The Cathouse, Glasgow. Sat 21 Jun oooo

Flint treads dangerously close to being a rock supergroup, featuring among others, Prodigy frontman Keith Flint, ex- Pitchshifter axe man Jim Davis and the vocalist from Sulpher, Rob Holliday, acting as touring bassist.

The band are out to sharpen their claws as a warm up to T in the Park with a low key, semi-secret gig to a mildly-surprised under 18s crowd and the high velocity opener ‘Asteroids’ blasts the gig off in no uncertain terms. Flint are more of a stripped down, guitar-based affair than the transistor-fuelled Prodigy, with big, dirty, snarling punk stomps, backed with driving twin tribal drums. As the incendiary current single ‘Aim 4’ ignites the frenzied mass, the awesome double drumming salvo on ‘Piggy’ seems to inspire the unbridled frontman to climb the barrier and join the crowd in a show of camaraderie.

Keith Flint is a fearsome presence with his spiked blonde mohican, piercings and panda make up, throwing shapes made familiar by the ‘Firestarter’ video

Spark of Manson magic from Keith

during the adrenalised beast Kamikaze. The highlight here, however, was a souped-up version of Marilyn Manson's ‘Mobscene‘, or ‘Obscene' as Flint have re- christened it. The high octane rendition is as intense as it is dynamic and makes a riotous finale to the short but sharp set, with the sweat-lashed frontman announcing: ‘Once again Glasgow's not let me down,’ leaving the young crowd thoroughly shellshocked, but ultimately satisfied. The filth and the fury has just begun.

(Duncan Bryceland)


JIMMY CLIFF ooooo Liquid Room. Edinburgh, Tue 17 Jun

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sunny days.

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rDayrd Pollock»


Stereo. Glasgow, Sun 29 Jun

While (30.000 people headed to Murraytreld tor Robbie Williams; second night of pub singing. a more modest Crowd gathered at Stereo for Pedro the Lzon's first Scottish gig. The ll‘allnet? performance was unexpectedly oust. and akin to an indie hruncrt.

Dayrd Bazan. aka ‘the Iron. a singer songwrrter from Seattle. played a lengthy but Outstandrng set of warrr‘. rnelodrc tunes. coming from the same kinda route as Sehadoh and Smog. Accompanred by a drummer and a laptop. he managed to setrnd almost exactly like hrs recordings. Touching ort songs from hrs past three albums. hrghlrghts of the set came from his most successful release l/l’nners Never Ourt. which tells the story of a man who krlls hrs partner and rs determined to get to

Lion on stage, tiger in bed

heaven through not herng caught Hr: also played a new song. Br’l(fk‘.‘.'t‘l’():; Amerrca. a polrtrcal tune concerning the shady state of the nation.

Halt way through the set he staged an impromptu OM session where he revealed he'd he hack rn Scotland Wllll a full hand and a new alhurh come spring. Make Sure you're there to hear him roar; lCarolyn Raei


I Live + Loud llampdcn Park. (ilasgrm. 27 Jul.

I Dionne Warwick Princes St (iardcnx. lidinhurgh. 27 Jul. I Jools Holland l’rinccs Sr (iardcns. lidinhurgh. 2% Jul.

I Gorky Zygotic Mynci Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 4 Aug. I Bright Eyes (ilaxgou l'nixcrsil} Dchating (‘hamhcn 5 Aug.

I Super Furry Animals Queens Hall. lidinhurgh. 5 Aug. I Durutti Column Quccns llall. lidinhurgh. 6 Aug.

I Concert Against Landmines l'crir: Emmylou Harris, Billy Bragg, Joan Baez, Chrissy Hynde, Steve Earle Princess Sr (iardcns. lidinhurgh. ‘) Aug.

I Best of T Break Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. It) Aug.

I Kelly Osborne (‘nrn lixchangc. lidinhurgli. l2 Aug. I Tim Burgess Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. l2 Aug.

I Horse Quccri's Hall. Edinburgh. 13 & 14 Aug.

Glas ow to _ Edin urgh r

52 THE LIST 3-117 Jul 2003

Tickets an available from: Tickets W: Tickets Wand: m Records: Way

I Policechief Liquid Room. Racing ('ircuit. 23 Aug. SCI).

lidinhurgh. 14 Aug.

I David Gray (‘orn lixchangc.

lidinhurgh. l5 Aug.

I The Trashcan Sinatras Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. lo Aug.

I Elbow Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. I7 Aug.

I Ash ('orn lixchangc. lidinhurgh. l3 Aug.

I Ice-T Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. lh‘ & 1‘) Aug.

I Manu Chao, (‘rirn liwhangc. lidinhurgh. 1‘) Aug. I The Ataris Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 20 Aug.

I Reel Big Fish ('orn lixchangc. lidinhurgh. 20 Aug. I Brian Kennedy and Mick Hart Rcid Hall. lidinhurgh. 20- 23 Aug.

I Sum 41 (‘orn liwhangc. lidinhurgh 2| Aug.

I Hot Hot Heat Liquid Room.

lidinhurgh. 21 Aug. I Runrig Stirling ('asllc. Stirling. 23 Aug.

I Status Quo Knockhill

II 00‘"

I Grandaddy Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 23 Aug.

I Van Morrison Stirling (Hixtlc. Stirling. 24 Aug.

I Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and PJ Harvey (ilil\gll\\ (irCL‘ll. (ilaxgrm. 24 Aug.

I The Polyphonic Spree and Ladytron (‘orn lixchangc. lidinhurgh. 24 Aug.

I Interpol Liquid Room. lidinhurgh 24 Aug.

I Placebo (‘orn lixchangc. lidinhurgh. 25 Aug.

I The Rapture Liquid Room.

lidinhurgh. 25 Aug.

I Junior Senior Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 26 Aug.

I Spooks (iaragc (ilaxgou'. 26 Aug.

I Rolling Stones Sli(‘(‘. (ilaxgou. l rk 3 Scp.

I Matchbox 20 Sli('(‘. (ilasgou. 4 Scp.

I Ocean Colour Scene l’la)houxc. lidinhurgh. 5 Scp. ('arling Acadcm}. (ilasgou. (i

I Fun Lovin’ Criminals llarrrm land. (ilaxgou. ll) Aug. I Dixie Chicks Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. l2 Scp.

I Kelly Rowland (‘hdc Auditorium. (illlxgtm, l3 Scp.

I Starsailor (’arling Academy.

(ilaxgou, l‘) Scp.

I I Am Kloot (iaragc. (ilasgou. 23 Scp.

I Mls-Teeq (’arling Acadcm). (ilaxgrm'. 24 Scp.

I Alkaline Trio Barrrm lands. Glasgow. 24 Sep.

I Rancid Barron land. (iliisgim, 25 Scp.

I Craig David (‘urling Acadcm). (ilasgrm. 30 Sup.

I Motorhead Barrow land. (ilasgou. l()()ct.

I The Donnas (idrdgc. (iliixgtm. l2 “(L

I Athlete (iaragc. (ilasgou'. l4 (M.

I Zero 7 ('arling Acadcrn}. (ilasgou. 180d.

I Hundred Reasons (iaragc.

(ilaxgou. 25 ()ct.

I Christina Aguilera Sl-;('('. (illug'tnk. 28 on. soil) (N "l'

I Meatloaf Sli(’('. (ilaxgou. 2| Not. SOL!) ()l'T it 27 Not. I Stereophonics Sli(‘('. (ilaxgmi. 22 SOLD ()l'l (Q 23 Nox.

I Echo and the Bunnymen Bum)“ land. (ilaxgou. 28 Not.

I Badlohead Sli('('. (ilaxgou, All .\.(l\.

I Sugababes ('urling Academy. (ilaxgou, .it) No\.

I Simple Minds (lulc Auditorium. (ilaxgrm. l Dec.

I The Human League Barron land. (ilaxgow, 7 Dec.

I The Wonder Stuff ('|}dc .-\lldil()l’itllll. (ilaixgrm, ‘) Dec.

I Elton John Sli('('. (ilaxgou, ll) DCL‘.

I UB40 and The Stranglers (lulu Auditorium. (ilaxgrm. l‘) Dec.

I Justin Timberlake, Sli('('. (ilasgrm. l4 Jan.

I Beach Boys ('l}dc Auditorium. (iluxgou, 4 Mar.