when they emerged barefoot from a Rolls Royce to be greeted by Mr Tunnock himself.

, _. ._ f, fig‘IZII-IIIVAB (1997)

I performed with Kula Shaker. l don't think I ever saw a festival crowd Jump that high ‘en mass' before. I was dune shocked and wondered whether the stage was Sinking or were the

Crowd actually levnating?

An ex-boyfriend got us tickets through this guy who was friends with Radiohead. We ended up seeing Leftfield and the Chemical Brothers and didn't even realise Radiohead had been and gone. The next day we had got backstage and the friend made a big fuss about introducing us to Thom Yorke. i was too embarrassed to admit I hadn't heard a note and was congratulating Mr Yorke on his ‘really brilliant set'.

It was the middle of the afternoon we were made the King Tut's tent and there was sweat dripping off the roof and we kind of knew we were onto something.

I saw Bjork sitting on top of a caravan in a lovely wee pixie dress swinging her feet watching the world go by. happy as Larry. If only all pop stars could be like that.

A few personal highlights include last year's performance from the late. great Joe Strummer and watching Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher duetting on A Town Cal/ed Malice in 2001.