' 13Ju|y


I Eisley

lexan newcomers who toured the US wrth today's headlrners but are a lrttle more (lurrky

I The Darkness

Dod-retro rock stabs

I Echo & The Bunnymen Canny rock veterans who taught the day's headlrners all they know

I Sugababes

The sassy sound of the charts makes for sprcy pop popadum for Sunday lunch I The Coral

Charmed and classy Scouse pop nouse at rts very best

I Supergrass

Fuzzy choruses the srze of whales and srdeboards the shape of Wales.

I Feeder

Lrghters out! The anthems start here

I The Charlatans

Trrn Burgess rs strll a wrnner for Balado bravado

I Coldplay

The guret boys rn the class shrne as therr meteorrc rrse to Superstardom rs confrrmed

I Longview Ethereal. early Radrohead- esque rock shapes

I Hell is for Heroes

The 'metal Idlewrld' do passron and fragrlrty. Go see. I The Ravonettes

Boy grrl duo of ferst electroclashers wrth a penchant for wrrtrng songs all rn the same key

I Inspiral Carpets

Baggy veterans now reformed and revrtalrsed

I The Cooper Temple Clause

Unpredrctable art rock rudders from London rabble-rOusers I The Roots

Sensatronal hrp hop shapes I Turin Brakes

Melodrc SWOOnrng folk rndre turn who. desprte berng a lrttle too nrce. have flashes of rnsprred greatness

I The Streets

Mrke Skrnner's grrmy rap muSrcal mrsSrves rust keep rrngrn' rn our heads.

I Underworld with DJ Darren Price

More than just 'lager. lager. lager' they can move a crowd Irke few rock acts can wrth therr sublrme techno skrlls

I Mankato

Sounds lrke the Streets mrght rf they were brought up on the Krnks rnstead of the SpeCrals I Alfie

Much undervalued Mancs whose SOund rs lrke the Charlatans mrnus the flab

I The Grim Northern Social

They look lrke mods and rock lrke . . . erm rockers. Cocksure rock pop

I Ed Harcourt

A sensmve. If sometrmes a tad worthy. Srnger songwrrter

I Damien Rice

Davrd ‘James Bond' Arnold

The Bandits

produced hrs debut - a collectron of excellent ernotrve acoustrca

I Appleton

Nrc and Nat come out from the shadow of All Sarnts wrth therr own perky pop teasers I Mull Historical Society Brarnrac Colrn Maclntyre speCralrses rn buttery sweet melodres perfect for Summer afternoon consumptron

I Death in Vegas

A mrx of pure whrte ethereal rock and dark black evrl electro nOrse

I Lemon Jelly

Beats and bleeps that both wrbble and wobble as part of a resolutely JOy’OUS aural expenence

I Teenage Fanclub Perennral entertarners declared Scotland's frnest gurtar band' by one Fran Healy

SLAM TENT I Ewan Pearson 12-1 pm Chrlled house and techno

from the man aka Maas and Wcrld of Apples

I Gus Gus (live) 1—2pm Electronrc fuzz and theatrrcal house hrp hop drrect from Iceland

I DJ Sneak 2-3.30pm One of the ll‘.()SI respected DJs to come out of the Wrndy Crtv

I FC Kahuna (live) 3.30—4.30pm

UK techno electro duo behrnd last year’s rnsprred Mach/he Say Yes

I Slam (4 decks) 4.30-6pm

Do they really need an rntrOduCtron, T rn the P's very own techno twrns

I Royksopp (live) 6 -7pm Fantastrc Norwegran Surrealrsts who brought us ‘Eple' and ‘POOr Leno'

I Green Velvet (DJ set) 7- 9.30pm

lnsanrty and genrus often go hand rn hand, and here's a prrme example

I Richie Hawtin 9.30-

1 1 pm

A Hawtrn set pushes at the boundarres of what techno can aCCOrnplrsh


I Myslovitz

Poland's much underrated rock heroes make a welcome return to the Park

I Funeral for a Friend Aggressrve concoctron of emo. hardc0re and metal sentiments

I The Bandits

The Corals erstwhrle t0urrng deputres wrth a Slmrlar retro. rf maverrck. sprrt

I Kinesis

Englrsh post-hardcore brursers wrth a penchant fOr shopprng trolleys

I The All-American

Rejects "xii

I R n Sexsmith

t‘r‘mil m‘ .‘. f" 1 "ask "r: a" tt'ar‘xt’. .‘

I The Thrills Mtri" Aurel. sur‘sl‘”. Burr." l.‘. .'.t‘r~:b (\tvntr H'mrrnert; I OK Go

Maw: z‘xrr‘t-rlt‘arl ntr ptrnkstels, SUM .11 .'.'rIl) letter rokes and (tan ‘rnt;

I Tom McRae

Earnest actioustrr‘ strurns fron‘ Mercury pornrnaled troubadour

I The Rapture

New York's deserzedlr. hyped punk funk proneers lwrzr‘g Sunday to a scu.‘.“,_ !l cor‘l,



I Amateur Guitar Anti- Heroes

Hosyth's best kept secret a blrsterrng barrage of punk pop froth

I Alyssa’s Wish

Beatrng all corners rotrnd the

Nrrya'ra-rnf1uenced rnusrcal shards

I [Cayto]

The 80an edurvalent of tryrng to get an octopus onto a rollercoaster TWrsty turny magrc rock strangeness,

I Ursula Minor

A blurny rbut not Blury. Synergy of lo--fr rockrness and mashed up electronros

I Stickman

Spunky. Sparky rndre rock turn I Raar

Spatters of prog, pop and gla'n beauty over these globetrottrng rock hex sts from

the Black Isle


I Basil Issac lull/0 perCussron throughout the day frOrn thrs beatsmrtn

I Heads Up 12-2pm Broken beats from Fenetrk‘s Paul Cawley and frrends

I Bughouse 2-4pm Tough and funky tech-house boss

I Gareth Somerville 4-6pm

Real deal house from Ultragroove's marn man

I Subculture 6-9pm Glasgow Club legends Ham and Domrnrc show yOu wnat rt's all aDOut

I Benji Candelario 9—11pm

NY turntable master who knows a thrng or two ab0ut SOuHulhouse

3-17 Jul 20231115 LIST 27