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Deal Focus Film Festival (ihci (Various. l'K/l-raiice. 2W”) tbcmin Bold and thiNight-provoking works from hearing filmmakers who work with the deaf coiiiriiuiiity and/or in sign language The works include Inei/irevirli/e by l’hilipp Schappcrt from Germany. lags/i! by Kathrin Resetarits from Airstria and Sign/Sine by David llartnett. a documentary on lhiiidee's l)caf (’llolrs l'csllval l’l/Itl/lllllyt'. Infill/Hugh.

Dolphins tl'i (Various. 1S. 2000) tbcmm. 'l'he prixlucers of the most successful IMAX mov ie ever. I:i't’l'r’\!. take (is undersea into the aquatic home of dolphins. With narration by l’ierce Brosiian and music by Sting. MlxlX. (ilrtigoii:

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (12A) ('l‘roy- Miller. t'S. 2on3) liric ('hristiaii ()lseii. l)erek Richardson. ‘)()min. A prequel to the first film Dumb and Dumber set back in the I‘)X0s, it begins with the birth of Lloyd (the role originally played by (‘arreyi who. having been dumped by his mother. is adopted by a family who find him lltilk'ttftlblc'. He eventually meets Harry (the role originally played by Jeff l)aiiiels) m the special needs class, They become friends and begin a battle against the principal (lingerie Levy). to reveal his scandalous secret. (iener‘ul release.

0 Etre et avoir (To Be and to Have) (l') 0... (Nicolas l’hilliben. l-"rance. 2002) (ieorge l.ope/. l04miri. l’hilibert's documentaries are well recognised for managing to equal the emotional depth normally produced througli great fiction. and this film is considered his most successful to date. having premiered at lill‘l". 'Io lie and to [lure documents one year at (ieorge Lopez's one-room school house in the remote dairy farming region of Auvergne. See review. ('unieo, Iz‘rliIi/nogh. Feardotcom ( 18) so (William Malone. L'S. 2002) Stephen l)orff. Natascha Mclilhorie. Stephen Rea. l'do Kier. l0|niin. A website induces suicidal feelings in those who log on to it. causing them to die of fright exactly ~18 hours later. When dedicated cop Mike Reilly (Dorff) and ambitious public health inspector Terry lliiston (Mclilhone) team up to investigate a string of apparently related suspicious deaths. they are drawn into the cruel voyeuristic world fashioned by the site's creator. the depraved and psychotic Dr Alastair l’ratt (Rea). Director William Home on the Haunted Hill Malone abandons the plot's supernatural underpinning and lets the film degenerate into a crass race-against-time thriller. lts topical internet theme aside. this is as old- fashioned and dog-cared as they come. St’lr’r‘tr'rf I‘t'lr'uxt'.

Frida ( l5) .0. (Julie Taynior. l'SA/(‘anadzL 2002) Salma llayek. Alfred Molina. (ieoffrey RUsh. Antonio Banderas. Saffron Burrows. Edward Norton. l23niin. Actor Saliiia l-layek fulfills her life-long dream of portraying the Mexican icon. artist Frida Kahlo. in this film that chronicles her extraordinary life as an artistic. political and

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38 THE LIST 3—1 7 Jul 2003

sexual revolutionary (ii/eon. Iatoi/iioe/i Full Time Killer ( IS) 0.. (Johnny 'lo. Ktt-l‘dl \Vai. lloiig Kong. 2001iAndy 'l’akashi Soriiiiachi. Simon Yaiin. Kelly l00mm () (Sorimachii is a reclusive killer who is at the height of his game When 'lok (l.aui comes along and declares that he wants to be the no I killer. (is [Mil time housekeeper ('hin (l.m) becomes involved with both riieii Meanwhile. Interpol agent (Yann) is tracking () so closely that the Clllslyc assassin has become his one abiding obsession. Based on lidnioiid l’ang's superb book. this should have been something really special but directors To and War are too busy w liipping up feverish homagcs to their favourite auteurs. They seem unsure how to pitch this \‘lclotls tale of rcy‘L‘ligc. rcdcltlplloli. loyalty arid love. ('(i(' Rent/en Street. Glasgow. ('(i(‘. Edinburgh.

Genghis Blues (t‘i (Roko is .-\tlrl.'ltl Belic. l'S. l‘)‘)‘)) 88min. Multiple award winning documentary that was nominated for an Oscar in 2000 about blues musician l’aul Pena who put 'l‘uvan tliroatsmgiiig on the map. ('('A. (ilusgmi.

Gertrud (cert tbc) ((‘arl l)rey er. Denmark. l‘)()~l) Nina l’eiis Rode. Bendt Rollie.

l 16min. l)reyer's filial film and the one dearest to his heart. A portrait of a passionate woman whose unconditional love of the men in her life leads to both her misery and her ultimate freedom from them. I" Edinburgh.

Girls Can’t Swim (Les Filles Ne Savent Pas Nager) i lit) 00. (Anne-Sophie Birot. liraiice. 2000) lsild dc Besco. Karen Alyx. Marie Rivierc. Pascale litissieres. l0l min. The mother of IS-ycar- old Lise (Aly'x) has a very real trauma to deal with: the death of the man who walked out on her ten years before. It's also of course a tough time for her daughter who decides to take off from inland Brittany to visit her good friend (iweii (lsild l.e Bcsco) on the coast. where she gets emotionally attached beyond friendship. Will these feelings result in a deeper emotional bond. or would taking the feelings in the direction of sex cause more problems'.’ And. anyway. isn‘t (Ewen basically hetero'.’ Director Arme- Sophie Birot's humane little film carries with it much of the angst of those teenage years of sexual confusion. See review. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

Gods and Generals ( 12A) so (Ronald 'I‘ Maxwell. (S. 2003) Jeff l)aiiiels. Stephen Lang. Robert l)uva|l. Mira Sorvino. 231mm. 'llic rise and fall of legendary war hero ‘Stonewall Jackson'. The prequel to the l‘)‘)3 hit Gettysburg. On its release in the [S it was reviled by the critics but loved by the public. (ieorge Bush is rumoured to be a big fan. See review. ('(i(’ Renfrew Street. Glasgow:

Gostord Park ( l5) 0... (Robert Altman. l'S/l’K. 2001) Michael (iatllbon. Kristin Scott Thomas. Kelly Macdonald. I37min. 'llie Agatha ('hristie-esque murder mystery at the centre of (iusf'onl Park is the least compelling part of Altman's otherwise finely-observed period piece. Set in

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November l‘).i2 over a few days during a shooting party at the eponymous country estate of Sn William Mc('ord|e ((iambon) and Lady Sylv ia Mc('oi'd|e (Scott 'l‘homas). (,‘m/on/ I’ork details the relationship between the filthy rich upper class and their put upon servants. And what detail the film fleshes out all 25 iiieiiibci‘s of the excellent ensemble east. along with their individual sltirle. .\'o easy trick in two hours. ()(leon At The Qiruv. (iliiwoii.

7he Hours ( l2A) 0... (Stephen l)aldry. l’ls’. 2003) Nicole Kidmaii. Julianne Moore. Meryl Streep. l l-lmin. 'I'lie Hottrv takes Virginia Woolf's idea of a ‘woman's whole life in a single day' (see .llri Uri/lovi'rtv ) and extends it to three women from three different time periods: Woolf herself (played by Kidmani circa W25. 50s l.A housewife |.aiira Brown (Moore) and present day New York lesbian single mother. ('larissa \‘aughari (Streep). l'smg a series of common ttiotils to tiiov c effortlessly from narrative to narrative. it becomes clear that these very different individuals share the feeling they have been living their live\ for someone else. Screenwriter David Hare (adapting Michael ('unniiigham's novel) and l)aldry seamlessly blend the stories. and the performances are remarkable. (ieiiumely moving. ()r/r'oll (‘itv (.t'llll‘t'. (i/rtwoii.

I Capture the Castle (l’(i) 000

(Tim l‘ywell. (K. 2003) Romola (iarai. Bill Nighy. 'l'ara l‘it/gerald. l l2mm. (‘assandra ((iarai) is a l7-y'ear-old budding w ritcr who lives with her eccentric family in picturesque poverty in a dilapidated castle in 1930s Suffolk. ller elder sister Rose is desperate to escape the family's indigent existence and sees her chance in an eligible young American. But heartache lies in store before the family's fortunes can improve. 'lliis adaptation of It)/ l)alnmtirini author l)odie Smith's iiiuch-loved coniiiig-of—age novel boasts the cosy charms of the archetypal heritage flick. l'ndeniably slight. it would go down a treat as Sunday teatime fare on TV. Dominion. Edinburgh.

I Love you Baby ( IS) (Alfonso Albaccte. l)avid Mcnk‘es. Spain. 200l) Jorge Sanl. Santiago Magill. 'l‘iare Scarida. 105mm. A light comedy about a young country boy's coming of (honioisesual age at the hands of an aspiring actor in Madrid. Watch out fora cameo by Boy (ieorge. Part of the 17th London Lesbian and (Say l‘ilm Festival on tour. Film/rouse, lit/inlmrg/i. Identity ( l5) 0... (James Marigold. l'S. 2003) John ('usack. Ray l.iotta. 90mm. Agatha ('hristie's Ten Little Indians gets a big screen work over when a bunch of vaguely dysfunctional individuals become holed up in a decrepit motel for the night became of torrential rain. (ireat pacing and

More birds, bikes and baddies in Charlie’s Ang

437.. els: Full Throttle

fabulous performances. this will have you arranging murder mystery weekends quicker than you can say ‘( ‘olonel \liistaid did it iii the dining room with a huge [llt'st‘ of lead pipiiig' Director James ( lip/(Hid. (irrl Interrupted Matigold's best film to date (ienenil releuve

lgby Goes Down ( l5) 0.. (lliiii Steers. 1S. 2002) Kieron ('iilkiti. Susan Sarandon. Ryan l’hillips. liill l’ullman. Jeff (ioldblum 10.1mm. Seventeen yearold lgby t('ulkm) may come lioiii a privileged background. bill be loathcs his tumoust self-absorbed mother Mimi (Sarandoiii and his ultra-materialistic Republican brotlici ()livcr (l’hilippei llis schi/opliieiiic l)ad (l’ullmani has long since been confined to .i home for the 'beliiddlcd'. 'l’hiown out of countless cspensivc educational establishments. lgby pillcrs one of his mum's credit cards and holes up in New York. crashing at the plt‘tlrd'lt‘l‘lt‘ of his conspicuously successful godfather l)|l ((ioldblumi. along witli the latter's volatile choreographer mistress (Amanda l’ect) llangmg out with a quirky Jewish girl. lgby rails against the phonmess of the adult world. Steers has a talent for writing acidly amusing dialogue The film also side steps the cliches that befall so many coming‘ol age pictures by withholding any \Illlplhlls moments of redemption fioiii the central narrative Yet despite the acting talent at his disposal. and the many creditable performances. Stccrs ncv er quite makes us feel for his creations. It‘s an angry film. which is catistically entertaining without ever achicv mg a tragic dimension Se/u Il'tl I'l'l('(l\('.

Ignorant Fairies (le fate ignoranti) t IS) 0. (l'ei‘lan ()lpctck. ltaly/l-rance. 200i ) Mai'gliei'ita Buy. Stefano Accorsi l05mm. A woman‘s husband dies and she discovers among his belongings a letter from his lover of a number of years Wondering who this my sterioiis lady might be. she investigates and finds not a woman but a man and. by extension. a gay milieu in which she becomes increasingly involved 'l‘hcre's nothing really w roiig with ()Ipetek's film. but ll feels like a work of therapy. an emotionally neat and tidy study of messy livcs ('roneo. [attribute/I.

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