i u. If.


Glasgow Film Theatre, Tue 8 Jul-Thur 28 Aug. Edinburgh Filmhouse, Tue 8 Jul-Wed 20 Aug

A banquet of international gay movies is on offer at Glasgow’s GFT and Edinburgh's Filmhouse, courtesy of London's Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on tour.

Suddenly (GFT, Tue 8 July), Diego Lerman's first feature, trails awards from ten film festivals. A black and white Argentinian road movie about two teenage lesbian anarchists, Lenin and Mao, who capture a voluptuous lingerie assistant, it is a real ensemble piece capturing how difficult it is to find love in a fucked-up world.

The Los Angeles-set Luster (GFI', Tue 15-Wed 16 July), by first time director/writer Everett Lewis, is not as sexy as the production stills of an orgy of buffed bodies suggests. A skinny, queer, blue-haired poet (played with panache by Justin Herwick) looks for love with all the wrong men, including a masochist actor, his hillbilly cousin and a ‘straight- acting’ admirer. Too self-conscious and arty, if only Luster had concentrated on relationships it would have been a better film.

Madrid-set romantic comedy I Love You Baby (Filmhouse, Sun 13-Tue 15 July) is much more appealing. It’s about a bisexual hunk from the country who can‘t decide between a gay actor and a Dominican single mother. Sweet and sexy, it’s all the better for not pertaining to be great art. A real crowd pleaser.

The Taiwanese Blue Gate Crossing (Filmhouse, Tue 8—Thu 10 July) is full of repetitive adolescent dialogue, but the friendship between the lesbian schoolgirl and the straight swimmer boy who initially has a crush on her, is absolutely entrancing, complicated and without precedence. (John Binnie)

Luster: . “If-consciouy

Spacehopper Mercury. )43 llath I.ane. 248 I777. Fri I l Jul.

I0.30pm 3am. £4 (£3). Monthly. Retro house night \y ith (ireg Adamxon and

Events are listed by city, date, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by

fax on 0141 353 2803. Listings gtlcflx. are compiled by Jane Hamilton. Glasgow Saturdays Clubs

Glasgow Thursdays


DogGod Qbar. the (’orinthian. I‘)l Ingram Street. 552 I l0l. I0.30pm 3am. £2. Weekly. Neyy gay/iiii\ed night promising eyerything Iroin Kylie to llUllSC It) t‘lt‘t‘ll'U-t'UL'k.

Glasgow Fridays


Dose Mercury. I42 Bath Lane. 248 I777. Fri 4 Jill. I().30pm 3am. Free. Monthly. .-\ ltink ltielled blend ol

tyy ixted electro and tmderground is on oller at the launch night ol this next cltib.

Girls on Top llennet'y. 0t) (iltlxxlfit‘tl Street. 552 576I. Fri 4 Jtil.

llpm 3.30am. £3 £6(£2 £5). Monthly. (iirlx only night.


Candle Bar 20 ('andleriggy. 564 I285. llpm. Free. I.i\ely bar.

Court Bar ()9 lltllt‘llextm Street. 552 2463. 6.30 I0pm. Free. Popular traditional bar.

Delmonica’s ()8 Virginia Street. 552 4803. llpm. Free. DJx. quiz and karaoke. LGBT Centre It l)i\on Street. Ill 7203. I lam midnight. Free. (‘ale/bar. Mercury I42 Bath Lane. 248 I777. Bar open lrom 5pm. Free.

Polo Lounge 84 \Vilson Street. 553 l22l. I0pm lam. Free. lintertainment li'om Mon to Thu and a liyer bar at

\\ eekendx.

Revolver 6a John Street. 553 2456. 8.30pm. Free. Weekly. Popular bar.

Fusion Mercury. I42 Bath Lane. 248 I777. Sat 5 Jul. 10.30pm 3am. £tbc. Monthly. The popular long-running iiiglil bringx ll\ chunky. ltinky house mix to the Mercury.

Burly Mercury. I42 Bath Lane. 248 I777. Sat 12 Jul. I0pm 3am. £5. Fortnightly (alternating between Fri & Sat). The ([1080) night goes lrom \trength to strength.

Glasgow Tuesdays


Suddenly (ii-'1'. Rose Street. 332 8128. Tue 8 Jul. 6pm. £3.75 -£4.75 (£2 £3.50). See patiel. I’tll‘! tiff/w 1.1.015," HII Your. Luster ()I-‘I'. Rose Street. 332 S’I28. Tue I5 & Wed I6 Jul. 6.45pm (Tue) & l.45pm (Wed). £3.75 £4.75 (£2 £3.50). See panel. l’urt oft/iv l.I.(il"I-' on 'liiur.

Sadie Frosts 8 H) \\'ext (ieorge Street. 332 8005. Noon midnight. Free. l)J\. karaoke and quiz/ex.

Waterloo Waterloo Street. 22‘) 5891. Noon-midnight. \Vell knoyyn gay bar.


Bennet’s 9t) (ilttsslhrd Street. 552 5761. lem- 3.30am. £3—£6 (£2- £5). Iixcellent dance action “ed to Sun and a student night on Thu.

Cube 34 Queen Street. 226 8990.

I 1.30pm-3am. £3 (£2 with I‘Iyer). (‘heexy chart gay nights on Mon (Passioiiality) and Tue (F.L'.N. ). Mercury I42 Bath Lane. 248 I777. Bar open lrom 5pm; ('Iub 10pm--3aiii. Free. It‘s lost the Lounge btit it's still open late Tue—Sun \y ith I)J.\. drag acts. occasional theme nights and a \yeekly comedy club

72 THE LIST .3“) 7 Jul 2003

Glasgow Wednesdays

Cinema Luster Tue l5 tk \\'cd l6 Jul See lue


Allure The Tunnel. 84 Mitchell Stieet. 204 llNlll I I.30pm. £5. \Vct'kly. Neyy gay club iron) the people behind (‘tibe'y I).t\\ltllltllll_\ and I-IN promixing happy. chccxy pop.

Fourplay lany y. 26 ('aiiibi'idge Street. 332 343'. I Ipiii 3am. £4 (£2 \yith lIyer). Weekly. Neyy gay cltib.


'I‘IIC Nlttlltl. 3.3.5 \Vl‘t‘tlltllltlS Rtitltl. (IN—l) (illll (i055. \Vt'tl 0 Jill. ‘lpni Ui ( {5 )_ Monthly. The Stand'\ montth do\e ol camp comedy with ('raig Hill introducing l'i'xtila Martiiie/ and John Rt)\\..

Edinburgh Thursdays


Blue Gate Crossing liilinlionxe. 88 l.othian Road. 228 2688. Tue 8 Thu 10 Jul. 3.30pm (Mon); 8.45pm (Tue) tk 6me (Wed). £3.50 £5.50(£2 £4). See panel. I’url u! the l.l.(il’/' on 'Iiiur.

Edinburgh Fridays Clubs

Woman’s Own (‘Inh Jaya. (‘oiiiinercial Street. |.eith. 555 5622. I'll 4 Jul. lllpiii 2am. £5 belore midnight; £7 alter. Monthly. \\'tiiiit'ii only club \y ith l’exitleltl l)J Rol.

Blaze ligo. l’icardy Place. 478 7434. Fri 4 Jul. I lpm 3am. £3 belore midnight; £4 alter. Fortmghtly. Neyy club lrom Jamey I.ongy\orth launches tonight and pl'UlIllSL‘S to ignite the gay yyeekend \y ith a chart. ctimmercial/lunky house \otindli'ack.

Edinburgh Saturdays


Eye Candy .\l;t\\;l. 36 3‘) Market Street. 226 4224. Sat I2 Jtil. I Ipiii 3am. £ Ill (£8 or £6 il otitrageotixly drexxed). (ilam house party.

Men Only (‘IaremonL I33 I35 Fast ('laremont Street. 556 5662. Sat 5 Jul. 8pm. Free. Fortnightly. Wild dress code. Joy ligo. Picardy Place. 478 7434. Sat 5 Jul. I Ipiii 3am. £I0 (£8). Monthly. Maggie. Alan. Trendy Wendy. Sally F. Luvely The Liquid Room. 9c Victoria Street. 225 2564. Sat 5 Jul.

10.30pm 3am. £6. Monthly. House party.

Mingin’ Studio 24 (tlpxlulhl. ('alton Road. 558 3758. Sat l2 Jul.

10.30pm 3am. £5 belore midnight; £6 alter. Monthly. (iay-lriendly clubbing.

Edinburgh Sundays


I Love You Baby Filinhouxe. 88 l.othian Road. 228 2688. Stir) 13 Tue I5 Jul. 6.15pm (Sun); 3.30pm (Mon); 8.45 (Tue). £3.50 £5.50 (£2 £4). See panel. I’ur! oft/iv I.I.(il"l* rm 'limr.


Polo Lounge 84 \Vilxtm Street. 553 I221. I0pm 3am. £5. Fresh. I.u\h and (‘arry on l’olo. Fri to Sun.



Blue Moon Cafe 1 Barony Street. 557 091 1. Mon -Fri I lam—l 1.30pm; Sat Stiii ‘)[‘)lII-rl2.3(lillll. Free. Edinburgh‘s longest running gay cale. CC Blooms 23-24 (ireenxide Place. 556 933 I. l0.30piii~3ain (bar from 6pm I. Free. See ('lubx and also hosts Icebreakerx (monthly) lor neyy comers. Habana (irCL‘llSlth Place. 558 1270. Noon—lam. Free. I)J\ eyery Fri and Sat and qui/oke on Thu.

Flashback 9 Hope Street. 226 (will.


I Criminal Lovers This skewed retelling of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale is about two lIOllllCKlé‘tl teenagers lost in the woods. See Film listings.


Taste The l.ItIlIltl Room. ‘lc \‘ictoiia Street. 225 2564 llpm 3am £5 beloie | 1.30pm; £8 (£6 membeix) .illei; £10 non-membeix on guest “I iiightx. \Veekly. Tasty hreyy ol houxe and gaiage celebrating ll\ ‘llh Birthday party on Sunday 6 July

Bootylushous ('ocleati l oungt'. Iago. Picardy Place. 478 "4 34. Ilpiii 3am. £2. Weekly. New gay/tuned night


Pride Scotia Meeting Ilnlyrontl 'Ia\ei‘n. ‘Ia llolyi'ood Road. .556 5044. 2pm. Free. Weekly. Help oigamxe llll\ year'x Pride march in Iidinbtirgh.

Edinburgh Mondays

Cinema I Love You Baby Sun I 3 Tue 15 In). Sec Sun.

Edinburgh Tuesdays


Blue Gate Crossing line 8 Tlltl ll) Jtil See Thu.

I Love You Baby Sun I3 Tue I5 .ltiI. See Sun.

Alice I'TlllllIUIISC. 88 I.othiaii Road. 228 2688. Tue I5 Thu l7 .ltll. 3pm (Tue); 6pm (\Ved). £3.50 £5.50(£2 £4). Study ol the t‘clationxliip bet“ eeii tyyo \lSlt‘I'S. I’url of the I.I.(il*l' on Your.


Vibe ligo. Picardy Place. 478 7434.

I Ipiii 3am. £2. \Veekly. Popular. \pai'kly. charty party.

Comedy CDT on Tuesday ’l'ue 8 Jul. Monthly.

See (ilaxgoyy Wed

Edinburgh Wednesdays


Blue Gate Crossing Tue 8 .& \y‘etl *) Jul. See Thu.

Alice Ttie l5 Thti I7 Jtil. See Tue.

4pm lain. ('heexy (huh and pop Mon to Sun.

Frenchies Row Street. 225 765i. lpm lam. Free. Popular.

The Laughing Duck 24 “one Street. 220 2376. Mon Thu I lam I lpm; Fri & Sat I Iaiii lam: Sun

I 1.30am I Ipiii. Stylish. comly bar. New Town Bar Dublin Street. 338 7775. Mon Thu Noon Iain; Fri Sat Noon 2am; Stiii 12.30pm lam. (iay' cruise bar and underground cItih. Planet Out (ireenxide Place. 524 006]. Mon Fri 4pm Iain; Sat Sun

2pm lam. Free. Regular ltiii eyentx. pre- cluh. I)J\. qui/Iex and bingo.

Sala 60 Broughtoii Street. 478 706‘). Tue Sun I Ian) I lpm. Free. The I.(iB ('entre‘x cale is next ly reopened tor lrexh lood all day.