I Freewheelers Brel. W 4% Ashton l.anc. 342 4966. 6pm. l'ree. Sa\ophonrst Roh Hall and his cohorts

I London Community Gospel Choir (ieorge Square. 564 3400

6. 30pm. l-ree. The choir lend their llllprL'\\l\L' colleetne since to soul. suing and hlues as v. ell as classic gospel songs as part a free concert at the (ilasgou Ja// l‘eslntil.

I Lynne O’Neill Trio 0K0. 65' lngratii Street. 572 1500. 7. 30pm. The See Thu 3.

I Dougie Harrison and Duncan McCallum The Bruits“ ick Hotel.

106 S Brunswick Street. 556 5626. Spin. l-ree. Blues. l.atin .’\lllL‘l‘tL'tlll and litiropeari gH‘ls} music front this guitar duo. Part of the (ilasgrm Jal/ l-esti\a|. I Andy Mann The ('orintliran. lngrarn Street. Spin. l’ree. See lit 4.

I George Ogilvie’s Chicagoans St Andrew ‘s in the Square. ()0 Saltmarls‘et. St Andrew 's Street. 548 6020. S.30pm. l‘ree. The best in traditional and .\'e\i ()rleans ja/l led h} (ilasgov. 's longest estahlished hand leader.

I Wayne Krantz Quartet Spiegeltent. (ieorge Square. 564 3400. 8.30pm. £13. (itiitarist \Va}iie Krant/ adds sawphonist I)a\ id Biime} to his iisiial trio. See panel. Part of the (ilasgtm Ja// l'tNllHtl.

I BuZzy ('it)‘ lnn.1"innieston()ua}. 227 1010. 9pm. £18.95 £25. ('Iiris (iriexe's nets group pla} irig afro-(‘uhan tunes \\ ith a touch of run as part of the (ilasgoii Ja/x l’estixal‘s ‘dinner' iaH‘ series.

I Boogaloo Investigators Bar 0|. 9| ('andleriggs. 552 5211. 0.30pm. Free. Retro funk and soul cornho pla} ing as part of a \ieekend scooter tall}. Modtastie. Part of tlte (ilasgou Jal/ l'estii'al.

I Stuart Brown Trio Blacklriars. 36 Bell Street. 5.52 5924. lllpltt. liree. llighl} promising )oung trio led h} this innoiatii e drtrtnmer. Part of the (ilasgou Ja/l l’cstival.

I Tina May Spiegeltent. (ieorge Square. 564 3400. 10.30pm. £5. .\ talented. sensuous and \ersatile mice in the iiorld of [K ja/I. Tina is featured with a sextet. Part of the (ilasgoii Ja/l li‘sllutl.

I Soundbone and the Funk-Out- Fit :\d l,ih. 111 Hope Street. 248 6645. 1 1pm. £5. See Sat 5.

I Wee Small Hours Millennium llote1.(ieorge Square. 332 671 1. 11pm. liree. See Thu .3. Part of the (ilasgoii Ja/l liextiuil.


I Melting Pot llenr} is Jan (char. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. midnight. £5. ‘l‘rirriipeter ('olin Steele (Midnight Blue Band) leads his si\-piece through a dancelloor-minded ja/l set. \\ ith the emphasis on the funk.

I Toto’s Jazz Quartet llarr} 's Bar. Randolph l’laee. 3.30 6pm. l-"ree. .v\ngie King joins tltis funk) quartet to pro\ ide the \‘oettls.

I Bill Kyle’s Backbeat Band (‘aharet Voltaire. 36 38 Blair Street. 220 6176. 7.30 10.311Pm. Free. A modern selection from this electric jal/ quartet led h)‘ drummer Kyle. Part of Music Da} Scotland.

I Bourne/Davileane llenr} \ Ja/l (‘ellarx .S‘ Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £7. A quick dash along the MS after their afternoon .set at the (ilasgoxs Jal/ li‘estiial. See Sat 5.


I Sunday Brunch with Tom Colquhoun Spiegeltent. (ieorge Square. 564 3400. l 1am. While axsa} the last day of the (ilasgois Jan liestiial with guitarist Tom (‘olquhoiiir

I Sunday Brunch with Stephen Duffy and the Sandy Taylor Trio

The Beardiiiore llotel. Beardrriore Street.

(‘Iylehank 95] 6000 noon 3pm So mg ra/I singer Stephen l)tlll_\ teams up \\ rtlr the Sand} 'la_\lor 'lrio tor a lunchtime session as part ot the (ilasgou .laI/ l‘e\ll\;il

0 Billy Jenkins and the Blues Collective Spiegcllent. George Square. 564 3400 lptrr £6 Returning to his first line the hltres Bill} Jenkins grouls his Hl‘SL‘l'Htllth on modern lite “1111 some litre 111 era/ed: guitar \iorl. going on underneath. l’art ot the (ilasgois Ja/l l'estnal.

I Dave Wilson 8: the Uptown Shufflers ('rt} Inn. l'rnnieston ()ria). 227 1010. lplll. £16.50. .-\n tip-tetripo selection of trad. l)i\reland and w. mg ra/l. inspired h} iaH's roots in America's deep south as part of the (ilasgmi Jal/ l‘eslixal‘s ‘dtnner |a//' \et'ies.

I Jazz Brunch ('ate Source. Sr Andre“ s in the Square. St .'\lltll'e‘\\ s Square. Ull Salllllttl‘lu‘l. 54860211 lpm. £7.95 (Free it not eating l. Bohh} \Vrshart and friends pla} a ial/ hriinch tor a chilled end to the \\ eelsentl. Price includes refreshments hut no charge for bar and side lounge.

I Raymond Tait Trio Beer ('ale. ('andleriggs. 552 0815. 2pm. 1'ree. Young protege frorn the l‘ionna Duncan \oeal \Hil'l'sshttps. Part of the (ilasgou Jal/ l't‘sllHtl.

I Poindexter Quintet I.aurics Bar. 34 King Street. 552 7123. 2pm. liree. (iiiitarist ('harles Reill) leads this line mainstream iaI/ quintet. Part of the (ilasgms Ja/l l’t‘sllHtl.

I Ordesa Tron Theatre. ()3 Trongate. 552 4267. 3pm. £10 1 £3). ('anadian Kenn} Wheeler regarded as otte o1~ the \torld‘s hest trumpet and flttgel horn pla) ers joins \ttXttpltttttlxl Stan Stillman and guitarist John l’arricelli as part of the (ilasgou Jal/ l‘cstixal.

I The Black Star Steel Band Spiegeltent. (ieorge Square. 564 3400. 3pm. liree. .\'ot strictl} ja/z htit a selection of great sounds from this (‘ar'ihhean \L‘\ en piece hand featuring steel drums and sa\ophone. Part of the (ilasgois Ja/l l'iesti\a|.

I Campbell Cosidine and Stewart Harrison Duo Wax} ()‘(‘()llllt)l"\. 44 “est (ieorge Street. 3.54 5154. 3pm. liree. Swinging ja/l \ocals u ith Steuart Harrison on bass. Part of the (ilasgoxs Ja/l l‘estiial.

0Tony Bennett (ieorge Square. 564 3400. 6pm. £5. ()n the Ro)al Bank Big

i 2-'


\lag'e' one it! the l‘lg‘g‘tNl .llltl l‘e'\l li‘\etl singers pcrtotnrs and \\ lll trrrdotihtedl} he going a rendition ot his signature. I .'( I: mu innit/1: Sim Intratuu ltlsel} It‘- l‘e' .t Sell 0111 llii“ llelse‘1\ \\ t‘ls‘ going taxi. and no surprise him ottetr can sort hear Ion} Bennett tor a ti\ er ' l’dl'l til lltt‘ ( ll.l\:_'l‘\\ .l.l// l't'\ll\.tl

I Lynne O’Neill Trio (its lnn. l-mnieston Quay. 227 1010 7pm

{15 ‘15 SL'L‘ lllll 3

I Duncan McCallum 8: Dougie Harrison loop. 64 Ingram Street. 572 1472 “pm. l'tee (itntar diio pla} mg hltres. [arm and g}ps_\ |.t// l’ar't ot the (il.t\go\\ lit/l l‘e\ll\.tl

I Paul Gallagher 1he('oi'inthran. lngrarn Street. Spin. l-ree. Solo piano L‘lttSSICS.

I Bobo Stenson Trio Splegellenl. (ieorge Square. 564 3400. Split. £13. Suedish pianist Boho Stenson is ruined h} hassrst Anders lorrnm and drummer .lon l'alt for an exerting o1 music that draw s on folk melodies. ('uhan hallads and (ierman 1.reder tor a unique ial/ sound. Part of the (ilasgov. Ja/l l'cstixal.

I Cafe Cossachok Finale ('ate ('ossaehok. Rtissran (‘iiltural (‘eiitre. 10 King Street. 553 0733. 0pm. £5 i£3i. Rotttttllttg‘ oll (.USilClllllNIS glgx o\ er the (ilasgou .la/I l'estnal. Kexha and the Moseou (‘hildren's Ja/I linseinhle iom lilt’L'eS.

I Picante Blaelslr'iars. 36 Bell Street. 552 5024. ‘lprn. l‘i'ee. Drummer Ken Mathieson's hand pla} mg irrodern ja/l and hlues \\ ith special guest sa\ophonist Jirnrn) \Vood. Part of the (ilasgois Jan l‘esti\al.

I Paul Towndrow Quartet Tron Theatre. ()3 'l‘t'ongate. 552 4267. 0.30pm. £6 (£41. :\|to sa\ophottt\l

Tots ndroii the onl} pla_\er from the 1K to reach the final of this _\ear‘s World Sa\ophone (‘ompetition to he held at the Montreu\ Jan l‘estrial in Jul} pla)s next tunes from his latest alhurn ('olours. Part of the (ilil\}~'()\\ Ja// l‘estiial.

I Tommy Smith and Brian Kellock Spiegeltent. (ieorge Square. 564 3400. 10pm. £5. Setting a neu tritisical standard \\ ith this meeting of l\\() of Scotland's greatest ja/l rnaestros as part of the (ilasgois Ja/l l'estiial.

I Wee Small Hours Millenniutn llotel. (ieorge Square. 332 671 1. 1 1pm. Free. See Thu 3. Part of the (ilasgots Ja// l‘estiial.

Mabulu play the Toolbooth, Stirling, Sat 12 Jul

iaZ: listings Music


I Toto's Jazz Trio 1'he(io1t l'a\ein. lltllte Sllt‘k‘l. l C1111. 2 ill 4 3“PM l‘rce llirs time it‘s .lrmni} (irlmoie ioinmg ll‘lil li‘l \i‘edl lllL‘li‘tl}

I Okehampton College Biggish Band Ross l’heatre Bandstand. Princes Street (iardens. 3 30pm l-ree ‘\ programme ot 50s ral/ classic trom the hrg hand era performed h_\ the ()keharnpton (‘ollege Band

I John Goldie and Graeme Scott Trio lleni) \ .laH (‘ell.ir. S Morrison Street. 467 5200 .S 30pm £5 .\ rare solo set ltottt guitarist John (ioldie plus (ir'aerne Scott leading his straightahead

I Tam White \\ee l'olls (‘ltllx Rtl}§ll ()ak. lnlirrnar} Street. 557 2076. .S’.30prn £3. Modern |a//»hlues lr'orn legendar) \ocalist Tarn White

I Bill Kyle’s Sh" Hot Jazz Quartet llimian Berln. 2 S West (it'osseauseuaiy (to: SSH).

‘lpm midnight l'ree Drummer Bill K_\1e"s latest grouping. featuring (iordon McNeil l\.l\L‘\l. Stuart (iorman igmtarr and neu 2ll-_\ear-o|d hass sensation Ke\in (ilasgms


I 4 Jazz (ia\rn's Mill. 3 (iaun's Mill Road. Mrlngaue. U56 2255. Split. l-ree. ()uartet producing suingmg _|;l// standards teatui'rng guitarist Boh Sloan and \oealist (‘amphell (’onsidine.


I Okehampton College Biggish Band .-\ssetnhl} Rooms. 54 George Street. 220 434‘). 7 0pm. £5 l£3l. See Sun 6.

Wednesday 9


I Okehampton College Biggish Band Reid (‘oncert llall. lidinhurgh l'nixersit}. Bristo Square. 668 201‘). 7.30pm. £5 (£31. See Sun 6.

O Graeme Stephen/Fraser Fifield Quartet llenr} 's Jail ('ellar. X Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5. lilectrie _|a// guitar gromes from Stephen meets lie“ rh}thms and atnhient celtie pipes and sa\es from Salsa ('eltica piper l‘raser.

I Chaos Theory Southern ('ross ('afe. 63a ('oekhurn Street. 622 0622. 0pm midnight. l‘ree. ()riginal compositions from this next quartet. ltismg Jan. funk and rock. featuring l)oiig Tipled} on sa\es. l’aul Kirby on ke)hoards. Kei in (ilasgtm on bass and (This Wallace on drums.

Thursday 1 0


I Lynne O’Neill Trio Ad l.ih. I I I Hope Street. 248 6645. 8pm. £2. See Thu 3.


I Moisha’s Bagel llenr) ‘s Jal/ (’ellar. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5. Ja/l inflected Hunter and halkan dance triusic featuring (ireg Laisson on fiddle from Mr Mel-all's ()rehestra. l’ete (iarnet on accordion. Phil Alexander on piano and Mario ('arihe on httss.

I Out Of the Bedroom Waverley Bar. 1 St Marys Street. 557 1050.

9pm riiidnight. 1’ree. See Thu 3.


I Yush Records Showcase Night llenr} ‘s Ja/z ('ellar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. midnight. £5. Hip hop. funk and ragga from YUsh All Stars and Raf.

I Chick Lyall Trio Henry's Jau (char. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5. Local jaz/ pianist and composer performs in his net». trio.

3-7 7 all 27/; THE LIST 63