Black, British and Proud: Rudi Lickwood lays on the attitude at the Stand, Glasgow, Fri 11 8. Sat 12 Jul

.longleurx. l'(i(' Hurldrng. Renlre“ Street. (ltx’7l) 7X7 0707. 3.15pm. U3, The eller\e\eent .Iunior Sllllpxttlt introdueex inaxter \tor‘} teller :\dd_\ Horgh. ('anadian hoho ( ilenn \\'oo| and camp l.n r /‘/rIUI' Slum \lill' (‘rare llrll. Duntocher Comedy Club Utrntiglennan. (ix l)rrnihar‘ton Road. Dunloeher‘. lll KS") 80330”. ‘lprn. |~ree. lrrxh/lr'anianK ieordie Inhrrd l’atrrek .\1onahanheadlines. \\llll support from Sandra Johnston and :\lan Anderxon. The Stand The Stand. i,“ \Voodlandx Road, llS7ll ()(lll (yll55_ ‘lpm, [7 Mil. 'l’he r'a/or' \har'p Rudi l.rek\\ood \\itl'llt\ up l’or‘ his l'rrnee aptwar'anee. Support L'UlllL'\ troin .lolltl

llt'itdllllc\. \xrtli \tlpprtll lrorn \rt'k l)ood_\. ('olrn .\le(irll and eornpere l'rankre lltnle


The Stand The Stand. 5 York l’laee. 55K 7373. ‘)prn. [5 (Hi. \Vrtt} \xordpla} sen ed up h) .lohn l‘lrnt. \\llll \llppnl‘l lroin loeal radge James l‘erguxon. And} Reid and hoxt Kear‘a Murphy

The Snatch Social The IJqIIId Room. 9e Yretoria Street. 335 3504. [030er .larn. £3.50 (Ur. See 'l'htr i.

Glasgow Jongleurs Comedy Club


Phil tunes into jazz. Nice.

azz. a cunnrng mrx of blend and fusron. a blendrng of fused mrxrngs,

Jazz'y mixes. fusing fusrons. When you Jazz rt up. yOu bend the ends of

the notes and the rhythms to meet other ones. It is blending these ends together as a way of representing the truth that there rs no start to one and a beginning of another . . . style. beat. colour. I love many of the musics filed under the 1827 section. I love the way the sectrons just make trouble fer themselves . . 's'cuse me. where's the 'fusron‘ sectron’? . . 'yeah man its over there between TV themes and rndustrral folk.‘

People might feel they have categorrsed the musrc they love and then resist lookrng for rt in 'pop’. Sales must be dropping. They c0uld be a bit more Ja/xy and have sections Wrthout ends that segue the overlaps more into each other's already shared area like eating your way around the middle e; st vra different aubergrne dishes at the National Refugee Week buffet. A Jazzy tnrxrng of blended flavours staying on and affecting the reality of the ingredients of the new flax/Ours being savoured.

Jazz can play wrth time: in advance rt goes along a standard line rn your mind. messrng arOund then meetrng you there at the end of the bar. Jazz plays wrth the tune you know from before wrth the new DNA twrsty curl arOund on the new tune in trrne now.

If you talk over musrc you can sometrmes let yOur sense be dictated by the feel of the sound and rt can gurde you to meanings that are garnered from the words that have come.

Imagine yOur brarn rs gurck enough to use these apparently too short spaces to actually rust let belrefs form in. I type thrs at Glastonbury wrth the muSICS of many stages cornrng to me all at once.

I Phil Kay plays the Sprege/tent. Glasgow, Ff] 4 Jul.

l lint. \\ood_\ and torneth torrple \erl t\ \lartrn lane \latka} trath the

v. hip .i\ t ornpere


The Stand lllk' \lallil. § \r‘lh l’ld-et'. 55S ~373 ‘lprn L7 run \latltaeal lush \l‘lllk'kildll loe lx’oone} I\ supported h_\ Rail Spain and \nk Hood} lonrght‘s guest tonipeie l\ \ ladnnir \1\ la\ rsh Captured l’eppernnnt l ounce. la ('harnherx Street. 335 53”” ‘l ;“pm 1" rUH l ntoniprornmne tonipere l<.r_\inond \learn\ rntrodrreex rnusreal maestro Sand) \elson. lotal lll\’k\lt‘l Stewn |)rek. plus open spotters Ill lx’ox takes eontrol lrorn rnrdnreht llll\\.llll\

G asgow

Jongleurs Comedy Club .loneleurx. l'( i(’ Building. lx’enlreu Street. ll-SVl "S7 ll7ll7 -\ l5prn Ll; See I'rr ll htit lirendlian l meerme \tantlx lll lor ("rare Hill

The Stand l‘he Stand. u‘\\oodland\ Raul ovoriorirrosi «rpm {A Set- l H II hrrt \Hlll eornpere \ladrrnrr \lel.r\ rxh Madcap Comedy Club Srart- Hat. l‘l.\ llolland Street. ‘Ho 033‘). ‘) illprn L5 it'll l'.a\l end ol (ilaxeou tunn_\ lad} Jane) (iodle) rornx drag \tar l’rudenee and eonipere Hill) lionkerx


The Stand ’l he Stand. 5 York l’laee. 553 7373. “pm. LS See l‘ll ll hut \xrth eornpeie .lane \laeka),


The WhY Front (ilaxgou l‘lllll 'l'heatre. I3 Roxe Street. i‘3 312x. (rprn. l'l'L't‘. lttll llt'hk‘lk'tl. See Still (l,

Michael Redmond’s Sunday service the Slalld. i,“ \Yuodlandx Rtigul‘ US?” (\ll” (ill55. h. “lplll, U) l 'l'he one-tune I‘ll/lll'l It'r/ \tar rntrorlueex Nlt‘k Hood). KIMI} \ltixx and llllL't‘


Whose Lunch is it Anyway? 'I he Stand. 5 York Place. 553 7373. lprn. l‘l'CL', See Stlll (i.

Bruce’s Sunday Social Fund the Stand. 5 York Place. 553 7373. H. illprn. L31 Heir, l.oeal patter rner'ehant .lohn (iillrek rs ahl} supported h} (‘olrn

.\le( iill. three guests and eonipere liruee l)e\ Irn.

Monday 1 4


Red Raw 'l’he Stand. 5 York l’laee. 55S 7373. S, itlprn. Ll larght neueonierx step into the \potlrght on the \reekl} tr} out night. hoxted h} ('hrrx (‘ooper' and headlined h_\ (ire; Mellugh.

Tuesday 15 '


Friends of the Earth Comedy Benefit The Stand. 5 York l’laee. 55S 7373. ‘)pm. 1L5). Make a stand tor a hetter planet in the eornpan) ol lreext} le duo l’aul tk (iraharn. the exer-lerxt) Susan Morrison and tnore.

Wednesday 1 6


The Stand lmprov 'l'he Srantl. 33. \Yoodlandx Road, llS7ll (illl) (ill55. Uprn H 1U). lrnpro\ e\pert\ Stu & l’aul enrhark on a quest into the great unknoun. \Vrth \peeral guests from the eireuit popping: up in proceedings. an_\thrng_' ean happen. and \\ nh these txxo at the helm. ll prohahl} \xrll.

Edinburgh The Comedy Cave .\'iehol lid\\ard\. \iddr} Street. 55!) Ko43. t)..‘~llpirr. U. A

irstrngs Comedy

Phil Kay l if! r lll'llttlt'rl \vrth a ltt't' ler'“ raj; "rat-nth, our rarer ra; l\.i. staler. the herrthtt; ol f'urr lit. at; llr' r‘llll‘ai’f» on hit; lone of ra.'.', ()artt- ‘iltlllll, (‘lltf ol a lxrlttl..‘{,'tr‘r;v‘rfr‘,"!. (ii.1:;r;r)'.'.,/rl-1

Danny Bhoy and Alan Carr (ilasgox-x arrrlrenrzet; are treated to a sneak proximal of .vhat's to r:orne Ill August at; charming, Moffat horn l )anny lilto‘, and earnp northern larl Alan (Zarr double up for warm up laughs. Hie Sta/ill. (i/asgour', lue t“ ./u/.

Stand 8: Deliver Qualifying Heat l very (:ornerlran has his or her day, every eornpany its; comedy (:ornpetrtron. or so It seerrts. Now It's; the turn of Jongleurs. \threh has scoured the streets of Glasgow for tonight's; stand up hopefuls. Jo/ig/et/rs. Glasgow, Hiu l/./r//.

ne\\ lortnielitl} eorneth eluh \xrth line up ml] to he eonlirrned.

A Kick Up the Tabloids The Stand. 5 York I’laee. 55K 7373. ‘)prn. L5 rL-l r. Breaking: neux lroin around the uorld I\ treated \\ 1th eheek. rrre\erenee and hlatant eonteinpt in some side- \plllllllf.‘ topreal \alil'e lrorn aeting: polrtreal polernierstx l’aul Sneddon. Strsan \lltl'lhttll and John I‘lllll.


0 Stand 8- Deliver Qualifying Heat Jongleurx. l'(i(‘ Htllltllllll. Renlreu Street. 0370 7H7 “707.

7. illprn. £5. The llllllllL'\l plllllt'l's front the \lt‘eelx ul (ilaxgrm go on lo \ll'lll their stuff on the stage at Jongleur'x. (ilaxgou -ha\ed eonlle Slu \Yho'.’ eornperex. and the e\enrng.' l\ headlined h} ('urtix \Yalker‘. l’r‘ree ineludex a tree aleopop,

The Stand The Stand. 3.“ \Yoodlands Road. 0370 (rill) (itl55. ()plll. £5 rHi. Begin the u eekend as )ou mean to go on III the good-natured eornpan) ot John (iilliek. (iraerne 'l‘hornax. And} Reid and eult huxl l5rankre Ho} le.


The Stand The Stand. 5 York l’laee. 558 7373. ()pm. £5 HA). The ulna)» arnrahle Joe Heenan la) \ on the eomie eharrn. “till a little help from Ian Mael’herson. the man ol man} \oieex Sat. and host Donna Kraehan.

The Snatch Social The Liquid Room. ‘)e Victoria Street. 335 356-1. 10.30pm 3am. £3.50 tUl. See Thu 3.

3—1 /' .Jur THE L'ST 71