CLUB NIGHT CAPTURED Peppermint Lounge. Edinburgh. Fri 20 Jun 0000

‘We hate it when our friends become successful,‘ Morrissey warbted, and it is with similar mean-spiritedness that I will come to regard Captured, Edinburgh’s newest weekly comedy night. Before the club’s second event, the comedy grapevine, like a geriatric Mr Tickle, was still to flex its creaky tentacles, so the Peppermint Lounge was hardly hoaching. This at least meant that seats were in abundance, allowing the few intrepid punters to sit back, spread out and perform star-jumps if desired, all in the company of Scotland’s sharpest talent and some gratifyineg cheap booze.

Compering duties for the evening were performed by the wonderfully coarse Jill Peacock, who gamely blasted through some international stereotypes, despite the lack of a cosmopolitan flavour in the room. ‘00 you know about our Scottish cunt?’ she demanded, swooping in on the token table of Ozzie backpackers. ‘lt’s an affectionate term over here. Use it on the man with tattoos and one eye holding up the queue at Gregg’s.’

Having left the Antipodeans trembling in fear of the entre-acte, Peacock gave way to gigantic Graeme Thomas who, despite wielding the microphone like a pair of clackers, regaled with his gentle, nervy observations. In marked contrast, Saj Chauhdry’s satirical seething confirmed the Glasweigan comic's reputation as a confident, original talent, while open spot Sarah Wilson turned the air a glorious shade of blue with her filthy diatribe on sex and childbirth.

Headliner Rhys Darby brought the show to a stunning climax with some uncanny sound effects and rubbery physicality. With a DJ topping things off until 3pm, Captured is exceptional value for £7 and deserves a hefty crowd. Just leave a wee corner for your friendly neighbourhood reviewer. (Allan Radcliffe)

70 THE LIST 3—1 7 Jul 2003

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to comedy®list.co.uk, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Maureen Ellis.


Kevin Bloody Wilson \\alk.il\oul. chlicu Sticcl. 332 S20” 7pm £.S ,-\u\tr.ili.i\ outhack outlaxx and king ol harxtool plttlti\i\pltlt'\ \lltlllt\ .i incii‘_\ niclod} ot I'JUUlltS. baud) .iiid lcu d \ongx. co\cring t'\c'i'}tliiiig lioin prcniatuic ciaculation and drinking licci to tlic coinincicial L‘\ll\ ol ('liii~tiii.i\

The Stand llic Stand. 555\\1N‘tll.llltl\ Road n.\‘n (inn (i055 0pm {5 i121» 'l'ht- ho} l\ll .loc llccnan tlltlt'.t\ltt‘\ ltt\ lining chai'in. \tith \upporl lioin John Roxx. Blan “all and cult 'l'huixda} night lioxt l-iankic Bo} lc


The Stand llic Stand. 5 York I’liicc. 55S 7272. ‘tpin. £5 l£~li. 'llic nohlc liir' l-looi Slum rcgular .\lilc\ .lupp tllll'tKltlt‘L'S l.cith\ ('olin Rainonc. natnc iioo )iiikt'i' Sin and (‘olin .\lc(iill.

The Snatch Social 'l lic liquid Rooin. ‘lc Victoria Strcct. 225 2504.

l0.30pin 3am £3.501£3i_ .\ nc“ cra hcginx at thc ncu l} rc-l‘randcd tillh ti\atcd lunk} tllSL'tt-L'lllllx‘ill‘ill't'l. coinicall} conipci‘cd h} tic“ ho} lint} (‘artcr and dcck inaiiipulalcd li) Balicx. Biggic tk Spank}. |i\pcct a lull tacc litt. ncu lllL‘lltlk‘l'Slllp \clicinc. ncu gaincx and


Reg’s Comedy Night ’l'yicxitlt- ’l‘awrn. l’oldratc. 01620 32222 1. ‘)pin. £2. ch .-\iidcr\on lltll'tttlltL‘L'S BB(‘ .\'c\\ (‘oiiic-tl} .-\\\ard llltttllxl l)c\ .\lcl.can. plux John Scott and Bill l)c\\ai'.


0 Phil Kay Spicgcltcnt. (icorgc Squarc. 5M 3400. 2pm. £3.50. 'l‘hc anarchic iiiiio\ator prcwntx ltlS ja/I-coiiicd) t'uxion in \xhich hc C\p|orc\ hix low ol Jan. and lcadx thc tirxt L‘UlllCtl) -tllL'Cl\-jtlll iain. Scc Ka) \ (‘atalogucx

Jongleurs Comedy Club Jotiglctir\. l'(i(' Building. chlrcu Strccl. 0370 7X7 0707. H.l5pin. £12. Rogcr Monkhousc iiiti‘oducm ('raig llill (Hi i. |)c\ ('Iarkc lSatl. liucn (iiliiiour and Richard Morton. The Stand 'l‘hc Stand. 53.3 \Yoodlatldx Road. 0870 (300 (i()55. 9pm. £7 t£(il. lincrgctic (icordic japmtcr l)a\ c Johnx.

\\ ho\ knou n tor his kccn audicncc hantcr. joinx Saj. Marioric and gucxt coinpcrc Vladimir .\lc'l'a\ l\lt.

Duntocher Comedy Club l)untig|cnnaii. (i8 l)uinharton Road. Duntochcr. 0| 38‘) 892300. ()pin. l‘rcc. Janc} (iodlc) licadlincx. “llll \upporl troiii l‘raxcr (‘ainphcll and ihc alua} \- ciinlrontational Ra} iiiond \lcarn»


The Stand 'l'hc Slaiid. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7272. ‘)piii. £7 (£6). Ainiahlc lrixh lad liddic Baiinon iiidtilgc‘x in \tttttc quick-tirc iinprox. Joc llccnan and (‘olc l’arkcr stand tip in \upporl. \xhilc Janc Macka} takcx coiiipcring honour»

Captured l’cppcrininl Loungc. la (‘hanihcrx Strcct. 225 520‘). 9.30pm. £7 (£6). Dcdicatcd crimd-plcaxcr Joc llccnan taku tlic lcad. and popping tip in \tlpptirl arc BB(' Sc“ (‘oincth :\\\ard tinalixt 'l‘cdd}. ('hrls Broomticld and lcixl} host Jill Peacock. l)J Bahcs lttilllS thc dcckx till 3am. Scc rm is“.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jonglcurs. l'(i(‘ Building. cht'rc“ Strcct. 0870 7X7 070". S.l5pm. £13. Scc l‘ri 4.

The Stand l’hc Stand. 3:3\\oodl.ind\ Road. “S70 (‘00 “055 "pm £8 Scc l ll 4 Madcap Comedy Club Stalt‘ Bat. l-lx Holland Sticct. "J" "2S" " 30pm :5 it-ll Bill} Bonkch inlioduccx llltl‘lt'\\t\‘lll\l (it-ii} (iiant. \c\\ /c.il.ind\ Sunon

\lc Kinnc} .ind inoic


Phil Kay lhc lion. " lluntci \tltldtt'. lligh Sticct. 22o 0"3l .\ 30pm to l £5i lhc coiiiic kainika/c \pc\\\ toitli in lux ldlt'Sl ollciing. /:u & Hi. PM u (‘liccix Hill

The Stand llic Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 555 7272 “pm LS Scc l'll-l


The WhY Front (ilaxgou l‘tlltt llicatic. l2 Row Sllt‘t‘l. 55: «\llh hpllt l lt't'. littl ltt'kt‘lt'tl Bl“. Ratlti' .SttlllalttlS tolllt‘tl) ill \L'\ll.ll Pttllllt'S lt'ltlllh \\ itli .lulic ( 'ooinhc. lil.nnc \chcn/ic l'.lll\ and Sunon (Lulx lc Michael Redmond’s Sunday Service 'lllc Stand. 35.3 \Voodlandx Road, 0le (ion unis .\' tnpni to 1L5! .-\ctoi luincd coinic (‘olc l’aikci litllt\ coiiicd} glohctiottci (iiacinc 'l‘lioinax and tliicc gucxtx laconic ltl\lt niiithci .\licli.icl Rcdinond l\ at tlic .\l(' liclin


Whose Lunch is it Anyway? l'lit- Slaiid. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272 lpm l‘lt't‘ l'rccxl} lc lunnincxx and hangoxci hanixhing antux tioin tL'SItlt‘ttl duo l’aul (iraliani and Stuart .\liiipli}.

Bruce’s Sunday Social Fund the Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272. S. illpiii £-l l£3t Dundcc cxcapcc Brucc l)c\ liii llt\ tlt‘S l.i\crpool \Htl'tlSIIltllt Richard Allcn and inorc coincd} plcdgtw to |Htlt lllS Sunda} night inclcc.

Reg’s Pals @ Footlights 8. Firkin l‘ootliglitx «k liirkin. 7 Spillal Strcct. 22‘) Mott. ()Plll. l'rcc. ch :\ndci\on Iaunchcx llllS ncu coincd) night “lllt inain inalc l)c\ .\lcl.caii. and xtlpporllttg huddicx John Scott and Stcwn l)ick.


Red Raw 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 55S 7272. S. 30pm. £l. Susan Mori'ixon guidcx cight iicuconicrx on tltc road to \lai'doin. in an cxcning roundcd oll h} Brucc |)c\ lin. Open Floor Poetry llol}rood ‘l'axcrn. ‘) lloly‘ood Road. 550 5044. ‘) I lpiii. l’rcc. (iar) l)catli lttixlx llttx uariii up \pokcn \wi'd cxcning ax a prccurxor to tlic I‘Cxuxal I‘riiigc.

Tuesday 8


0 Fringe Preview Double Bill the Stand. 333 Woodlandx Road. 0870 (i00 0055. 3.30pm. £8 i£(ii. Allahlc Mottat- horn coiiicdian Darin} Blio} and BB(' Sc“ ('oiiicd} Auard mnncr Alan (air prcx IC“ thcir August \lltl\\\.


OOT ’l'hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7272. ()pni. £6 l£5i. Moltlltl) ga) -lrlClltll_\ L‘ill‘ierl tcaluring guitar-tolling \ongxlrc'xx l'rxula Maninu. John Rim and gut-st»

Wednesday 9

Glasgow CDT The Stand. 33.3 Woodlands Road. 0870 (>00 (i055. t)pin. £(i l£5i. Scc luc 8.


Walkout Wednesday The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £4 l£3 l. liit'ainoux llttillllll} exploration ol all things ottcnxiic. outrageous and dim iiriglit tilth}.


The Stand 'l‘hc Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 0870 (>00 6055. 9pm. £5 l£4i. Madcap. lllule‘ill Irishman Joc RtitillC}